On what date to kiss a man, so as not to be available?

On what date to kiss a man, so as not to be available? The question of which date to kiss a man, so as not to seem overly accessible to him, has been relevant for a long period of time. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity do not want to become such girls of easy virtue, ready not only to kiss, but also to go to bed with a practically unfamiliar man already on the first date.

At the same time, if you drag out time and pose as an impregnable, there is every chance that the man will simply run away, not daring to conquer the impregnable rock for months. So what is the decision to make in order for the first kiss to fall on the optimal golden mean of dates.

By and large, there is no consensus on what date to kiss a man on. This information is not displayed either in textbooks on ethics or in the rules of etiquette familiar to us from childhood.

The only thing is that the public opinion that has developed over the years, as it were, gives an unspoken permission to the fact that it is best to give a man the first kiss during the third or fourth date.

True, before kissing your chosen one, you need to make sure that this particular partner is the person with whom you would like to start a serious relationship. If you feel that you have understood this person, try not to violate the rules of decency and strive to establish harmony and harmony in the beginning relationship.

Psychologists on this occasion even have the so-called rule of five dates. Also, psychological research suggests not to feel obligated to something immediately after you agree to a date with a guy.

The first date, by and large, is intended to get to know each other better and make an important decision for both partners – whether to continue meetings further. In some cases, it really happens that after the first meeting, the couple understands that further communication is inappropriate and the relationship that begins simply has no future.

In such cases, there are two options for the development of events. In the first case, the paths of failed partners may part forever. In the second, they can position themselves in the future as reliable and loyal friends.

Mystery of the first date

A woman and a man who are unfamiliar to each other on a first date may experience discomfort. In order to avoid this, psychologists recommend holding it in a crowded place and, no matter what the couple chooses – a cafe or an ice rink, a cinema or a theater in combination with an evening walk, such an atmosphere will allow them to study each other closer.

An additional plus for women in a crowded place is that in such an environment they feel more relaxed and safe with an unfamiliar or even complete stranger. Moreover, if we return to the above, then the meeting can turn into friendship, and who gives flowers to friends.

It is worth taking into account that for both a guy and a girl, the first rule of bad taste will be late for the first date (in fact, for all subsequent ones too).

It may seem strange to many girls that a guy comes on a first date without a bouquet of flowers (it happens). But this is basically normal. Most often, for men, the first date does not yet evoke associations with romantic encounters. As they say, time is money. That is why, if you force yourself to wait, this can be perceived by a partner as a sign of disrespect.

The first date becomes a kind of litmus test, with the help of which you can check whether sympathy has arisen and whether it is worth continuing the relationship. If everything is so, you can safely negotiate a subsequent meeting.

Date #2

For this date, it is also recommended to select a crowded place. A restaurant would be a good option. In principle, anything but an apartment. This is directly related to the fact that it is too early to move on to a closer intimate relationship, and an invitation to a guy’s house can be perceived by a girl as a vulgar hint.

An exception to this rule are those cases when a girl comes to a guy’s house, but at the same time there is a noisy friendly party. If, nevertheless, the meeting takes place in a restaurant, do not forget that on the second date, according to the norms of etiquette, everyone still pays for himself.

In order to observe each other in different settings, you should choose radically opposite places for the first and second dates. And, if the first date was held in peace and quiet, for the second, noisy fairs or a carnival are best suited. So both a man and a woman will see a partner in different situations. The right to choose a place for a second date equally belongs to both men and women.

Third meeting

On the third date, all couples are already behaving more relaxed. The awkwardness in communication disappears, and finding a topic for conversation becomes easier and easier. The partners already got to know each other quite well, acquired not only common interests, but also acquaintances.

The list of topics for conversation that interests both Him and Her has significantly expanded. At this stage, most often there is an acquaintance with the sphere of interests – hobbies and favorite books, films and other hobbies.

Here the couple begins to understand what interests they have in common, and which each should keep to himself in order not to strain the partner. You should not take a girl to the stadium if she already turns back from one kind of soccer ball. In the same way, you don’t need to take a guy to boutiques in order to choose the next shoes if he already feels uneasy from one sign of the store.

The parting of a couple is most often accompanied by an innocent kiss on the cheek. It’s much easier to move on to the stage of kisses, because if the girl is not ready for them yet, you can easily turn everything into a joke. Guys may be advised not to try to kiss a girl on the forehead or on the hand, as this may be seen by them as a sign of patronage or old-fashioned chivalry.

Encounter #4

The fourth meeting of the couple becomes the beginning of their romantic relationship. For her, you can easily choose a secluded place, however, it is still desirable to refuse to use the personal territory of a man or woman. Come up with a romantic dinner on the roof of a high-rise building or order a table fenced off by a partition in a cozy cafe. On this date, flowers and small, but sweet gifts are already fully appropriate. It is the fourth date that is considered optimal for “adult” kisses.

True, guys still need to restrain themselves somewhat and avoid persistent and overly sexual “kisses”. At this stage, there is still a place for modest amorous tenderness.

Fifth meeting

Having assessed the mental and moral qualities of each other, at the fifth meeting, the partners are already moving on to the stage of closer intimate relationships. There has already been tactile contact, but despite the touch, the partner’s body still remains a mysterious mystery.

For many couples, the fifth date already ends in an intimate relationship. But, this does not apply to everyone, some partners postpone sex until the seventh, or even until the tenth date.

Intimate behavior rules

In any case, no matter what psychologists say, there are no specific rules for intimate behavior. Just as there are no norms established by society and morality about what date to kiss a man for the first time. All this is purely individual and directly depends on how well the partners feel each other.

On the first date: the psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman after a kiss on a date.

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