Relationship with the best friend of an ex-boyfriend or husband

In most cases, after parting with a guy, girls begin to passively or actively looking for a new relationship. At the same time, no one is immune from the fact that a friend of the former will turn out to be a new friend. He likes you. He to you too. Is it possible to stop it with the drug?

Relationship with the best friend of an ex-boyfriend or husband – is it normal or not?

When making any decision, you, first of all, need to determine your boundaries, desires, and opportunities. You can throw yourself headlong into the sea of ​​passions, and swim out of it as a winner. But there is a risk that you will drown or swim out, but with difficulty, you will remain beaten, lonely, and disappointed.

The situation when you doubt whether it is worth starting a relationship with a friend of an ex-husband or a lover is sobosi. Trying to build a relationship with him, decide for yourself whether you like him or not. Determine what you yourself want. Is there something you fear.

The original problems, can be obtained from external disks and using the search for these tools:

  • Who do you see in the new young man – himself or a reflection of your ex. If the latter, then you should not even think about relationships. No one can ever replace another person.
  • Try to understand if you like him sincerely.

Cases, when a girl builds a relationship with a friend of the former, are not so rare. Sometimes they end up in marriage. How successful depends on many circumstances.

For example, a girl got married, and divorced 4 years after the birth of a child. One day I accidentally met a friend of my ex-husband. A relationship began, a second marriage followed a move, and the birth of another son. The child from her first marriage lived with her.

The ex-husband came regularly from out of town to meet with his son. He lived separately, invited the child to walk, went to the cinema with him, and went in for sports. There were no problems with his arrival. The second marriage has been going on for almost 15 years.

Such a reasonable approach confirms that if a man and a woman like each other, then they can be married.

  • Analyze if other motives control you. For example, to take revenge on the former, to show that you will not be left alone and that even his friend is ready to build with Tonya. Or prove to yourself that you can pick up any man.

Relationship with an ex. Is there a chance for a serious relationship?

  • Try to imagine a situation in which your ex and his friend met and discussed their personal lives. How do you feel about your name coming up in a conversation?

Confidence in your feelings, and emotional stability will allow you to rise above the possible gossip along the length. After all, you just want to be happy.

But if you have an opinion and a rich imagination, then cope with the fact that moss samata. The thought that they are discussing their intimate life among themselves, and you are its main character, can already reduce.

  • Analyze your feelings, are you afraid that the former will show jealousy or aggression, both to you and to your friend.

An analysis of cases of domestic violence shows that about 2% of situations are connected precisely with the desire of the ex-husband or partner to find out the relationship with her new love or claim his wife.

What is the young man thinking?

Trying to build a relationship with a friend of a former friend always depends and on him. Influenced by his feelings, fears, doubts. No matter how strong love is, if you hide it, deceive yourself and others, it will quickly collapse.

  • He really likes you

Imagine a situation in which they are on the same day as the three-year-old. You yourself know what you want, but you ask for dates, send messages, call, like everything poi’re

You wonder why he has changed so drastically. Possible reasons are:

  • He has long had tender feelings for you. And the fact that you broke up with his friend prompted you to take decisive action until you returned to him or not.
  • He doesn’t care what your ex says. Personal happiness is more important.
  • He discussed the situation with a friend. As a result, it was agreed that the personal life of everyone is his business. She does not interfere with friendship.

If the friend’s muo muse is clean, he will probably make you really happy.

However, situations in which the parties have fully clarified the relationship and have no claims against each other are followed. Even if there was a conversation or an attempt to sort out the complicated love relationships, doubts always remain.

When considering whether or not to get involved with an ex’s friend, look at the problem on their part. It can be difficult for him to decide on a relationship with a friend’s girlfriend. At stake may be long-term friendship, which is valuable for both, or love and personal happiness.

Because the primer and the zodiac:

  • The young man began dating a girl, not knowing that this was the ex-girlfriend of his best school friend, with whom he still regularly calls up and even occasionally meets.

They now live in different cities. When it turned out who he fell in love with, he was upset at first, and then called and told what had happened. We talked, laughed, decided that friendship is more important than disputes, and everyone has their own personal life.

  • The man has long liked the wife of a colleague. They often crossed paths at corporate parties, trips out of town. A colleague once said that he was getting a divorce. Even the drugs that you have, on the potion that you want, because you want it.

There were many doubts, but he did not dare to talk to a friend. He hid relationships, did not tell friends or family about them, met a girl where no one knows them. Once the woman got tired of this secrecy, and she left.

The man no longer had a special friendly relationship with a colleague because of his feelings of guilt. He couldn’t keep his love either.

By the way, if you feel that m et a young man is pulled by a friend, n doubts because of narrange, por with disc. Explain that your relationship with him is in the past.

Now everyone lives their own lives and has the right to meet with whomever they want. After all, there is a reverse situation – the former will begin to meet with your girlfriend.

And one more piece of advice – if your boyfriend is still in doubt, take a time out, let the old relationship subside.

You may be afraid to build a relationship with an ex’s friend, but they often cause fear in him. It is associated with the loss of friendship, and not only with your past husband or friend, but also with other common friends.

Male friendship, solidarity can be a very powerful force that sweeps away any “traitor” in its path.

Streets are written and the names of “manly” are called “manly”. Even if your ex never hurts a fly, negative emotions can overwhelm him, and he will start a fight.

A relationship with a former friend’s friend can be successful and happy. The main thing is to like each other, resolve all moral doubts and not be afraid of non-existent enemies.

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