Platonic relationship between a man and a woman in simple words

The platonic relationship between a man and a woman in simple words. Platonic love is the highest feeling that can arise between two people who are not connected by romantic and family relationships. This form of friendship between a man and a woman is stigmatized in an immature society, where the only reason for communication between a guy and a girl is mutual physical sympathy. But in fact, it is a platonic relationship that can become that very real feeling that both of you will carry through the years and a series of Romanovs. The main thing is to follow the rules.

How is a platonic relationship different from a friendship?

In the modern world, the boundary between friends and acquaintances has been erased. Sometimes we get close to a person so quickly that after a couple of weeks we boldly include him in the circle of intimacy.

Therefore, now friendship is a broader concept that includes interaction based on interests. And platonic relationships are built between kindred spirits. This feeling is in no way inferior to love in its strength.

Platonic relationship:

  • based on the attraction of souls and minds and exclude physical intimacy;
  • do not depend on age, gender and social status;
  • absolutely transparent – you are together as long as you feel good with each other, no common children and obligations;
  • do not imply a moral framework – you can have partners on the side, this will not affect your connection in any way;
  • help to maintain confidence and calmness in difficult times;
  • sozdayut bezopasnoe prostranstvo, in which both people can harmoniously develop and improve themselves.

In fact, a platonic relationship is one in which you are ready to do the impossible for each other, but your interest is based solely on sympathy for the person. No physics and romanticism. You are not an object of desire for him, but he, albeit theoretically a man of dreams, but not yours.

How do platonic relationships affect our lives?

A platonic relationship between a man and a woman is not only possible, but also very important for health and b. Here are a few reasons why it is high time to abandon the stereotypes that such communication in has a hidden connotation:

  • Everyone needs love and hope.

Especially for those who have not yet been lucky enough to meet their soul mate. A man and a woman in a platonic relationship provide each other with emotional support. Even if a handsome prince does not flash on the horizon, and only horses come across, looking at your friend, you understand that real men still exist. So, it makes sense not to give up and wait for your fate.

Friendship between a woman and a man

  • Prolonged stress reduces immunity.

The habit of being nervous over trifles and accumulating dissatisfaction in oneself causes a lot of health problems: cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diarrhea and constipation. It is called the terpet that is new, which means that it is only a few words that are related to the heart. You are told that it is not possible for you to listen to three words. Then vice versa. And you both feel better.

  • There is safety in numbers.

Ultimately, a platonic relationship helps to become more resilient to external cataclysms and more confident. You Know that there is a person nearby who shares your ideas and values, and you can count on His Strong male shoulder. And who will give a guy the best advice on how to charm a girl, if not his faithful girlfriend?

How to Maintain a Platonic Relationship?

Numerous studies have shown that every person in one way or another depends on his environment. And the people we trust have a tremendous impact on our lives. In order for a platonic relationship to bring joy to both of you and last as long as possible, you need to follow certain rules.

It underlies any relationship, especially platonic ones. Do not discuss his personal life and do not pull the blanket over yourself. Give back as much as you get.

With two fingers and two fingers. And so that you do not have to make a choice between them, do not heat up the situation and do not push their foreheads together.

  • Lack of intimacy.

No kissing or ambiguous touching. Even as a joke. According to “Odin Raz, what’s up with that”. It can no longer be called friendship.

Platonic relationships are the highest form of interaction between a man and a woman. If You are lucky enough to meet your Soul Mate, All you need is to remember respect and devotion and not expect anything in return. To this end it is possible to have a full view of what is next.

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