Secrets of Female Body Language to Seduce

Human beings have the ability to communicate and express our feelings, either with the female body language or masculine.

When words are too many or missing, we can resort to these non-verbal strategies, as is the case with female body language or masculine.

The idea is that, from now on, you are aware of what your face, your body, and your gestures communicate.

Below, you will find valuable information to better understand this topic and keep it in mind when you know how to attract a man

Take careful note and put into practice everything you learned!

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Thanks to the help of female Body Language, You will know the keys to seduce that man that attracts you so much.

You will know how to be a seductive woman and manage to conquer him.

In addition, you will be able to recognize the male body language and identify how much he is attracted to you.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can complement the information with The 3 golden rules to conquer a man.

Use this information to your advantage!

Now let’s see, without further ado, the keys to the female body language.


Unquestionably, the face helps us to convey our non-verbal emotions, since it is the first reference in a conversation.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what we express while we speak or when we are silent.

For this reason, it is necessary to talk about some factors and places on the face that are present at a given moment when interacting with others, especially when being with a man.

Similarly, you can practice subliminal seduction and attract their attention.

Please note the following points:


“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”, pay close attention to everything they express!

If you have a date, it is better that you choose a day when you are not very tired so that your eyes do not express tiredness or sadness.

Also make sure, before you leave, that your eyes are clean. If you like to wear makeup, highlight them naturally.

If you think that makeup is not for you, don’t worry, your seductive look will impress him.

Focus on making eye contact with the man you like; if he’s also attracted to you, this will make him nervous.

You will know easily because, when a man stares you in the eye It’s because he’s interested in you too.

Remember that the idea is to seduce him and not to intimidate him too much, be subtle!


If it is very difficult for you to look closely and steadily in the eyes, you can intersperse the look or do it a little sideways.

Turn your head a little to the side, as if you were observing something else, don’t stop there and look at it with slightly narrowed eyes while smiling.

A touch of mischief will not go amiss!

To find out more about the subject of body language, consult the article on


The eyebrows frame our eyes and are very important in the harmony of the face, since they are impossible to ignore.

It is convenient that you look at them; if you have them very thin, choose to let them thicken a little, and if they are too thick, it would be ideal for you to manage.

Remember that everything in excess is bad.

When you are talking or listening to him, try to be aware of the movement of your eyebrows.

You can show interest, in front of something that is telling you, raising both eyebrows a little and add a smile or gesture of astonishment.

But you shouldn’t be serious, as he will think you’re not interested.


If you have chosen to apply lipstick, use a soft tone but that enhances your lips, this will attract the attention of the man you like.

Now, if you didn’t apply any lipstick, no problem.

In both cases, when he is talking to you, and while you look at him intently, choose to moisten your lips a little or bite them gently.

This will draw your attention to them because it is one of the details to make a boy fall in love through the female body language.


Remember the importance of smiling; yes, do not forget that, depending on the context, you must be serious or friendly.

Do not miss the opportunity to smile as much as you can, and accompany your smile with seductive eyes.

If you are interested in knowing other questions about the smile, read the text of


Keep in mind that your gestures are consistent with what you are telling or what you are listening to.

Don’t make too many movements with your arms.

How to attract him with female body language


Below you will find the keys to female body language to take into account.

Additionally, you can learn how to arouse feelings of love in a man and know how to keep him by your side.

  • Play with hair: I am not telling you to be constantly touching your hair, do it when he is talking to you: run your fingers through your neck and then through your hair, play with it like curling it, remember to be looking at your boy!
  • Whisper in his ear: As you watch the conversation progress, you can gently lean in and whisper something in her ear; when you do, you will be entering their intimate space. Tell him something funny or something about the environment that you don’t want anyone else to hear; when doing so, brush his ear a little, this will drive him crazy.
  • touching the neck: You can caress your neck a little and stretch it up or to the sides, gently, or simply put your hand on your neck while you look at your man; will inevitably notice him.
  • Breath deeply: If you want to be more daring and you want him to look at your chest, but in a discreet way, then keep your back straight and take a deep breath; this will make your chest stand out and he will look at you there. Don’t do it too often, once is enough, make sure it works!


Remember that what you want is to seduce him, not scare him; It is essential that you do not feel pressured or harassed.

Therefore, remember that to know how to conquer a man subtly, the physical contact you have with him must be delicate, almost imperceptible.

For this, keep in mind:


While you’re talking to him, you can lightly touch his hand or his arm, don’t stop there, remember you want everything to be natural, so when you do, gently remove your hand and continue with the conversation.

If they are walking, you can touch their shoulder or arm and again move your hand away.


If the man you love is wearing a shirt or a coat, if they are walking or standing talking, face him, with the excuse of fixing his collar, so he can see you really close.

When you’re done with the neck, continue as if nothing happened.


If he is sitting next to you, you can tilt your head a little towards his shoulder, this will give him the feeling of protection.

Do not stay there for a long time, just a little will be enough.

Captivate him with female body language


Just as there are things you must do when conquering that man you love, with him female body language you also need to keep in mind what to avoid if you really want to seduce him.

I also invite you to discover what it is what men really want in a woman.

Things to avoid are:

  • sloppy appearance
  • Crossed arms
  • Frown
  • Yawn
  • look elsewhere
  • Check the cell phone constantly
  • continually look at the clock
  • hands in pockets
  • Cover your mouth
  • purse your lips
  • shrug

The above actions speak for themselves, but they only convey negative things.

avoid them at all costs and remember that you want to know how to seduce that man with the female Body Language, don’t chase him away!

I hope that these keys have been very useful to you and that you can practice them when you go out with someone who keeps you up at night.

Do not think about it anymore, dare to try it and you will see the fabulous results!

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