Phrases for dating a girl

Best Phrases for dating a girl. Is it difficult to start a conversation with a girl? Difficult. Not only do you need to be decisive, but you also need to know what to say in order to hook her, to draw attention to yourself. What phrases for dating a girl will make you an interesting guy in her eyes, and which ones will only cause laughter?

Men met me a huge number of times, I felt it all in my female skin and now I will show phrases that really work and are able to attract the attention of a girl. They are pleasant, not repulsive, original, and after them, it is easy to build a further conversation in order to turn an acquaintance into something more.

And below I will give a working dating technology, you will learn what to say after the first phrase and how to behave so that the girl is sunk.

How to talk to a girl you like?

Various variations of “Your mom doesn’t need a son-in-law” and “Hi, how are you?” show your unnaturalness or mediocre. Are you not like that? But these first words will spoil the whole impression of you.

What goes best? Humor, honesty, naturalness. And if you still speak confidently to this, then any girl will want to get to know you better and get to know you better.

Your first line should not be florid, difficult for a girl to understand, or double or triple entender.

Everything should be simple and concise so that she does not have to ask several times and feel deaf.

Before as start a conversation you need to do some quick and easy steps, that will make it easier for you to get to know:

one. Smile at her and catch her eye.

2. Watch the response – did she smile back? Did she linger on you longer than on any other person? These are moments, but they are easy to notice. And they symbolize a clear interest in you.

3. Pay attention to her body language. If the girl is turned in your direction, her arms are apart, she is free at the moment – these are all open poses and signals that now is a great time to start a conversation.

If the pose is closed – legs and arms are crossed, the body is turned away from you or stands sideways, but in such a way that the eyes do not see you, then it is worth waiting. This is especially true when a woman is busy with some kind of work.

Facial expressions also play an important role. Relaxed face, moving eyes – green light. Frowning, shifted eyebrows, focused look – red. She’s not ready.

4. Calm yourself down with deep breaths. The worst that can happen is that she doesn’t want to talk. But it’s not the end of the world.

11 phrases for dating at the mall or grocery store

one. “Hey! You look so stylish, could you advise me what color/style of shirt to choose?» – and show 2 options.

In place of the shirt, anything can be, from which you can “choose” at the moment. For example: “I don’t know what kind of cookies to take, advise. With chocolate or nuts?” – etc.

2. Seeing in her hands a package with a purchase and a logo of some brand and pointing at it, ask:

Excuse me, can you tell me where this department is located? I want to buy a shirt»

3. Would you like to ride the escalator with me?»

4. “Blimey! Do you like the oyster sauce too?! Always dreamed of meeting a girl who loves him»

five. “Excuse me, you do not know what is better to choose for washing – capsules or gel? What are you erasing?»

Girls are easily oriented in everyday matters and will gladly share their experience with a young and (certainly free!) Man. Just be careful, she can get very carried away when answering.

6. Such a tender and fragile girl and such a heavy basket! Can I help you carry it to the checkout?»

7. “Girl, I liked you so much at first sight that I have to reveal one secret to you. Very tasty coffee is sold around the corner! I invite you to drink it with me»

8. In a queue or other static place to joke:

Girl, you and I look so great against this background *name the background*»

nine.Can you tell me if there is a Sportmaster / Adidas department here?»

10. I lost the bet and as payback, I have to kiss/buy a cocktail for the prettiest girl in this mall»

eleven. Do you visit here often? Are there always so many people here?»

5 phrases to start a conversation in Social Media

one. I learned from your profile that you like cappuccino. Unfortunately, the Internet cannot convey taste and smell, so I would like to invite you to try it in real life»

2. “Do you think that you can post such beautiful photos and get away with it so easily?»

3. Your beauty is not worshiped by any one of the Indian tribes?“.

4. Let’s do business: you will distract men with your beauty, and I will steal their wallets“.

five. Hello. You are a very special girl» – such a phrase will not remain unanswered. The girl will definitely want to know why. Here, let your imagination run wild. Look through her photo, perhaps you will find many ideas there.

11 phrases for dating on the street

1. Comment on what is happening around:

Yes, it’s hot today / Well, it’s raining!»

2. Compliment:

Girl you have such an amazing smile / easy gait / bewitching eyes»

3. I saw your smile and forgot where I was going, can you imagine!»

4. Excuse me, can you help me? I’m a journalist and I need to ask some questions to the most beautiful girl in town.“.

five.Do you speak Russian? Wow, we have so much in common!“.

6. There is nothing better than a cup of hot tea on such a chilly day. Don’t you find? Make a company?“.

7. Good afternoon! I was told that you were looking for me“.

8. Girl, you are so beautiful. Tell me what can I do to make you smile?“.

nine. Excuse me, is the seat next to you free?»

10. You won’t tell me where *famous place or institution* is located“.

11. Instead of the hackneyed “what time is it?” you should ask:

Do you want me to tell you what time it is now?“.

5 phrases for dating a girl in transport

one. Every morning I ride this bus, and for the first time I see such an incredibly beautiful girl in it!»

2. You are so sweet, thank you for making my morning pleasant with your smile“.

3. Can you tell me if I can use this route to *any institution in the city along the way*?»

4. This morning, according to the horoscope, I was promised an acquaintance with an amazing person. I think it was about you“.

5. The next phrase suggests a little contact: first, the girl needs to shake off an invisible speck of dust from her shoulder and say: Now you are even more beautiful!»

Best Phrases for dating a girl.

Proper dating technique

All these phrases can be changed according to the circumstances or according to your mood and character. They are only designed to attract the attention of the girl they like and keep it.

After you got it, immediately go to the next step Introduce yourself and ask her name.

“My name is Pavel. And you?”

It’s better if you lend a hand. But keep in mind that girls are not used to shaking hands! Therefore, there is no need for male business and hard crabs. Gently grasp her fingers with all your fingers (all, not the tips), squeeze lightly, and gently shake a couple of times.

To improve your contact, hold her hand at your side. Look into your eyes, tilt your head, and smile.

Try not to avoid physical contact (with your hands) when meeting. It is very close and inviting. Almost 90% of men with whom girls communicate during the day respect their personal space, not letting anyone into it. If you do otherwise, then it will play into your hands:

one. She will see that you are a serious man, and even when meeting a girl at such a sensitive moment, you don’t get lost, don’t start to shrink, be shy, but retain your manhood.

2. You will enter her comfort zone, but very gently and openly, which will make you at the subconscious level “your” person, and will distinguish you from all the other men around.

3. Touch and body contact will do their job – you will get closer even without really knowing each other. This is the nature of our psyche.

Be yourself at the moment of acquaintance, playfulness, and positivity are your weapons. The first phrase may just be a thought out loud about what is happening, but then you turn to her and ask her opinion. It captivates – you, therefore, are interested in this opinion.

5 phrases you should never say to a girl when meeting

one. “I’m so lonely”

A strong and confident man is a leader by nature. And he knows that being at the top always means being alone, not in a group. Therefore, such phrases show your weakness.

2. “Yes, I somehow have no luck in life”

Why tell her you’re a loser? Does anyone want to have such a man? Any woman wants to appreciate her partner, admire him.

3. “No one has ever loved me”

This will make the girl think: “So, no one ever. So, there are some objective reasons. What am I, a redhead? No, I won’t love him in that case either.”

4. “My life is a continuous series of problems.”

If your problems do not stop, then you do not know how to solve them. Such complaints make you look unfit for life, deprived of any luck, joy, and confidence.

five. “I don’t even remember the last time I was on a date.”

In this case, similar to point 3, you confess that you are a quiet and modest sissy, whose personal life did not work out.

Also, avoid vulgar phrases and do not make fun of others, especially if it is gloating.

The little secret to self-confidence

Advice, of course, is good, but where can you sometimes get the confidence to start a conversation? I have one little secret that always helps out at similar moments for everyone, regardless of gender. It is unique and versatile.

All these phrases, regardless of their meaning and content, are just elements of the game. If a girl is favorable to a mutual game and is ready to get acquainted, she will answer and support this game. Again, this does not depend on your personality, character, appearance. This is just her personal state now.

The opposite is also true – if she is in a relationship or there are other objective reasons why the girl is not in the mood to get acquainted, then she will quickly curtail communication and leave. Regardless of your charisma, beauty, and radiance of a smile.

Therefore, to gain confidence before saying a phrase to meet a girl, tell yourself that the game has begun. Start playing (but not someone’s role, but a game) and enjoy the result. An established acquaintance? Super. Refusal? Great, this is a very valuable experience that you also need to improve your skills. Even if you are very worried, then this fake confidence will be enough for you to take the first step. Best Phrases for dating a girl.

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