Signs of a psychopath man in a relationship with a woman and his behavior

Signs of a psychopath man in a relationship with a woman and his behavior! Meet, see you. Your life is already planned in your head. On ideal! There is no such! But suddenly something clicks: a situation, a word, clothes, anything that works like a trigger, and the prince disappears somewhere, and in front of you is a completely different person: aggressive, deceitful, unpredictable, inadequate, cunning.

It is not possible to recognize such transformers immediately, but after looking closely at him, at how he behaves, how he reacts to some terrible things, his inner instinct begins to suggest that it is better to run headlong from these relationships.

Who is a psychopath?

This is a man with a mental disorder. A very important difference of such a person is the lack of empathy. He cannot empathize and sincerely sympathize. He does not know what guilt and shame are. Surrounds himself with weaker people, as he will not be able to dominate a strong personality, and suppress it.

What’s wrong with being with such a person?

The psychopath suffers the most from his family. And at the pinnacle of suffering is the woman with whom he is in a relationship.

This connection will sooner or later lead her to a destroyed self-esteem, distrust of the people around her, especially men, to broken dreams, hopes and plans.

In these relationships, the most basic need, the need for security, is not satisfied. After all, at any moment it can fly. High probability of violence: emotional, sexual, physical.

Forewarned is forearmed. Let’s figure out how to understand that he is a psychopath. At an early stage, understand who is in front of you. Don’t risk it when the psychosis, let it go and let it go in the cell.

Signs that a man is a psychopath

Here you need to try to look at him and his reactions / behavior more or less detached, and not through a loving prism, where he appears to you as the “Best Man on Earth”.

  • Lack of empathy

This is the first thing that usually catches your eye, or rather it is felt on a sensual level. You say that you are worried and anxious, but there is no feedback … 

  • Aggression

Communicating with him is like walking through a minefield. Any step “in the wrong direction” can provoke him.

He demands attention. Those who are not aware of the fact that it is so important that it is possible to carry it out under its own name, as well as to protect it. Everything revolves around him. And you are completely immersed in it.

  • Superiority

Psychopaths feel their superiority, and demonstrate it in every possible way. Phrases of a loved one in the style: “You have gained a lot of weight”, “Yes, you don’t shine with intelligence” are just an example of what a person feels and puts himself above others.

  • Manipulating

The psychopath is a skilled manipulator. You can also manipulate the clothes, and it will be done beforehand. He knows when and how to say something, and where just the same his silence will do everything for him.

  • Emotional swing

Either he loves you, makes romantic gestures in your direction, which no one has done, then he does not pay attention, keeps his distance and shows his disrespect. For him, this does not mean anything, and the woman next to her is tormenting herself, nervous and worried.

  • Lack of gratitude

On redko says “Thank you” or does not use any words suggestive of gratitude at all.

  • Charm

Psychopaths are very attractive. They know how to charm. Skillfully use all the ways to win over the right person. Their charm drives even hardened heartbreakers crazy.

  • Observation

He reads others like books. He notices things that others would not even catch. Knows how to prick harder and harder. MOMENTALLY reads the fears and complexes of its interlocutors. And if necessary, it can get into the most vulnerable spot.

At first, this is nonsense, and you don’t want to pay attention to it. Now it is private, so it is not necessary. But gradually the scale of lies increases, and to understand where there was at least something true is almost impossible.

Becoming emotionally close to a psychopath doesn’t work, because it’s great cas. No matter how you beg him to say a couple of kind words to you, he will be restrained and unemotional if it is so beneficial for him.

  • adrenaline addiction

Feeling alive happens through emotions, and since there are some problems with this area, so it happens through some radical, excessive stories. What will cause fear and anxiety in an ordinary person, most likely will not cause anything in a psychopath.

  • Lack of guilt

Is he guilty of something? Nowhere, never, never! Anyone is to blame: a neighbor from the top floor, a postman who delivers mail, a random passer-by or the Universe … He will not feel that there is at least part of his guilt, and even more so he will never admit it.

  • Triangles in Relationships

Well, he can’t be with just one. And if it can, then only the first time, and then third parties will still appear. That message about lice will come, then the news will come in a new familiar form of smiley kiss @.

  • Dominion

He rules, and for this he chooses weak people. Those who can be controlled, who can be humiliated, whose feelings can be devalued. And the one who is not able to give back.

  • Consumer attitude

Even when he is courteous, caring and charming, he does it only in his own interests. He calculates a lot in advance, and knows when to take advantage of this or that person. He doesn’t really know how to give. This is not the case, and it is possible for this to happen.

  • Unpreparedness for Rhythm

Outwardly, the bridge seems to be ideal in all aspects: it is both beautiful and takes care of itself, knows how to practice disc. No, if you suddenly notice even a small flaw in him, and tell him about it, expect trouble.

He is absolutely confident in his superiority, and disagreement with his vision can provoke an inadequate reaction.

From this follows the next point.

  • Winner in everything

He knows that he is the best everywhere, so there should be no losses. Not only big ones, but small ones too. Compromise or cooperation are just words for him, concepts that are not applicable in his life.

  • Lack of moral principles

In his life there are no generally accepted rules and frameworks. Socially normal and moral so it is not desirable. The main thing is to achieve the goals, and how they will be achieved: through deception, intimidation and antachlen

  • Blame for evoked reactions

On the other hand, it is necessary to protect and protect it. It suggests that you imagined it, dreamed it. From your reaction, it recharges. The stronger your reaction, the more pleasant it is for him.

If you meet 2-3 points with the behavior of your partner, do not urgently stop all psycho box relationships. And if you see that each point describes your man, then you should definitely think about who is next to him.

Well, remember that if you are living through some kind of life scenario that you don’t like, and you don’t know how to get out of it, you have your psychologist who is always happy to help you.

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