Psychologist’s advice on how to save a marriage from divorce?

Psychologist’s advice on how to save a marriage from divorce? Most often, the question of saving a marriage arises when a relationship hits a black ^ streaker Unfortunately, in our time, 80 percent of marriages break up.

In most cases, because the spouses do not want to deeply understand family problems, change section. Having decided on a divorce, they enter into a new one with the hope that since the next partner is better. Therefore, in most cases, I am in favor of making every possible attempt to save the family.

Reasons why families fall apart

  • life, monotony, boredom;
  • different views on life, in particular on the creation of a family, mismatched values ​​and goals of the spouses;
  • crises, life difficulties, trials, changes for which the couple was not ready (the appearance of a child in the family, problems in business, bankruptcy, illness, etc.);
  • material difficulty;
  • treason. Most often due to dissatisfaction with family relationships, lack of emotions;
  • cruelty, mental disorders, tyranny, violence, etc. As a rule, the victim in such a relationship is a woman who tolerates a bad attitude towards herself.

In this case, the best thing would be to gather strength and still decide to break. You should not keep such a relationship, even for the sake of children. Indeed, sometimes the atmosphere in the family is so unhealthy and toxic that the divorce of parents is the only right decision for the mental and moral well-being of all family members, especially the smallest ones.

But if you feel that your relationship is not hopeless, it’s just that a difficult period has come that every couple faces sooner or later, then whether the partners will be able to overcome difficulties and maintain relationships, most often depends not so much on the circumstances, but on their mutual desire to be together, learn to hear and understand each other.

And so, how to save a family from divorce, and is it worth it? I think you will find the answers to these questions by reading the article to the end.

Psychologist’s advice on how to save a marriage from divorce

  • First of all, for a long-term stable relationship, it is important that you and your partner be close in spirit, look at life approximately the same way, at least coincide on the most important points for you.

Preferably so <jects, you were from about the same cool environment, social stratum, had a certain site. Practically shows, so that you can see that these are the only things you can do.

How to save a family from divorce?

Of course, there are no absolutely two similar people and there will always be certain disagreements, but it is important to learn how to properly get around sharp corners, armed with wisdom and patience, and then these small differences will make your union even more interesting;

  • patience and respect for each other. Speak heart to heart more often, very open communication, this in no way means that with naut the words x

Of course, you should not bend too much, but even when disagreements arise, it is important to continue to communicate respectfully and kindly, it is better to express dissatisfaction in relation to the words, actions of the partner, and not in relation to him;

  • personal space. It’s just a matter of course in the drought and the way it is done. If you have been together for a long time, sometimes it is useful to relax separately, spend time in different companies.

You don’t need to do this on an ongoing basis, but from time to time such a separate vacation, as a rule, has a beneficial effect on relationships, allows you to gain new strength, impressions, which you will then be happy to share with each other.

  • support each other in difficult times, build mutual understanding, try to understand and accept the partner’s point of view, even if it differs from yours. Do not be too touchy and know how to forgive;
  • take care of your appearance, take care of yourself. Try to look attractive even at home. And it often happens that a wife walks in front of her husband, mostly in curlers and an old dressing gown, and he is in front of her in sweatpants, in which it seems that his grandfather was also killed.

To the end of the drug on the one hand that lives in the non-permanent video, then it is post-post in the parade. So that you are in the room, so you can see and see the interested parties. Appearance also plays an important role, especially for pronounced visuals.

  • try once again not to discuss your partner with outsiders, you should not endure quarrels in public.

In a fit of emotions, you can paint in black colors to your friends, acquaintances, how bad your faithful one is, and they, only on the basis of your subjective vision, without understanding the situation, or even pursuing their own selfish interests, can set you up against him even more. If you value relationships, let your personal questions concern only you;

  • do not let each other get bored, come up with an interesting pastime, do not forget about romance, arrange pleasant surprises, give each other joy and gifts for no reason, joke more and laugh together, do not stop admiring your soulmate;
  • in controversial situations (even with relatives), try to always support your loved one;
  • and finally, I will remind you of another well-known wisdom that, in one form or another, can often be heard both among the people and from professional psychologists, but according to my observations, often in long-term relationships, many people forget about this important detail: remain a mystery to him, don’t be boring book.

Sometimes it is extremely useful to play the mysterious lady. An element of understatement, intrigue, mystery – in reasonable proportions, it will only add to x in w ^ pomumber

I hope this article was helpful to you. I will add once again that observing these points and preserving the family makes sense if the relationship does not go beyond toxicity and you and your partner are united by similar goals, desires and mutual feelings.

Although sometimes, even if all of the above is the case, the two of them will cope with relationship problems, it can be very difficult, and it becomes necessary to contact a specialist, a qualified family psychologist.

In this case, it is very important to recognize the existence of difficulties in the relationship, and sometimes your own impotence to cope with them on your own, the willingness to contribute to what is happening and accept outside help.

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