Pearls of Wisdom that Make you more Grateful

Pearls of Wisdom That Will Make You More Grateful. Have you often complained about bad situations in your life? If so, read the wisdom of wisdom which we summarize in the following article so that you can be more grateful in any condition. Instead of being curious about these wise words, just look at the description below, let’s!

Human life is not only filled with good things, but also bad events. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with being grateful for everything and describing it through words of wisdom and pearls.

Are you curious about what kind of pearls of wisdom can make you more grateful? No need to mince words again, just read the information below!

Words of Wisdom Grateful for God’s Favor

Pearls of Wisdom that Make you more Grateful
Pearls of Wisdom that Make you more Grateful

1. Gratitude and Thank You

If the only prayers you pray throughout your life are thanksgiving and thanks, then that’s enough. Meister Eckhart

As mentioned earlier, everything that happens in human life is a gift to be grateful for. It is also implied in the wise words of Meister Eckhart about the beauty of being grateful.

That gratitude is more than enough to show how much you value life. More than that, the expression of gratitude also shows how grateful you are for God’s grace.

2. Solution to Every Problem

Believe me, sincere and grateful people will always find a way out of every problem. Anonymous

You may have heard people say that humans must be good at being grateful. Because oftentimes, gratitude can increase the joy of happiness that someone gets.

In line with that, the quote above reveals that being grateful can make someone find a way out of his life’s problems. For that, apart from wise words, a person needs to show that he is very grateful through actions.

3. One reason to be grateful

Be grateful because until now we are still valued and respected by others. It is all because Allah(God) still hides the shame and sins that we have committed. If Allah revealed our disgrace, we would undoubtedly be the most despicable person in the eyes of others. Abdullah Gymnastiar

Gratitude for God’s blessings is also clearly reflected in Aa Gym’s words of wisdom which are listed in the above quote. It’s just that, the form of gratitude shown is not due to the fulfillment of your prayers.

The gratitude depicted in the quote is due to something you cannot see but can feel. That God has covered the shame and sins that you also want to hide from others.

4. Signs of God’s Mercy

God gave you pain not to harm you, but He loves you and makes you special with His precious care. Anonymous

Whatever adversity occurs in life, don’t think that God is letting you through to harm. On the other hand, God brings disaster to test you.

Tests were usually given to servants whom He loved. So, if you are being tested with calamities and difficulties, stay grateful because God really cares for and loves you.

5. The Meaning of Gratitude

Let us rise and be grateful, because if we don’t learn much today, at least we will learn a little; and if we don’t learn a little, at least we don’t get sick; and if we get sick, at least we don’t die. So, let us all be grateful. Buddha

Gratitude is not only taught to Muslims but also in other religions. In fact, Buddhists are also taught to always be grateful for everything that is experienced in the world.

And the words of wisdom written in the above quote speak of one of the essences of being grateful. That is, the essence of gratitude is not complaining and sincerely accepting even if only a little.

Words of Gratitude to Always Be Calm

Pearls of Wisdom that Make you more Grateful
Pearls of Wisdom that Make you more Grateful

1. Be Happy in a Grateful Way

If you are able to be grateful when disaster strikes, what else can keep you from being happy? Anonymous

The anonymous wise words above also discuss the nature of being grateful. In essence, being grateful has no time limit. You can be grateful for anything under any circumstances, whether it’s happy or grieving.

Even when disaster strikes, there are many things you can be grateful for. That way, the pain you feel may not be too bitter, and it will actually bring you happiness.

2. There is No Reason to Grieve

As long as there is sunshine and clear skies, and as long as I can enjoy them, how can I be sad? Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s expression does not differ much from the previous quote. According to Anne, there is no reason to be sad if someone can still enjoy the beautiful sunshine in a clear sky.

It may be simple, but it’s things like that you should be grateful for. At the very least, there is still something you can enjoy for free and without sacrificing anything.

3. Richer with Gratitude

In everyday life, we hardly realize that we receive more than we give, and that our lives become richer with gratitude. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This article repeats the words of wisdom which state that being grateful can increase the blessings and enjoyment we have. This is in line with what was expressed by a pastor from Germany, Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

He believes that human life can be richer by being grateful for God’s blessings. This form of gratitude can be shown by sharing with others.

4. Grateful Without Limits

Happy enough, sad enough, loving enough, hating enough, grateful as much as possible. Anonymous

Not overreacting is also part of being grateful. Presumably, that is the meaning behind the anonymous quotes about gratitude in the above quote.

You can feel happy or sad, but only if necessary. You can love or hate something or someone, but the only natural.

5. Sincerity is part of gratitude

Our blessings as human beings are in us and around us. The wise man is satisfied with his fate, whatever it may be, without expecting what does not belong to him. Seneca

The phrase we quoted from Seneca above implies that humans should not be greedy. The reason is, accepting sincerely what was destined for him also includes gratitude.

There is no need to demand a lot of things because humans have got what they need. And do not have to look far, all the needs can be found around him.

Pearls of Wisdom, Gratitude in Living Life

1. Receive Something Gratefully

Speaking of life, the most important thing is whether you take things for granted or with gratitude. GK Chesterton

These words of wisdom allude to the beauty of a life that is lived with gratitude. Because for GK Chesterton, gratitude is the most important thing to have when someone is alive.

On the other hand, without gratitude, life may lose its meaning. Like a word, human life has no meaning other than being able to move and breathe if you are not grateful.

2. Life is a Miracle

There are only two ways to live your life. The first is as if there were no miracles. The second is as if everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was not just a physicist who only knew the theory of relativity. He also came up with meaningful phrases that were somewhat poetic, one of which you can see in the quote above.

In Einstein’s eyes, life can be lived in two ways. The first is to be casual, and the second is to think that everything has a miracle. Presumably, the second one implies a life lived gratefully.

3. Gratitude and Thanksgiving is Honor

The highest reverence for the dead is not with mourning, but gratitude. Thornton Wilder

Thornton Wilder’s quote does not directly relate to God. However, the phrase speaks of someone who has been by our side.

Apparently, it’s not just the presence of someone we need to be grateful for. When that figure is gone, thanking God for giving you time to be with him is also a form of gratitude for his existence.

4. Behind Every Disaster

In every disaster there must be a blessing wrapped in it. And being grateful is the way to get the contents of the package. Anonymous

Why should we also be grateful for a disaster? The answer is quite simple. Because we never know what is behind the tragedy that befell.

It could be that this tragedy will teach us valuable lessons. Or, who knows, the tragedy that we experience will actually lead to extraordinary blessings that have never happened before.

5. The Meaning of Thank You

Gratitude is the beginning of gratitude. Thank you is the end of gratitude. Gratitude can only be in words, but gratitude is shown through action. Henri Frederic Amiel

You don’t have to be confused to translate the meaning of Henri Frederic Amiel’s quote above. Basically, gratitude and thankfulness have similar meanings.

Both have to do with how we feel about the good things that happen. Not infrequently, gratitude and gratitude for the good things we receive make us want to repay them with similar kindness.

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Express Your Gratitude as a Form of Gratitude

That’s a collection of quotes or Pearls of wisdom that make you more Grateful about gratitude that you need to know. Hopefully, you can reflect on whether you have become a person who is grateful for your life situation or if you complain more.

If you often complain, you still have time to fix it, really. Start by accepting whatever situations and conditions in your life are as they are. After that, be grateful because everything you have is nothing but a gift from God.

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