Reasons Why Guys Are Shy About Beautiful Girls?

Why are guys shy about beautiful girls? or Why are some guys shy around pretty girls?

Reasons Why Guys Are Shy About Beautiful Girls?
Reasons Why Guys Are Shy About Beautiful Girls?

Reasons Why Guys Are Shy About Beautiful Girls?

We’ve heard a lot about guys being afraid of strong and independent girls. And smart too. They say it’s difficult with them. It is enough for a girl to be beautiful and sexy.

But then it turned out that beautiful girls also have problems – they embarrass their guys with their beauty. Is it really?


Let’s be honest. Everyone loves beautiful people.

So the answer to the question “Do guys love pretty girls?” quite obvious – they love, and how!

It is not for nothing that the Playboy magazine has enjoyed wild success for so many years, and for the calendars they filmed beauties in bikinis. It was not for nothing that soldiers in the war kept photographs of beautiful women – wives, girlfriends or movie stars of that time – at their hearts.

Girls with chiseled figures and angelic faces invariably become the main heroines of melodramas. Take, for example, Malena, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. For the role of the fatal beauty who drove all the men of the city crazy, they invited not just anyone, but Monica Bellucci. A woman whose beauty has been praised for decades.

Men love beautiful women. But here’s the whole catch – not everyone dares to approach an attractive stranger and take the first step.

Why? Because men (but not all) really feel embarrassed when they look at a girl whose sight is breathtaking.


If a guy does not have high self-esteem and is not sure of his own attractiveness, he will not dare to approach a beautiful girl and talk to her. Even if he really likes her and he will be angry with himself because of his own cowardice for the next week.

Why is this happening? Why do even quite nice and interesting guys get lost at the sight of a beautiful lady?

The reason for this is insecurity. “I am not worthy of her,” “I am a bird not her flight,” and so on.

The most interesting thing is that guys who really do not have any external attractiveness or a high level of intelligence are often devoid of any fears and complexes. They boldly take the first step and are sincerely surprised when they are rejected.


“She is so beautiful, she definitely has someone. I will not even try, it will still refuse ”, – flashes in the guy’s head and he, drooping his head, walks away. And he does not realize that the girl would not mind getting to know him – after all, she has no boyfriend.

Both boys and girls are afraid of being rejected. Especially in front of the public. Imagination paints bright colorful pictures of your fiasco. “No, he will definitely refuse, and even send.”


Guys (again, not all of them) are afraid of high competition. “Such a beauty must have a lot of fans better than me, where am I going?” – the guy thinks.

A girl may not have fans at all – neither cool nor so-so. The guy will figure it out himself. And his fears and uncertainty will help him in this.

It often happens that initially everything goes well for a guy and a girl. Perhaps they even managed to go out on a date. And then the guy “merges”, leaving the girl bewildered. “What did I do wrong? Didn’t he like me? ” – the girl racks her head and tries to understand where she made a mistake.

And the thing is that the guy did not find the courage in himself and chose to break off this relationship even before it began. He chickened out, did not want to get involved in a complex game with a bunch of small and large “bosses” waiting for him on the way to the heart of the princess.


Some girls confuse self-confidence and high self-esteem with coldness and bitchiness.

The girl with all her appearance shows how independent and cool she is. Taunts the guys who show her attention. He is looking for an ideal man with whom he will build an ideal relationship. Although in fact he is struggling with a bunch of fears and complexes, which he diligently buries in deeper.

Well, what kind of guy would want to approach such a person? He didn’t even have time to open his mouth, but she already gave him a haughty look and rejected him.


What is life like for girls whom nature has generously endowed? Are they bathed in flowers, luxurious gifts and masculine attention? Surely it is! It cannot be that the goddesses suffer from loneliness in the same way as earthly girls.

Or maybe?

The well-known British edition “The Independent” decided to find out. Below you will find a selection of revelations collected from the vastness of the popular Reddit site.

It turned out that beauties have a hard time not only in their personal lives, but also at work.

  • “Nobody takes me seriously. Everyone thinks I’m stupid. And even when I prove that they were wrong, this unpleasant feeling remains. “
  • “I am young enough (I am in my early twenties) and the HR at work even said that I had no chance. Because my male colleagues will never take me seriously. And they will be distracted by me. “
  • “My fiancee found herself in the same situation. At work, she was perceived as another dumb blonde who burst into the male world (IT). As a result, she got everyone around her finger, and she knew the system much better than any of her colleagues. “

Guys are shy about beautiful girls. And girls, in turn, hate their beautiful girlfriends.

  • “Like I’m in high school. I considered them my friends. And they secretly hated me. As soon as I showed weakness, they pounced on me. “
  • “It was so stressful that I gave up trying to find girlfriends.”
  • “I have to be alert when I go out with my male friends. After a couple of drinks, they start flirting with me. Even those who have girls. I hate it – you have to find some least awkward way to get them off. And preserve friendship at the same time. “
  • “How many times have I heard phrases like“ I can’t believe that you are alone! You are too beautiful to be lonely! ” I already think that no one asks me out on dates, because they think that I have someone. Yes, I have no one, call me somewhere please! “.
  • “They constantly whistle and honk me. I am constantly worried about my safety. Recently I went for a walk – only 15 minutes. During this time I was honked twice. One guy got out of his car even though the red traffic light was on. Asked if I wanted to ride. Sometimes I get really scared. “
  • “The guys on the street are constantly asking me for my phone number or asking me for coffee.”
  • “The negative side of all this: strange old men constantly follow me and try to talk to me. They invade my personal space and scare me. “


Don’t be afraid to show sympathy if you like the guy. Self-confidence is great. But you don’t need to turn on the Snow Queen mode.

Understand yourself – are men really repelled by your beauty? Could it be something else?

If beauty is your only virtue, then it’s not a matter of fear or embarrassment.


Work on yourself and get rid of complexes. Self-esteem does not grow by itself. Doing auto-training is also pointless.

Are you ashamed of your appearance, income, communication skills? So, get down to solving the problem. As soon as you notice the first successes (career achievements, better physical shape, etc.), your self-esteem will creep up.

The panic fear of rejection will not go away if you sit on the sidelines. Chat with girls, get rejected and stop taking it as the end of the world.

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