Rules for a man who has an affair with a married girl


Every person strives for personal happiness. Or, at worst, to a pleasant relationship with the opposite sex. The second half is stubbornly searched for by both women and men. Among the crowd of acquaintances, they choose the one that will touch the strings of the heart and soul. Unfortunately, life is arranged in such a way that not always a loved one is free. And then you have to make a choice: throw the object of love out of your head or decide on the role of the “third wheel”.

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Girls often find themselves in such situations, play the role of lovers, dream at night about the divorce of their beloved, cry from jealousy into the pillow and sigh deeply while sitting by the window. However, the status of a married lady’s lover also falls to the male share. An excellent girl is met: an unearthly beauty, tender as a rosebud and sweet as a peach, and she already has a personal “flower grower and garden manager.”

Fascinated by a woman, a broken-hearted gentleman, gritting his teeth, goes on about the circumstances. He patiently waits for appointments, holding back from late-night calls and romantic messages. The position of a lover requires certain rules to be followed in order to stay afloat in the form of “another soulmate.”

Who am I to you?

If a married girl agrees to maintain a secret relationship with a man, he should decide: both with her and with himself – who is he for her? Do they plan further life together and wait for an opportunity to realize what they want?

Or are both looking for sexual entertainment, regardless of marital status? Some women keep in touch with a man on the side for selfish purposes. Continuing to keep passionate and tender love for their spouse, they spread their legs with a smile in front of the “hidden boyfriend” in order to get a position or improve their financial situation.

Sunshine, hello!

It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship occurs in the girl’s family, whether there is mutual understanding and love in her, or coldness and neglect reigns, if she does not want her lover to interfere in her marriage, her opinion should be respected. She will figure out what and how she needs. You should not call at an inconvenient time, agree to dates in the matrimonial apartment while the husband is fishing. This situation can turn into sitting in a closet for a whole day or jumping off the balcony of the third floor. You should respect both yourself and your “hated opponent”. No one likes to find someone else’s man with his beloved wife in his own bed.

In a love triangle, some composure must be observed. You should not arrange exhausting interrogations and sizzling scenes of jealousy. A girl, like a guy, also has a hard time in such a relationship.

Each of them has its own advantages: he does not go to bed every night with an unloved spouse, she does not fall asleep with the thought that someone else is hugging her loved one. It is better not to fill your head with negative thoughts and spend the time allotted by fate, filling it with happy moments.

happy ending

As the great sage Solomon said, everything comes to an end. Whatever feelings boil in the heart of a young man, if a woman does not want to decide anything for the development of their relationship, it is better to stop the romance. Sooner or later, a man will want to start a family and come to where the only, beloved and faithful woman is waiting for him. Little kids and borscht with meatballs.

Love relationships always require development. Two ways out of the secret romance are found: it becomes obvious or it disappears into oblivion. Do not delay the final for an indefinite period. Life is too short to waste it on emotional experiences, “underrelationships” and nervous situations.

Perhaps, around the corner, a fateful meeting awaits a man with one that will make him truly happy.

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