Signs of a man egoistic in a relationship with a woman and what to do with him?

Signs of a man egoistic in a relationship with a woman and what to do with him? It is normal for every person to have a healthy selfishness that does not turn into self-obsession. If a Man is Focused Only on Himself, Your feelings and desires are not interesting, are not capable of adequate communication, then take a closer look at him. Perhaps in front of you is an ordinary egoist.

Let’s see what other signs can be used to identify an egoist. Why a man behaves this way, and how to behave with him. It is necessary to procure that which is selfish.

Signs of a man-egoistic in a relationship with a woman

Each man is individual, respectively, and egoism manifests itself in different ways, but there are characteristic signs, knowing which you can understand that you are an egoist:

  • Redko is interested in two things.
  • Demands that attention be given first of all to him.
  • No longer there are gifts, although at the same time he acquires expensive things for himself.
  • Doesn’t offer help when you’re doing some work.
  • Loves praise, compliments. He himself rarely squanders himself on them.
  • He only talks about himself all the time.
  • No criticism.
  • No price for soboy wine.
  • He is in a state of sacrifice.

The life of an egoist is constant double standards. A man himself can go for a walk with friends until the morning. At the same time, if you hint at entertainment, you will meet a wall of misunderstanding.

Reasons why a man is an egoist?

The bulk of psychological problems come from childhood. Of course, there are many reasons for a man’s selfish behavior, but there are two key ones. Let’s take a look at them.

  • The man grew up in an atmosphere of admiration.

As a child, everything was given to him the best. The man is used to this. Even if you have a cup of tea, you don’t have to pay for it. He is used to only taking from relationships. He considers it NORMAL.

After the Young Man has entered the Society, it becomes a discovery for him that no one around him wants to dance, no one admires him. And he already needs a similar treatment. Then the man masters the skill of manipulation, with the help of which he achieves what he wants.

  • The man grew up in an environment of selfish parents.

As a child, he was loved only for show. When the guests came, He had to show something, to perform, for which his father or mother received the necessary dose of praise for them. After the guests left, it was pushed back. He constantly heard that mom had a head, dad had nerves. You can not run, jump, make noise.

If a boy grows up with selfish parents, then he himself grows up the same way. No, you don’t care. Although he tried so hard to please his mom and dad’s friends, to be nice. The inner reservoir of love for such a guy is empty.

5 rules for a woman if a man is an egoist

Such men often grow up to be successful people, achieve success in their careers, but they know how to please their loved ones only with material goods. Don’t forget the drug, don’t forget it. Such a young man is not capable of spiritual generosity.

How to deal with a selfish man?

The techniques suggested below will help you smooth out the difficulties of communicating with a selfish man as much as possible.

  • Talk to a man.

First of all, talk to the young man. Maybe he is not even aware of his selfish behavior. After all, this is the norm for him. He sometimes does not understand that his egoism has a destructive effect on the environment.

Moreover, it is necessary to enter into a dialogue in case of any misunderstandings. The conversation should be conducted in calm tones, bases drops of irritation and condemnation. Don’t worry about the subject in the event, but not the arguments that are made.

Prepare for the conversation ahead of time. Prepare notes with a clear indication of selfish behavior. Be specific in examples. Show how unpleasant and painful it was for you. Take a look at what the problems are.

A narcissistic man does not tolerate criticism in his address. It’s too late to listen to the dial log, so that it isn’t played well. Before speaking out about what you do not like in a man, praise him, give him a compliment. Then you can move on to a constructive conversation. Then finish with a compliment.

  • No re-educate.

It is impossible to re-educate an adult. No think that if you don’t like some trait in a man, then you will re-educate him. This process is not possible. A man will only change if he wants to do it himself.

Therefore, it is not necessary to engage in the re-education of a man. You will only worsen your relationship with him. Try to Make the Man Value You, so that he strives to spend time with you, so that he himself wants to change.

  • Under the control of the emoji.

You will never be able to make contact with a selfish man if you cannot keep your emotions under control. Manage the conversation. If you do not have enough information in the language in the language, it is necessary in the language of the person.

  • Praise the man.

If you need to get something from a male egoist, then praise him. Say no one can do it better than him. Be smart.

If you want a young man to change his plans and go along with you, then find advantages in this trip, first of all, for him. No worries or some priors in this case. Focus on his comfort.

  • Don’t be afraid to say no.

A selfish man usually makes an appointment in places that are convenient for him. He also chooses the time for himself. Moreover, he does not care that you have work or study at this hour. You have to adapt to it.

Don’t be afraid to say no. A selfish man invites you wherever he wants. As long as you are prepared to do so in the future, to one that is given to a large extent. Let the young man understand that you also have your desires and moods.

  • Don’t be afraid to show that you’re offended.

Stop being a fun person who likes everything. Don’t just think about pleasing a man. Show that you do not like his behavior, that you are suffering. Perhaps he doesn’t even realize it.

If he asks what happened, say that you do not feel priority in the relationship, do not feel his love. Don’t get personal. Speak from “I position”. Tell me how you feel, how you suffer. If you are important to a man, then he will try to change his behavior.

  • Don’t let low self-esteem develop.

Living with a selfish man is not easy. Often, as a result of such a life, women lose their self-esteem. On the other hand, you will have to pay for it.

Take care of your development. Think about where you can get the calling you need, since you won’t be able to get primacy in a relationship with such a man. An egoist appreciates only his own work, does not notice the efforts of another person.

Remember your life, your pleasure. Learn from your man that you need to prioritize your needs first. No rastvoryysya in parne, not zabyvay, it’s too late. Find a hobby for you. Chat with girlfriends. You just need to chat.

  • Show patience.

Patience is needed to move a selfish man off the dead center. Start small. Think about how to influence something to correct some one of his traits. Let’s say a young man constantly interrupts you. Focus on this moment.

You will have to work with this trait more than once. Tell me about your feelings during this behavior of a man. No criticism of that. Just keep talking over and over. As soon as you encounter this problem, start again. Do not tell the guy what to do and how to do it, focus only on your experiences.

If you learn to communicate with an egoist, then you can pass off your desires as his. You will learn to adapt to it, to achieve your own. No, understand that in such a relationship, your desires will never be a priority. It is only possible to negotiate with a selfish man. Criticism and showdown will not help here.

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