Pair of “tall girl and short guy”

Pair of “tall girl and short guy”. Modern society is so accustomed to the fact that common truths are constantly being imposed on it. Now no one doubts that a man should dominate in a family, that a woman should be a housewife, and children should only be born closer to 30 years. Despite this, there are those who are against this order of things. Including the most ordinary stereotypes. For example, when a guy is shorter than a girl, it is considered wrong. Although many couples can boast of such an imbalance and at the same time a strong relationship.

How to relate to the chosen one, if every time you have to look down on him not because of contempt or complacency, but because you simply cannot do otherwise? Should I look for a better option, or is there still no reason to panic? More about all this in our article.

The main snag

Before answering all the above questions, it is worth remembering what stereotype of couples exists in society and where its legs “grow from”. First of all, all young ladies strive to find a boyfriend who will be taller than themselves. It seems sexy, logical, it allows you to look beautiful, take pictures and everything else.

Another association that appears in the minds of ladies is that they draw a parallel between height and strength. If very high, then certainly strong. Therefore, lanky and thin young men need not worry about anything, they will certainly find such a dreamer who will believe in his power.

Another source of all evil is fairy tales. Yes, it is in them that a knight is always drawn, as a handsome man under two meters tall, with heroic strength and an invariable desire to save princesses who are in trouble. Girlish dreams often return to this image with some remarks: let him be tall, but not on a horse, but on a Ferrari. Then the image of exceptional brutality will be complete, such will not be ashamed to entrust his heart.

Not without propaganda in the cinema. Few handsome male heroes were short. Even superheroes are all “giants” because it’s not serious for such heroes to be small. In the realities of simple pictures on the screen, this works quite well, but it is far from always possible to transfer this to life. First of all, because life is not a casting, where you can see all the applicants and choose the best one. At the same time, you can’t command your heart. After all, it’s stupid, it can fall on that very short boy with a charming smile.

There is only one conclusion here – a tall guy is not at all a necessary condition for the existence of normal relations. The only reason why everyone talks about male superiority in terms of height is a beautiful picture. And even experiments carried out in the USA by scientists have proved this. Most of the girls surveyed admitted that they had never imagined themselves as companions of short guys. And the reason here is the same – you can not hug, take pictures and kiss so effectively.

Real Benefits

Very often, many people talk about the shortcomings of short men, so it’s time to talk about their advantages. As it turned out, if a guy is shorter than a girl, then he is by no means worse than others in coping with the duties of boyfriends and lovers, and sometimes even better. Below is a list that will allow you to change your mind about short guys.

  • Long lifespan. Studies have shown that short men actually live longer. If you really want to live a long life with your boyfriend and die on the same day, then it’s better to give preference to “tenacious shorties”.
  • In sexual terms, undersized males will give odds to all tall machos. They are more temperamental and passionate, therefore they are able to please their partner for hours of rough sex. With them, you definitely won’t have to fake an orgasm and phlegmatically think about when it’s all over.

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

  • Short guys take better care of their appearance. No, they are not metrosexual, they just look well-groomed and beautiful. The absence of a two-week stubble, dirty socks, not ironed things and other joys of many members of the stronger sex is exactly what you will find in your short partner.
  • The ability to care not only for themselves, but also for women, these guys are much better. They know exactly what to say to a lady and what to keep silent about. In addition, they always willingly fulfill the whims of their girlfriends, give gifts and solve problems. In tall guys, this behavior is less common.
  • As strange as it may sound, short guys are stronger. Any sports activities affect them much more effectively, so they are always in good shape. Growth in this case does not matter, much more important is how quickly the blood is saturated with oxygen and accelerates through the body. In short men, this happens much faster.
  • Family men are much more often called guys whose height is considered small. They are not afraid of housework, they are ready to take care of their spouse and children, and besides, they are always very caring. You definitely have nothing to lose if you become the wife of such a boyfriend.

As you can see, it’s not so bad to have a boyfriend who does not reach the height mark of 170 cm. Of course, one cannot judge one-sidedly, because tall guys are also full of gallant, strong and passionate natures. However, this once again makes you think about why people are so fond of discriminating against natural features. After all, short people don’t yell at every corner that being tall isn’t cool.

Women’s doubts

The most popular argument for girls who are looking for at least a “basketball player” as a partner is external beauty. Like, it looks more organic than if the guy is shorter than the girl, who needs to stand on tiptoe to kiss. But these are far from the only prejudices that overcome the fair sex.

Many ladies are afraid that their chosen one will not be able to carry them in his arms. This sounds rather absurd, especially if the lady herself is quite large and independent. Now in life there are not many cases when a guy really needs to take his beloved in his arms. Unless when leaving the registry office and bringing it into the bedroom. But both of them are just a convention that no one has observed for a long time. And is it really so important if he is able to sincerely love and care.

Another experience is heels. Some ladies simply cannot imagine themselves without this element in their shoes. And the reason is simple – they make the legs visually more slender and long. But, as practice has shown, if you give up heels, nothing terrible will happen. You will not cease to be beautiful and charming, and your legs and spine will even say thank you.

If you are so embarrassed that you have to tower over your partner, then just look around. Others don’t care how big your difference in height is. Rather, they will pay attention to what a beautiful girl is walking next to a guy, nothing more. Therefore, heels can have a place in your wardrobe.

The sexual aspect is another headache for superstitious ladies. It seems to some that with a sufficient difference in height, a man simply cannot cope with his beloved in bed and, as a result, he will not be able to achieve an orgasm. And for some reason they completely forget that there are a huge number of positions in which a short man will be your advantage. Therefore, you should not think that having acquired such an admirer, you will not enjoy and experience orgasms. You will, and perhaps even more than with the higher alternatives.

Another preconceived notion is that short guys can have low self-esteem, and therefore are not very interesting in communication. However, it has long been proven that such people have a much broader outlook, so they become interesting interlocutors. They are often very well-read and creative natures, so they will always have something to tell. They have a great sense of humor and you definitely will not be bored in such a company. Therefore, do not be afraid to introduce your “baby” to your friends, they will certainly like it.

The last myth that concerns short guys is that they do not have such good health. All this is from the stereotype that healthy is big, powerful. But it’s not. Health does not depend on height at all, so drawing parallels here is very stupid. If you are so worried about whether the future spouse will get sick, then just ask him for a certificate from the doctors. However, this is hardly really needed, because after talking a little with a person, you will understand that such rumors are just nonsense.

The moral support

There are also situations in which a girl treats a lower guy well, but he feels awkward. When a guy is shorter than a girl, he can really experience a double feeling. On the one hand, he got such a luxurious companion, and this raises his self-esteem by several points. On the other hand, they will constantly pay attention to him and her. And in the head of such young men there is a suspicion that this is all because of their growth. But in most cases, people around them practically do not react to such couples, because they have long ceased to be a rarity.

If you really want to support your soul mate in this matter, then you should start with a frank conversation. Just say what you like about it. Just do not conduct a dialogue in which you will look like a mother comforting a child. You can tell how you feel about him. Emphasize how glad you are that you got it, and you would never trade it for a higher version. Men also love with their ears, and they love compliments. And if you mention his sexual virtues, then it will be really effective.

Another method is demonstration. In public, always demonstrate what kind of relationship you have with a guy. Hold hands, hug, kiss. Of course, without fanaticism. You don’t have to have sex in the middle of the street to prove something. It would be much more appropriate to just look like a couple of cute and loving teenagers. And although it seems silly, this is how most men imagine women who are truly in love – temperamental, passionate and tender at the same time.

If you just want to visually brighten up your difference, then just wear other shoes instead of studs. At least sometimes, so that he can gradually get used to the fact that you are always taller. You can change your heels to flats, sneakers or shoes with lower heels. In clothes, avoid longitudinal lines that only stretch the silhouette. And although in fact most short guys do not really pay attention to such details, others will see the difference.

The most important thing to remember when dating a short guy is just not to bother. After all, as they say, all problems live in the head. If you stop focusing so much on this feature of your faithful, then he, too, will stop paying attention to it. Be that as it may, relationships are built on love and mutual trust, and not growth marks. And paying attention to the prejudices of society is at least disrespectful towards your chosen one.

Summing up, we can safely say that short guys have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, because they differ little from others. They, just like everyone else, can be caring and gentle, able to start families and love their children. For them, there are no specific restrictions that could repel women from such a choice.

Therefore, you can fearlessly look into your future, where you will comfortably spend evenings together and remember how interesting and romantic the beginning of your relationship was. Therefore, all low men should not despair, because sooner or later there will be the only one for them who will appreciate not for the appearance, but for the internal content.

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