Phrases to captivate a man you like in 2022

Perhaps at some point you have wondered how to attract a man and what would be the correct way. Don’t worry! Below you will find a series of phrases to captivate a man manage to capture your attention and impact your mind.

You are quietly at work, walking down the street, at the bus stop, in a restaurant or a bar; Suddenly you lock eyes with a guy, he looks perfect, you love the sound of his voice and you get really nervous.

So, you may be wondering what to say to him at that moment when you freeze.

Do you talk about the weather? How nice the place is? The pile of paperwork on your desk? The 13 adorable cats you have at home?

What to say?

While talking is a great form of interaction, there are certain key phrases that will help you grab any guy’s attention in any situation.

I will share the best options and their respective goal; With this, you will know when to issue them.

You will even have the possibility to create your own phrases to captivate a man personalized. He will surely fall at your feet!

In addition, there is the option of make a man fall in love by making him smile through these powerful phrases.

All a man

Phrases to captivate a man

Culturally, men are educated to have a very clear concept of masculinity.

They teach them skills and instill qualities that are supposed to make a man a good man.

Therefore, boys grow up with that mindset and, throughout their lives, they strive to find ways to obtain and demonstrate these characteristics.

You may be wondering “What kind of qualities are those?”, take a look at the answer and learn a little about male desire uncovered!:


Something broken is almost like a trap to attract men. Pay attention when a car breaks down; someone opens the hood to inspect it and, out of nowhere, several men appear, look at the engine, give advice and try to help.

Feeling skillful and capable is something that attracts a lot of attention.

If you perceive that the one who steals your sighs has arranged or organized something, even if it is insignificant, phrases like:

  • “We already have a whole man here!”
  • “You’re the best!”
  • “You really know how to do things”
  • “You are someone capable of everything!”
  • “You handle the (name of the tool used) very well”, they will fill their hearts with joy.

Appeal to their ability to solve things, handle tools or organize jobs and you will see their favorable reaction!


A man must be able to provide. You can show him that you see that quality in him with a phrase as simple as:

  • “You do know how to give good details”
  • “I love it when you do that”

If a man does something for you and you not only appreciate the action or gift, but also highlight his ability to give, it will make him feel like a man.


That bottle of soda that, although you could open it, you give it to him so that you uncover it and say:

  • “You are the strongest!”; once he opens it easily, you’ll be pulling him closer to you.

If you ask mischievously: “Do you exercise a lot?” after taking his arm to cross the street, you will make him feel like Hercules before your eyes.

Rather, you can take in your favor the male body language the secret to conquer combined with phrases to captivate him hopelessly.


A man must be able to protect; the phrase, “I feel so safe when I’m with you”, will definitely make him fall for you.

These words can have many implications that will not go unnoticed.

You are safe because he is strong and will be able to defend you from any threat or because you think that with him you will lack nothing and that, by his side, everything has a solution due to his multiple abilities.

Uses phrases to captivate a man of that style and he will want to be your Superman!

Now, these characteristics are linked to the idea of ​​love and infatuation, so we recommend you read the text of, in which you can find out more about the subject.

all a sage

Phrases to make a man fall in love

There are many other aspects that can be important to a man.

Maybe the guy you like is the type who’s interested in discussing the social aspects of a movie, talking about the book he’s recently been reading, or discussing culture and art.

This is where the intellect comes into play and you should particularly know the how to flirt with a man of this trend.

“You know so much about culture” is a phrase that will let him know that it accurately reflects his knowledge and that you notice it.

Expressions like:

  • “You know so much about (books, movies, music, painting, artists, etc.)”
  • “You see things differently”
  • “You are an expert on (topic)”
  • “I wish there were more men who spoke like you / who had those tastes”

All can have a strong impact on the boy. You appreciate his interests and he is proud of his knowledge.

On the other hand, they say that humor is one of the greatest signs of intelligence.

One of the phrases to captivate a man most effective is:

  • “I love that you know how to make me laugh,” which will lift her spirits considerably.

In addition to this, you can read the article on, whose content is focused on the gaze as an evocation of desire.

Complementing your words with a seductive look will undoubtedly help you captivate that man.

“Sealing the deal”

Love quotes

If you have already known each other well, you have used phrases that have kept him waiting, thinking and wanting more from you.

It’s time for you to employ valuable phrases that drive him crazy!

In case you have found the ideal man for you, show him all your appreciation!

Letting him know that you enjoy him, his personality, and his company will increase and strengthen the connection between the two of you.

Take a look at the following examples!:

  • “The best way to spend time is with you”
  • “I feel that with you everything is cooler”
  • “I love your company because you give me peace of mind”
  • “In your company I feel like the luckiest woman”

Men also like to hear tender things and feel loved, so melt him with love with phrases to fall in love captivating ideas.

  • “I love being by your side at all times”
  • “Your love gives me inner peace”

Importance of closeness

Physical closeness is something we greatly enjoy; being able to snuggle up with that special being and feel their breath and body heat is priceless.

The following sentence will help you create a strong affective bond, difficult to break.

  • “The best place is in your arms”

There are also the funniest phrases:

  • “You drive me crazy”: a little crazy, it doesn’t hurt.
  • Do not be afraid of the new and get out of the monotony!
  • “I’m all yours”: He’s talking to you, you don’t pay much attention. He tells you, a little angry, that if you can listen to him; you turn around and with a flirtatious smile you emit this phrase: “I’m all yours.” Boom. Done. He will be all yours!

strategies exposed

These are one of the strategies of how to make a man want you naturallyFinally, feeling wanted is something that we all love!

The spontaneity, the jokes, the daring proposals, the truth or dare questions for my boyfriend, they are simply ways of enjoying life.

Phrases to captivate a man: Is it important to refer to his appearance?

Phrases to seduce a boy

exist phrases to captivate a man that refer to their beauty or most outstanding physical aspects; however, they are not the most effective because of their superficial content.

Make a comparison; think about the phrases that they have said to you with which they have managed to conquer you and those that pass you by.

better innovate

Emphasizing attractiveness is so used and frequent that it has been losing its effect; It can help break the ice, but it’s not the most impressive thing.

Now that you know the best phrases to captivate a man and create a strong connection with him, it’s time for you to consult the Magnetic Desire Method and learn How to seduce a man.

What are you waiting for? You have the phrases, you have the knowledge, you have all the power! Go for him!

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