Psychology of free relations. Who dictates the rules?

Psychology of free relations. Who dictates the rules? Often, the family unit of society is compared with rather hard work. At the same time, in order to achieve success, both spouses must “give their best”. Otherwise, a positive result will simply not be achieved. But how then does the psychology of free relationships relate to the so-called relationships without obligations?

In principle, the psychology of open relationships already in itself prevents the institution of marriage. This is not surprising, since free sex itself does not involve the manifestation of special feelings or emotions during sex. At the same time, free relationships are most preferable for infantile persons who, purely egoistically, do not want to take on the slightest responsibility for everything that happens with their family relationships. Thus, even the concept of family debt loses its meaning.

According to data obtained from numerous statistical studies, open relationships are considered more preferable by representatives of the strong half of humanity. They do not need unnecessary troubles and worries, just as they do not need responsibility for their soul mate and relationships in general. It is not for nothing that they say that almost any man remains a little boy until old age. So they do not want to be responsible for their actions and deeds.

At the same time, every year there are more and more such “men” (it is simply impossible to pronounce this word without quotes). At the same time, emancipated women accept the new rules of love without any problems, and completely forgetting about the elementary foundations of family life, they simply let everything take its course.

On the one hand, it looks exactly like this, but if you take a closer look, then in their understanding, the psychology of free relationships is designed to “bind a man to itself” and sooner or later wait for his decision to move on to the serious stage of creating a family. Here, lovely ladies need to show all their feminine wisdom and prove to the man that it was she who became vital for him as the air is vital. The reasons for this female behavior are numerous:

  • The lady suffers from numerous complexes and does not dare to directly and boldly declare her rights;
  • Excessive love of a girl makes her lose her head and agree to any relationship, if only her partner pays attention to her;
  • Indecisive women are afraid to change their lives and accept an open relationship imposed by a partner;
  • Having recently been burned in a previous relationship, a woman simply does not dare to even try to change her partner’s behavior.

Taking a closer look at each of the above reasons, it becomes clear that none of them is strong enough and serious enough to tolerate a non-committal relationship. A much better solution in such a situation would be to turn to a psychologist, raise your self-esteem and kick out a man who does not want to become a caring head of the family. Very often the reasons for this are quite banal. It is worth dwelling on the most common of them.

The unwillingness of a man to start a family

Whatever the psychology of free relationships tells us, no one has canceled marriage and is not going to. And the institution of marriage rests on three main pillars – sex, children and money. Many include here love, care and self-respect, but, oddly enough, they are already secondary components of the marriage union.

That is, initially there was sex, which was the result of the appearance of heirs. Further, having united, the husband and wife achieve financial well-being in order to provide both the family and the children with everything necessary. That is why an open relationship cannot be called stable. They are based solely on sex and without proper support can leave at any moment.

One dictates the rules

Unfortunately, often in relationships there are situations when all the rules of the game are dictated by only one of the partners. The second of them, at the same time, selflessly in love and ready to constantly go on about only in order to maintain this, in any case, will not be able to withstand such life injustice for a long time and sooner or later will give up his positions.

Fear of Addiction

Often, already at the dawn of a nascent relationship, one of the partners declares that he is not at all ready to part with either his freedom or his personal independence. Most often in this decision they are accompanied by a fear of responsibility (dependence). Representatives of the strong half of humanity are more often than their weaker halves afraid of being responsible for family relationships.

That is why most men immediately declare to their soul mate that they are not yet mentally ready for a serious relationship. They offer at first just to meet without any obligations to each other.

For the same reason, after some time, when his soulmate begins to talk about how he would like to take the relationship to a new level, the man in the vast majority of cases “gives back” and again says that he is not at all ready for such a turn of events and need to wait a little more. But most women have to wait a long time or even endlessly. Most often, relationships of this kind never go to the level expected by a woman.

In some cases, events immediately begin to develop according to the scenario of one. In principle, it is not surprising that a woman becomes a victim and the failed missus immediately begins to “wipe his feet on her.” The man simply does not allow the development of events, and the relationship has no continuation and, accordingly, the future.

If a man recently broke up with a previous beloved

Probably, every woman had to try on the role of a “vest” at least once in her life. Of course, the realization that you are being used is not very pleasant. But, some women, especially those who are selflessly in love with a man and are ready to do anything, just to be with him.

At the same time, never in your life will you see a truly self-sufficient woman in place of the “vest”. Strong and modern, she simply will not be able to devote her life to satisfying someone’s lusts and needs.

Reluctance to change yourself

The prerogative of such relationships awaits most often sissies. They themselves are accustomed to always live according to the laws invented by a caring mother and are not able to answer not only for the family, but also for themselves. That is why they are not capable of stable relationships and the psychology of free relationships is exactly what they like the most.

Reluctance to be hunted

Being a hunter in itself, every man by nature understands that he can become a victim of a woman stronger than himself. As soon as he sees that the approaching temptress is quite capable of subordinating him to her will and involving him in a stable relationship, and even more so in marriage, he will run away from her without looking back, headlong.

If you are faced with a similar situation, then do not forget that in a relationship, naturalness should come first. In this case, in no case should you consider your partner as a potential victim for your hunt.

Psychology of free relations. Who dictates the rules?

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