Should a man help a woman financially? And what should a woman do?

Should a man help a woman financially? And what should a woman do? The modern world has somewhat changed the usual understanding of the role of women and men both in society and in relation to society. Increasingly, girls become the head of the family, and fathers safely go on maternity leave with the baby. But the opposite sex is still strong.

Whatever one may say, but the question regarding help from the STORona of a man is still open and is quite acute for many. Do you want to talk about it? What about the material aspect? This is what we will talk about this time.

Why Men Don’t Help?

Most often, the representatives of the stronger sex are considered to be the earners. In the meantime, it’s still possible to get it. How often have you heard the phrase “not a man’s duty” from guys?

Many ladies are faced with a similar answer every day. However, this is not the norm. All girls differ from men, first of all, in their EMO-functionality and powerful energy internal mesurs. But the source of vitality is not infinite.

If misunderstanding reigns in a couple, and all ly luit is exclusively on women’s shoulders, then why don’t men themselves offer their help, and even try to elude her in every possible way? On this it is not possible to write:

Then, before that, instead of simply and banal. And this is the most common reason why you have to do everything yourself. It is worth understanding one interesting thing about men. They rarely figure things out on their own. They really need to be constantly directed.

Who should provide for the family?

While you are silent, the partner will be in full confidence that everything is in order. Possibly with the storage in the name of the project. If you don’t like something or need help, the man will certainly voice it.

So it’s wonderful for him that a woman is silent, doing, but at the same time angry at the lack of support. Get into the habit of talking to a guy about his needs. Most likely, the result will be noticeable soon.

  • Help is not appreciated.

Yes, men need real motivation from their partner. He will only help her if you show that you are grateful and appreciate your knight’s support. Each representative of the stronger sex has a somewhat inflated self-esteem, even if and does not show outwardly.

So do not leave the initiative without a positive reaction. Did the man take out the garbage himself and take care of the cleanliness of his shirts? Just mark it with at least a thank you. Believe me, next time he will decide to do something else, because gratitude for a guy is equal to a sweet dessert.

The more often you look at your man with admiration, the more he is addicted. Therefore, praise him and motivate him to new “exploits”. Here they are narcissistic comrades. And yes, this is completely normal.

  • Criticism from a woman.

It is unlikely that someone will have a desire to help when the result is always not to their liking. If you need to point out any mistakes, then you should do it calmly and accurately. Put yourself in his place when you just wanted to help? Try not to destroy the initiative by too strict evaluation of the end result.

  • The influence of education.

Alas, not all families teach boys to take on part of the household chores. Sometimes a guy grows up, sincerely not understanding why he should help a woman at all. After all, this was not accepted in his family. And that is a rather difficult case, because the behavior model is already laid down in the subconscious of a person.

  • The habit of a woman to do everything on her own.

Yes if you’re extremely girly and can handle you like a jo and home demon… Otherwise, the man ceases to feel necessary.

Here it is necessary to show nitrost and ask for help in these situations in which you can help, otherwise the partner will simply not see the point in doing something. Why, when there is such a versatile and vitally savvy lady nearby?

Why should a man ask for help?

And it’s not all about physical activity. In reality, this is more of a psychological factor that helps a woman to maintain her energy and use the engine. If you learn to correctly ask for and accept help from the opposite sex, then you won’t get lost..

  • psycho-emotional burnout;
  • depressive;
  • feeling of emptiness;
  • decreased libido;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • psychosomatic manifestations;
  • regular conflicts with partners;
  • frequent mood swings;
  • relationship dissatisfaction;
  • decrease in working capacity and efficiency;
  • negative impact on children, pets and houseplants.

Not every woman is able to simply voice her need for help from the stronger sex. Sometimes behind this is not only pride and a desire to be independent, but also childhood psychological trauma, unclosed gestalts, as well as negative experience of relationships in the past. In this way, it is necessary to plan for the subject.

Should a man help a woman financially?

Now this issue is quite acute in modern society. The guys are frankly afraid of stumbling upon an insidious seductress, who will slowly begin to steal from him everything that is acquired by overwork, and then leave him without a penny in his pocket.

Girls, on the other hand, are afraid to connect their lives with the gigolo and loafers, who are used to living at the expense of someone more hardworking (hello sissy). As a result, excessive suspicion turns almost into paranoia and dislike for the opposite.

So what about the money issue? In fact, the most important thing in the game is that it isn’t possible to protect the material. But only if it does not cross certain boundaries. For example, when you start an exclusive relationship, it takes a long time to become a neighbor at home.

If you yourself strive for development, build a career and prefer not to depend on anyone, then your partner will certainly not want to lose face in order to match such a woman.

But in general, practice shows that women more ension help financially ie ladies, to b n naut And that is considered completely normal from their side.

How to move a man to help and gifts?

This is not a guide for kept women, but rather advice for those women who want to live in harmony with their partner, receive and give something good in return. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Gifts should be truly appreciated. If you take them for granted, the male fuse will dry up. The same goes for help around the house.
  • Speak out needs. Do not wait for the development of telepathy in a partner. If you are willing to try it out, you will need fragile and defenseless.
  • Always give thanks. Tell a man how important his attention and care is to you, show admiration for his actions.
  • Don’t forget to tell me about it. Many women, mired in everyday life, cease to perceive themselves as a full-fledged person. If the question “what to give you” puts you in a stupor, and a better option does not come to mind than a vacuum cleaner, it’s time to change the shade. Otherwise, the man will also cease to distinguish his partner from the maid.
  • Reciprocate. Here is a very important rule. Nobody likes a one-sided game. If you have a question about it, you need to keep it in your hands.

Men can and sometimes even really want to make life easier for their beloved lady. But sometimes the girls themselves prevent this with wrong behavior or a deformed worldview. In order not to pull this strap yourself, learn to show female cunning and a little weakness.

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