Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – Is That Really True?

Out of sight, out of mind - is that really true?
Out of sight, out of mind – is that really true?

Going through a breakup is not easy. You feel lousy, you think you can’t stand the heartbreak and you think you will never love again.

Often our fellow human beings try to help us in our suffering and they give us various pieces of advice on how we can forget our ex-boyfriend. One of them is definitely the phrase out of sight out of mind.

Who hasn’t heard that? But what does that actually mean and is it just a phrase or is there some truth in it? Today we’ll find out.

Out of sight, out of the sense of separation

I know after a breakup you feel very bad and you don’t think anyone will understand how you are. But believe me, I was there too.

I know how you feel. I know that you can’t see the point now and that you don’t believe that it can be better, but you also have to believe me that it will definitely get better.

Every separation goes through different phases and the first phase is the phase of non-acceptance.

You just can’t believe that your relationship is over and you keep believing it’s just an argument like some before and there will be a reconciliation this time too.

And right now at this moment, it is very important to start breaking contact. Seeing your partner over and over again won’t help you and it will only bring you uneasiness.

If you keep seeing him, then you may no longer be in a relationship, but you are not single either. You are in a vicious circle.

In the second phase, when you have accepted that your relationship is over, the emotional chaos comes. Of course, you still love your partner, but at the same time, you suffer.

You can also feel angry. You can’t understand how he could behave like that.

Especially if he sticks to the broken contact and doesn’t answer, you wonder why are men so cold after the breakup?

But time goes by and you will feel better and better. Every day you find new joy.

And you’re slowly starting to realize that it’s been a while since you haven’t thought about your ex-boyfriend. At that moment, you might even have the idea to get in touch with him.

Maybe you could be friends. In particular, you might have this idea when it comes to a special date, such as his birthday.

Congratulating your ex on his birthday is polite, isn’t it? You should leave it now.

Wait for a little longer, are you really comfortable. You only come to the new beginning, the fourth phase of separation, when you can believe that you can love again.

And then you notice something interesting: Now you don’t even want to get in touch! Out of sight, out of mind … and out of the heart too, right?

Out of sight, out of mind – what in the meantime?

Forgetting someone is not that easy. It’s a process and a process takes time.

To make this time a little easier for you, here are a few more tips for you on what you can do to distract yourself from the thoughts of your ex-boyfriend.

1. Time for yourself

The best that you can do now is take care of yourself. Even when you’re in a relationship, you should be the most important person in your life, but now that you’re single, it’s even easier to focus on your own good.

Self-care should always be a part of your life. It doesn’t just mean taking half an hour to relax once a week.

It means doing what is best for yourself every day. You will notice that when you feel good about yourself, it is also easier to accept a single life.

2. Positive thoughts

The worst thing you can do after a split is to be alone with your negative thoughts.

You have to make an effort to turn any negative thought you have into a positive one.

• I am alone – I have time for myself.

• I do not have a partner. – I have other people who love me.

• I’m not good enough, so he doesn’t love me anymore. – I’m unique and special, but he doesn’t see it.

If you are having a hard time seeing the positives in life for yourself, surround yourself with friends and family members. I am sure they will help you see your good points.

3. Change the environment

Out of sight, out of mind, not only means not seeing that person, but also avoiding all the places that were important to you. At least for a while.

If you are always close to his apartment or in your favorite restaurant, then the memories of your time together come along too.

Try to avoid anything that reminds you of him for a while and thus make your life easier.

Going new ways is also a very good mindfulness exercise that can bring the necessary balance back into your life.

4. Stay open

You might even get the idea that fire should be fought with fire. To forget a man by getting to know another man.

It’s a good idea to stay open. Even if you’re not ready for a new love just yet, it doesn’t matter if you flirt a bit in every opportunity you find yourself in.

It will be good for your confidence and it will help you overcome the breakup faster.

Life wisdom about forgetting

Out of sight, out of mind is not the only idiom whose subject is forgetting.

Here are some more sayings that will show you that being able to forget is a big part of your way forward.

1. To be able to forget is the secret of eternal youth. We get old from memories.

2. Consider what is still to be achieved; forget what you’ve already achieved.

3. Good for those who forget what is not easy to change.

4. A person’s greatest fear is to be forgotten by someone they cannot forget themselves.

5. You only notice what kind of memory you have when you want to forget something.

6. Just switch off, take your time, forget the world and be happy.

7. At some point you stop waiting and start forgetting.

8. It is difficult to forget someone who is not in the head but the heart.

9. Memories beautify life, but forgetting alone makes it bearable.

10. Forget those who forget you.

11. Women are always amazed at what men forget. Men are amazed at what women remember.

12. To make progress means being able to forget. Those who cannot forget the obsolete do not learn anything.

13. I have hoped and waited, but now I know it is time to forget!

14. Forget your mistakes, but never forget what you learned from them.

15. Letting go means forgetting what was not meant for you.

Out of sight, out of mind sayings in English

1. For which F are you drinking to? Forget or fun?

2. Sometimes we survive by forgetting.

3. Out of sight, out of at least

4. Remind me to forget.

5. Long absent, soon forgotten.

6. When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them.

7. Far from the eye far from the heart.

8. Good to forgive, best to forget.

Out of sight, out of mind in different languages

Lovesickness, as well as love, is universal all over the world. We all try to go through a breakup at times in life and forget someone.

That is precisely why one can find the saying out of sight, out of mind, in other languages ​​as well. Here are some examples.

English: Out of sight and out of mind

Finnish: Poissa silmistä, poissa mielestä

French: Loin des yeux, loin du cœur

Greek: Mátia pou de vléponde grígora lismonioúnde

Croatian: Daleko od očiju, daleko od srca

Dutch: uit het oog, uit het hart

Polish: Co z oczu, to z serca

Russian: С глаз долой – из сердца вон

Spanish: Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente

Czech: Sejde z očí, sejde z mysli

Turkish: Gözden ırak olan gönülden de ırak olur

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