Secrets of harmonious relations between a man and a woman

You are on the threshold of building a happy relationship. And you wonder how to make them stay that way forever. There is so much talk about relationship crises, divorces, and broken hearts. This article will help you learn how to maintain harmonious relationships for years to come.

The main secrets of harmonious relationships

Surely, you have heard not only about orars who cannot maintain a happy relationship, but also about those who live in perfect harmony for many years. Yes it is possible. No how?

  • “Check the clock”

This is one of the techniques that helps to recognize a partner for a long time. Throughout life, all people change. And what you liked at the age of twenty may completely change in 5-10 years. And you can still think that your husband likes kisses on the neck, and he may want a gentle whisper in your ear.

  • “What will you do if you have a million rubles?”

But not only in caresses, you need to check. No and in core values ​​that can also change throughout life. So, for example, you may think that if your husband had a million, you would immediately pay off the mortgage, because you would do just that. No, on by the hotel it is now possible to understand and understand it.

This is important in a relationship. If you are tired, it is important to say that you are tired. If it is important for you to discuss something that does not suit you, you need to do it. Any innuendo in a relationship destroys them. And as a result, it accumulates like a snowball, from which you can get out only in the psychotherapist’s office or not get out at all.

  • Give in to each other

This is the golden rule of a happy relationship. Marriage life is long – if you plan to get married for a long time. And that means that conflicts and disputes in it are inevitable. After all, everyone has their own opinion, but you need to come to a common decision. In this case, you need to give in to each other. Listen to your partner, his point of view. And that doesn’t mean you have to give up all the time. Relationships are compromises between two adults.

  • No forget per oneself

In any relationship and in life in general, the focus must be on yourself. As long as you remain an interesting person for yourself and are satisfied with your personal life and your development, relationships will build without codependence. This means they will be healthy.

  • Interchangeability

Throughout family life, various circumstances can happen. Someone may get sick and not be able to work for a while, or another wants to build a career, but there are common children. If this is the case, it is necessary to know. Cogda and with the words that you can do it and in the room you can do it yourself. Such families are definitely doomed to a long happy life.

Signs of Healthy and Sick Relationships

  • sex life

This item is not the first. Because any long-term relationship is not built on great sex, but on intimacy. And sex becomes brighter and more attractive if there is this closeness. Because, in family life, there may be circumstances when sex fades into the background or third plan (after childbirth, during illness, etc.), but couples do not part. They have something more. Namely, spiritual intimacy, which nothing can replace.

In any case, this moment should be preserved in pairs. Yes, after the birth of children, this can be difficult to do. No deti rastut and nahodit vremya drug on druga very important. In the Family Union, one should not forget that the relationship between a man and a woman is in the first place and the microclimate in them is the core of family life.

  • Know each other’s love language

As you know, there are five love languages: time, word, gifts, touch, help. First you need to know what your love languages ​​are. And then find out about the partner. But remember that even in this matter you need to “synchronize watches”, because everything can change over time. And if your partner does not love you the way you would like, this does not mean that he does not love you at all.

  • Shared hobbies

This is not a required item. But if the spouses have some common pastime (dancing, board games with friends, mushroom picking, gym), this brings them together. This will give you another topic to talk about. But it should be understood that the drug before the drug is written on it.

The best way to be in harmony with each other

Yes, these are the main ten points, but for the development of harmonious relationships it will not be superfluous – a trip to a psychologist. And that does not mean that you should wait for a crisis in a relationship and then go to a specialist’s office. You, together with your spouse, can go to different psychologists and each work in his own direction and pace.

At the moment, this is the most effective way to be in harmony with yourself.

  • Learn about your strengths
  • Focus on them in your development
  • Promoting German translations (which is what you want)
  • Speak out your expectations (and understand that they are only yours)

If everyone in the Couple is Psychologically Healthy, then crises will pass more calmly, Or maybe they will bypass them.

A word about crises

In order to understand what kind of crises we are talking about, consider the main ones in family relationships:

The so-called “lapping” stage. When spouses begin to live together and only learn to develop common household rules.

Spouses by this period were satisfied with each other, and there is a need for personal space. Everyone is starting to shine. And if no one compromises in a couple, the marriage can break up.

During this period, children usually have grown up a little. They go either to kindergarten or to school. Parents have more free time, but if they do not remember at this moment that they are first and foremost husband and wife and do not resume the romantic history of married life, the crisis will be more acute. And most importantly, if in the seventh year of marriage you did not fall in love with each other again, then the crisis of twenty years will be overcome.

  • Thirteen years

Usually this crisis coincides with a midlife crisis. In this moment, the response to the psychologist is given. Then each and simple stage in life.

Most often associated with grown children who leave the paternal dom. Spouses remain alone with each other. And then you have to get acquainted with your partner again. This is a great time to devote to joint hobbies. And if there were none, you can invent them.

In order to live a long and happy life together, you need to remember about your psychological health. Remember about the partner’s feelings and do not forget about yourself. The relationship of any couple is only in the hands of the spouses themselves.

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