Saving a marriage is a paramount and archival matter

Let the words rush from all sides that the main thing in a person’s life is self-realization. The main thing is family. A large one, which includes all close and distant relatives, and a small one, consisting of the two of you. Bye. Or maybe there are already three or even four of you? Then even more so. Whatever happens, the most important thing is to save the family. Moreover, you need to start doing this from the very beginning, from the very first day, well, or immediately after the honeymoon.

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Sometimes something can happen and it seems that it is better to leave. But this is not so, believe me. Remember how you once wanted to get married as soon as possible? Why? Because being alone is worse than it might seem. Just remember it sometimes. Especially if something goes wrong.

Everyone who lives alone is preoccupied with looking for a partner. Virtually no exceptions. There is no need to replenish their ranks, you have already found each other once, why start all over again? An old friend is better than two new ones, everyone knows that.

Think positive

Whatever one of you does, always explain it in a positive light. Is always. Did you come home late? Stayed at work. Didn’t make dinner? I felt bad, I was tired. Every action has an explanation. And very often it is explained just by something simple and understandable.

Try not to throw negativity at each other for a while. Tiredness at work, children’s illnesses, an idiot boss – this is not a reason to spoil relations with each other. Be direct about your problems. And listen to the other, even if his problems seem ridiculous and frivolous. Not everything requires decisive action, many problems seem serious only as long as they remain unspoken.

And further. Helping to solve the problem is important. But more importantly, learn to be happy for each other. Sometimes it is much more difficult, especially when the case itself is not very good. But now there is no you separately, no “I”. There is only “we”, the family. You have some joys and some sorrows. The success of one is the success of the other. Remember this.

Family support is one of the original foundations of marriage, its solid foundation. It needs to be protected and preserved.

Common interests

You must have common interests. Everyday topics of conversation, conversations about work and children are, of course, good, but not enough. Look for common ground if you did not find them before the wedding. It does not matter what it will be – reading books, football or picking mushrooms. Common affairs, common interests, everything that brings together. Read the same books, watch the same movies, judge, argue.

You also need mutual friends. Those with whom you can be friends at home, sorry. Families. Spend time together: get out into nature, play badminton or pair cards. You will have fun! And again, there will be common topics for conversation.

In no case do not let everyday life absorb your relationship. She will kill them. And further. Learn to say “we” as soon as possible. “We will do”, “we will come”, “we will do” – you are a family, this is important. Cultivate shared memories, things. The family is a single organism, consisting of two parts. When solving any problems, first of all – the interests of the family. Not a husband, not a wife – common. Families.

The bedroom is sacred

From the very beginning, the bedroom is for love and sex. And let the whole world wait. There is no place to talk about work, business, problems. There are not even mutual friends, parents, children. Only you.

Sex is what united you even before you became a family. Most likely one of the reasons why you decided to get married. You were too good together to leave. Remember this!

Quarrels, resentment, irritation are not a reason to refuse sex. Fatigue will be removed as if by hand when a loved one is nearby. Sex is the solution to absolutely all problems that arise in a relationship. As soon as you turned away from each other in bed for the first time, you stepped on a slippery slope. If you want to be in a quarrel – please. But at night – a truce.

Flowers of life

Children. This is the continuation of marriage, your continuation. Little men who are the most expensive and valuable for you. But, if you want them to be happy, and you – the children should be in second place. This does not mean that they can be neglected. Of course not!

Statistics show that many marriages fall apart in the first year of a child’s life. This is just because people put the baby in the first place. But it must be remembered that it is in his interests that his parents be together. Find time for each other!

When it comes to prioritizing, you should come first and they should come second. Remember the rules on the plane? First, you need to take an oxygen mask for yourself, and then give it to your child. This guarantees the life of both! Also in the family. First think about each other, and then about the children. They will be with you for about twenty years. And you are together for life.

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