Polygamous man: what does it mean and how to recognize it?

Polygamous man: what does it mean and how to recognize it? There are many adherents of the theory according to which a man is polygamous by nature and this must be reckoned with. But what does the very concept of “polygamous man” mean and how to understand whether all men are polygamous? Why is this the way human relationships develop and are there objective prerequisites for this?

Let’s try to understand this issue from the point of view of psychology and the theoretical justifications of scientific circles. Men are satisfied with the physiological substantiation of the theory Male polygamy, what does this mean in principle?

We are talking about the fact that, by nature, a man is not comfortable spending his life in union with one woman. It weighs him down and leads to psychological imbalance. For a normal existence in comfortable conditions, adult males need to keep in touch with several representatives of the weaker sex at once.

However, it should be borne in mind that the root causes of the influence of physiology on the human mind are far in the past, along with early mortality and the threat of extinction of the species. People have existed for many centuries in a civilized society, where the laws of the jungle are considered immoral and, at times, even criminal.

This means that modern man, as a rational and sane being, must, first of all, foresee the consequences of his actions and be responsible for the decisions made. In other words, one should take care of the well-being of one’s own family and the future of one’s children, and not produce “fatherlessness” left and right.

Moral adultery: what is it and can it be considered worse than physical?

After all, the specialists of this department more often than others have to deal with questions explaining the reason for such a choice. Lack of Communication Skills It is an accepted fact that women (generally, not in particular) show much higher communication skills. They are always open to communication and prefer to talk through problems rather than harbor hidden grievances. The selective tactics of men often come down to fencing off problems, they are ready to simply turn a blind eye to some things, pretending that they do not exist at all. This manner can create a number of problems in building personal relationships.

Moreover, in critical situations, the way out seems simple – to replace the partner with a more loyal one. Vices born of upbringing Very often, men’s tendency to polygamy begins to emerge at an early age, as a result of improper upbringing. One of the main root causes of this phenomenon may be the absence of a father in the family. Mothers and grandmothers, in such cases, overprotect their pets, instilling in them a tendency to selfishness and despotism.

Growing up, such a teenager takes his special status for granted and requires special treatment. He does not need to work for a reputation, because he has superiority from birth, when women favor and obey him. But behind the arrogance lies a lack of valor, the ability to make decisions independently and show mercy. Having met a confident woman on his way, such a man will very quickly plunge into complexes and shamefully run away.

Polygamous man: what does it mean and how to recognize it?

Emotional Cheating:

Forgive or Break Up Scientific Reasoning Scientific facts differ from trendy theories and unsubstantiated assumptions in that they are based on facts and evidence. Thus, after lengthy research and sociological surveys, it was precisely established that after 3 years of married life, most men lose their irresistible attraction to their chosen one, keeping it at the stage of habit. It is during this period that there is a risk that yesterday’s noble knight wants to give his heart to another lady.

Therefore, marital relations should never be built solely on sexual affection. Common interests, hobbies, and ways of spending leisure time play an important role here. In addition to physical closeness, people should be brought together by spiritual values, which will more than fill the gaps formed in the weakening impulses of primitive passion. In this case, a loved one becomes irreplaceable, because his partner no longer wants to exist separately.

Historical trace From the very beginning of the first social system, a woman has always remained in the male shadow and was considered an inferior being with a limited range of possibilities. The female nature is to blame for everything, because of the peculiarities of which men were forced to take care, protect and patronize women. For one thing, they deprived the fair sex of all rights and privileges, which caused the emergence of male polygamy at the social level… Polygamous man: what does it mean and how to recognize it?

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