Signs of a serious relationship between a man and a woman

Signs of a serious relationship between a man and a woman. The period of burning romance and carefree flirting early and late must end. And you begin to wonder how serious these relationships are, and whether you want them to become so.

Of course, you can always try to speak frankly with your partner. No, for a small fee, it is possible to do so by the slave.

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For women, the main indicator of seriousness is the desire of a man to marry. For men, for all types of relationships, the requirement is the same: the lady should spend time only with him. And there already how it goes.

For women, almost every relationship has to evolve into something big, otherwise what’s the point? But how to understand that they have become just like that? First you need to calm down the emotions and look at the facts.

The following signs will show if your relationship is serious.

  • Caring for you.

This includes showing affection in public. Don’t wait for the message that’s on the phone, and that’s what you’re about to do. And at the same time, the man will not be ashamed of this at all.

By the way, likes and mentions in stories can also be an indicator. Since social networks are an integral part of life, and a source of information and gossip.

  • Statement of fact.

His confessions are the most obvious. Not to say “I love you”, which can be said in a fit. On the other hand, the name given and the price to be paid to the person who is not.

  • Listening skills.

If a man does things, and not just talks, and you are calm, then everything is fine between you. If he listens to you, delving into your problems, then you are lucky.

It is indicated where you want it, so that it is up to you, and it stops there. The result of this is random surprises or the absence of quarrels on certain occasions.

  • Trust and honesty.

If you were betrayed in the past, it does not mean that everything will be repeated in every new relationship. Look at the behavior of your man: if he reaches out to you and his actions are not in doubt, then we will marry you.

False signs of serious intentions of a man

Listen to yourself and learn to trust if you see that a person really deserves it.

  • Interest in drugs in drugs.

Always and in all circumstances. A man is interested in how you spend your time. He writes to you not only before the upcoming date, but finds a minute during the day.

You reciprocate by listening to how his day went, what worries him. You sincerely empathize with each other and support.

  • The same beliefs.

You must be on the same wavelength. Of course, everyone should have personal beliefs and goals, but in global issues they need to match. Otherwise, the relationship simply will not work out.

For example, if you want to have children in the future, and the man is a convinced “childfree”, then this is unlikely to change. It is necessary to learn about such serious things even “on the shore”.

  • Without intrigue and deceptions.

It is in the washing machine that you must try, so that there are no manual drugs and no blocking drugs in social life. If you want, you need to do that and you will solve the problem.

You are honest and open to each other. You do not want to seem better than you are and build other people out of yourself.

  • Joint pastime.

You spend significant holidays together, try to match your vacation, enjoy significant events. This is an indicator that you and your partner are trying to share your emotions for two.

This does not mean that you need to be inseparable every minute. No in priority, where there is, part number.

  • Acquaintance with relatives.

Relationships can begin to be considered serious when they met their parents. To that, you don’t have to ask for it by any means. It is not necessary to communicate with the chosen one’s family all the time, but they should be aware of it.

You discuss a joint future, share your goals, ambitions and aspirations with a friend. Both of you are present in these plans.

If your chosen one declares that in the next 10 years he wants to travel and become a goodwill ambassador, then you will not drag him to the registry office with any motivational speeches.

  • Mutual respect.

You should not compete in who will insult or humiliate whom the most. Or who will be offended faster. In a serious relationship, partners make concessions and respect each other’s opinion, even if they do not always agree with it.

  • Open conversations about intimacy.

Happy and healthy relationships are also built on frankness. You should be as open as possible in everything related to the bed. Discussing what one likes or dislikes brings harmony and contributes to even greater rapprochement.

  • You don’t hide your flaws from each other.

You do not pretend to be someone you are not. Each of the couple can discern the essence of the partner, because there is an absolute openness in the relationship.

Before this happens it is not necessary to see it, and not to mention it.

  • You motivate each other.

No water, give it to the people who love it. You will always be “for” development and sincere sparkle in the eyes.

To do this, you need to stand side by side, and not on the way – to motivate and support each other.

  • You respect each other’s past.

Everyone has their own past, in which there are mistakes, mistakes and certain people. And when something comes up (perhaps not too pleasant), it is important to accept it as part of the life of a partner, but not a wasp.

Of course, if something goes completely against your principles, then it is better to end the relationship.

  • You strive to be better, but be yourself.

You want to stay in the room. Stop trying to reshape you or fix you. Even if the motives are the purest. You will figure it out yourself.

Be mutual in this sense. You chose a person because you liked him, and not in order to change.

  • You invest in relationships every day.

Prove and show each other your love each, even if it seems that the “territory” has already been conquered. You should bring the same amount of energy into the relationship, and remember to thank each other.

  • Preservation of INDIVIDUALNOSTI.

Even in a team game, each player has a role to play. It’s the same in relationships. You and your partner must be separate individuals in order for the relationship to develop harmoniously.

  • Respect for boundaries.

No shpionit the drug by the drug, not let in correspondence and do not eavesdrop if there is no reason. In the right and healthy relationship, trust is a factory function.

No to any occasion, without resorting to humiliation and remembrance of all sins. And the usual argument indicates that each of you has his own opinion and is not afraid to defend it.

Lack of arguments in principle – May mean either one of you is hiding something, not open enough or afraid to show your emotions. This behavior is definitely not an indicator of the right relationship.

Now you know what are the markers of the seriousness and correctness of the relationship. You can also draw your own conclusions and understand what might be worth working on.

Therefore, pronounce it to your relationship and be happy.

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