Should I get married and get married? What awaits you in marriage?

Marriage is a word that scares many people. Equally, both guys and girls panic when it comes to the ring. Girls, of course, take it a little easier, guys are more shy, and this is quite justified. Family is a complex concept, and the choice must be made so that later “it would not be excruciatingly painful for the aimlessly lived years.” But even here the psychology of relationships lends a helping hand in the form of hints when the choice is definitely unmistakable.

The content of the article

“On bumps, on bumps, on small paths…”

If from the very beginning the relationship looks like a nursery rhyme, then it is better not to get involved. It’s only funny for kids. Adults never have fun endlessly overcoming obstacles in a relationship.

When relationships from the very beginning go without a hitch, without a hitch, this is a serious reason to think about their continuation in a different status. What it means “without a hitch, without a hitch,” probably does not need to be explained. But still, a little needs to be revealed, especially for those who always doubt:

  • When relationships begin by themselves, without unnecessary attempts;
  • When there are no quarrels and insults;
  • When all doubtful situations are solved with a click;
  • When there are no endless ups and downs;
  • When a couple does not break up and does not reconcile 20 times a day;

The list is impressive, and not every couple can boast of such an asset. Of course, this sounds ultra-positive, of course, no one is immune from quarrels and insults, but they are small and quickly pass without any shocks. In general, the essence is this: everything is very even and smooth, as if by itself, but at the same time very natural and romantic. And if the relationship has such a development, then certainly you don’t need to think for a long time.

Who are the judges…

The most objective judges when choosing a partner are friends and immediate family. Their opinion should definitely be listened to. Lovers do not notice not only the clock, they tend to idealize their partner to the ends of the hair, even if it is a residual fluff at the top.

But the environment does not care about all these “drooling-nurses”, they see into the root and rarely make mistakes. The ideal partner will not be liked just like that, he will always be met with caution. It is understandable, because he claims to be nurtured by his parents for many years, nurtured and won by friends. And then some miracle in feathers came and claimed its rights to a person. Yeah, right now, they fled … But the ideal partner knows how to please.

And he does this not by means of abundant handfuls of pink dust in his eyes, but by his attitude to the environment of a loved one. He subtly builds harmonious relationships with everyone. As a result: parents fight in ecstasy and demand grandchildren, and friends moan with delight and are ready to kill a friend for every wrong step towards a partner.

The conclusion is simple: there is a person nearby who urgently needs to be dragged to the registry office.

Don’t tune a Lada, they won’t become a Mercedes

Choosing a partner can be compared to buying a car. The comparison is rough but clear. There are cars that you can decorate or change to your liking and desire: from cherries on the mirror, to landing and exhaust pipe. Sometimes you look at a “penny”, and it is either a sports car or a super-SUV. But no matter what body kits her owner stuffs, she will always be a “penny”.

And there are cars that do not even require a new braid on the steering wheel. Moreover, the very thought of some bells and whistles causes anger and convulsions. Same with a partner. If you don’t want to change anything in it, and it’s perfect from all sides, then this is what you need. Moreover, this feeling extends for many years. People, unfortunately, do not become more beautiful over the years, their appearance changes: women gain weight, men go bald.

But all these changes are natural. It’s worth thinking about these things for a second. The same applies to character, behavior, habits. There can be no talk of any “chip filling” either. And if in the moments of such thoughts it is absolutely in fig what will happen to a person in the future, then the choice was made correctly.

Friendship is the basis of relationships

Libido alone won’t last long. This is physiology. And the moment when everything is over is inevitable: passion, sex, the desire to crush and cuddle. This is fine. No, of course, there are old boletus and fire grannies, but nevertheless, a partner, first of all, should be a friend. A friend to whom you can tell everything, even the most terrible, intimate.

Something that is terrifying to reveal to oneself. Such things are worthy of those people who are able to accept a person as he is, without condemnation and contempt. At the same time, they find the right words and know how to support. If this happened, then there is no need to doubt: run to apply.

registry office – the gates of hell

Well, the most important thing. The registry office does not appear to be a monster with an open mouth, and it is not the gates of hell. There is no feeling that, having stepped over the threshold of the registry office, a person takes a step into the underworld. In short, there is no fear. On the contrary, the decision to marry came of itself, naturally and without coercion. Preparing for the wedding pleasantly excites, and looking back causes a touching smile. There is no hysteria and no doubt. There is a pleasant thought, exciting the imagination and the body, that in a few days, hours, minutes, the status of the relationship will completely change and everything will become solid and firm.

A family is not two people who can live together, they are people who cannot live without each other. And if this happened, then there can be no doubt.

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