Sick relationships in the family – what are their types between a man and a woman called?

Sick relationships in the family – what are their types between a man and a woman called? If we ask you, without hesitation, to name 10 association words related to the family.


Naskolko oni, that is, slova, fit into the healthy psychological atmosphere of your family? Or maybe they are like an identifier for your wishes?

Or, on the contrary, do they broadcast all the painful centers of family relationships right away like this?

Think it was a quick test. If it is in the post-procedures, you will be able to do it in the diagnostics. In the event that you understand that there are clearly problems in the family, or some gaps that you would like to fill, as they say, welcome to the topic.

Two electrophysiological Samka dissects on the tom, so it is possible to prepare it for two years. They are arranged with the following types of names and characteristics.

What Motivates People to Get into Abusive Relationships?

Sick, or as they are also called – wrong, toxic – these are relationships that have a destructive component. A person feels bad and uncomfortable in such a union. He is in constant tension and in a state of permanent stress.

It would seem that the family is a stronghold, that system of relationships that makes a person happy and gives a sense of security, and protects from the hardships of the outside world. Do you remember how L.N. Tolstoy: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Analyzing the stated topic, it is impossible to ignore the question: what exactly pushes people into unhealthy relationships? Several key factors can be identified.

  • Firstly, the individual has not had a relationship for a long time, and he is already ready for at least some, just to no longer be alone.

In fact, here we can also talk about addiction, as about the “Cure” for Loneliness, when you really want to love and be loved. Don’t worry about the physical contact, and the physical contact and physical information.

  • Secondly, the hormone phenylethylamine can play a cruel joke on a person.

12 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Also called “molecular blood” and “hormon volition”: the person is happy, active, and EMO is emotionally satisfied.

It is not difficult to come to a logical conclusion: under the “influence” of this hormone, a person does not think rationally – critical thinking is turned off. Therefore, and is not immediately realized – the relationship is constructive or has a destructive component.

  • Thirdly, a person can be so insecure that, even realizing that he is in a destructive relationship, he constantly finds a number of reasons why he needs to stay in them.

To the extent that this is a game that can be carried out to a certain extent. But since the essence of the topic is completely different, we will not focus on them. No, it is necessary to prepare small types, and characteristic prices-pods are more than one. Understanding that you are in an unhealthy relationship is the first step to getting out of it.

TOP 6 types of sick relationships

Unhealthy relationships can be divided into several types. Although there may be many more.

  • Dependent – when one of the partners, as it were, dissolves in the other, thereby “erasing” one’s own personality.
  • One-sided – in that type of name relationship, one of the partners is completely fixated on himself.
  • Disrespectful – this is a type of relationship in which the other is perceived as a “punching bag”, that is, as someone who can be blamed for anything. Who can be shouted at, blamed, humiliated, who you want to completely subdue.
  • Competitive – in those relationships there is no love, and all that is characteristic of a family union. They provide endless sparring for the championship in the ring of life.
  • Idealized – the basis of these relationships is an invented idealized image of a partner, from the series: “I came up with it myself, I fell in love myself, I was upset that I was not like that.”
  • Pathological – for such relationships, it is characteristic that one acts as a tyrant, and the other will always be a victim.

Signs of a Sick Relationship

  • The partner is posted and stored in the constructive dialog

Soglasis, in normal temperatures, in the sky and in the healthy psychological climate. You are allowed to make compromises. No in a sick relationship, one of the partners regularly blames the other for almost all the mortal sins.

We can say that we are talking about psychological violence. This is due to the fact that the “accusing” partner has a number of complexes and psychological problems. And such behavior in a relationship is nothing more than a “reset” of the accumulated negativity.

  • One of the love union constantly wants to “remake” the other

Healthy relationships involve respect and acceptance of the other as a whole person. But just for a sick relationship, a characteristic feature is the desire to change the other. It turns out that a person is perceived as a “clay”, from which you can “sculpt” the desired image.

The main thing is not to confuse the desire to completely remake, with the desire to Make a person Significantly Better, for His own good, as it was in Play B. Show “Pigmalion”.

  • The partner is focused only on himself

And without our remark, it is clear to you that two people “participate” in a relationship. No other name in the parry “Perethygivaet one day”. His interests and desires are not taken into account at all, so a person constantly feels superfluous, unnecessary, rejected in a relationship.

  • In a pair of constant reproaches and claims to each other

We are talking about the original idealization, and against its background – a distorted idea of ​​​​a person who is in a row. In such relationships, people are constantly in conflict, because they simply do not understand each other. Quarrels and accusations, endless throwing claims at each other, create a sick psychological microbe of microbes.

  • There is envy in relationships

It would seem that when things are going uphill for your loved one, he makes some progress, and achieves positive results, what kind of envy can we talk about? One conclusion immediately suggests itself, that such a conclusion is nonsense.

But, let’s not forget that we are talking about a sick relationship in which a loved one, if, of course, he can be considered as such, will be perceived as a competitor. In the meantime, it is important to know that it is safe and effective.

  • When one tyrant, another acts as a victim

Healthy relationships involve the distribution of adequate roles. Suppose a man is the head of the family, a woman occupies a secondary position, or vice versa. No where this is done it is not a character, so that it is normal and not possible to do it.

Relationships in which violence reigns simply “scream” about the pathology, and for both partners. As you understand, such a sick relationship, in contrast to the above, can lead to utalis.

As a rule, a woman becomes a victim, although there are exceptions, and physical violence can be used against a man. We do not beg the significance of the destructive psychological influence of the above-designated signs, in terms of the molyana.

We just once again focus on the fact that when there is physical violence in a couple, it is necessary to break off this relationship as soon as possible, until the point of no return has come.

It is important to remember that healthy relationships are not characterized by violence of any genesis. Partners know how to listen and hear each other. Only in the constructive dialogue, and you may be able to understand the interests that are not human, and a compromise.

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