Stages of the dependent Heartbreak Cycle

Living love comprises several stages that can be good or not so good, among which is the dependent heartbreak cycle.

This happens because we are constantly in a learning process in which we can stumble and get back up.

However, while we know and experience love, we can acquire toxic behaviors, either by influence or pathology.

The thing is, when you enter the circle of heartbreak that is addictiveyou hardly realize it.

It is for this reason that, on this occasion, I will tell you what this psychological phenomenon that affects more than one person consists of. To do this, I will divide it into its most common stages when it occurs. Do not miss it!

Stages of the dependent heartbreak cycle

1. Missing your ex

dependent affective cycle

The first clue to identify that you are entering that addictive heartbreak wheel It is the feeling of missing that person. However, not always that it is strange means that you are at risk of entering this situation.

That is, you must present more signs that indicate that you are in the affective vicious circle to, thus, affirm that you are living it.

For example, if you had a partner and things ended because he was a bad person with you, was unfaithful to you or mistreated you; The normal thing is that you don’t miss that ex who only left you bad memories, that you move on with your life and regain your self-confidence.

However, emotional dependency plays tricks on you and makes you minimize the reasons why you ended the relationship.

In such a way that you forget the bad and remember the good that you had with that person, starting to miss him little by little.

In any case, if you want to confirm if this is your case, you can take a look at the other stages and verify if you meet them.

In this way, you will know if you are in the dependent heartbreak cycle.

2. Talk to your ex again

It turns out that after you start to miss, you can be attacked by the desire to look for that person and talk to him again.

Thoughts like “what if I make a letter to my ex-boyfriend?» or “what if I call you?”…

You want to know how he is and if he has also thought of you and misses you; however, it does not mean that it is the best option.

Although you want to get back in touch with your ex, it is not recommended because, in the end, you do not know if he is still the same person.

Remember that people change, so the image you have of him is most likely wrong.

That desire that suddenly arises in you to speak again is only part of the dependent heartbreak cyclewhich makes you form a wrong image.

For this reason, it is not good that you trust yourself since, if the reunion occurs, it is most likely that you will end up disappointed for not being what you imagined.

3. Assuming that he has changed

dependent affective circle

Another stage of the addictive heartbreak circle It is when our mind distorts the true image of that person and shows us another.

It is as if we want to see in that person something that is not, as if everything that was when he was with us had suddenly changed. An example of this could be an ex who was unfaithful to us during the relationship, but we believe that out of nowhere he is no longer.

This, without a doubt, is a naive thought about the reality that does not allow us to see clearly and sensibly.

This pattern can be very noticeable in romantic relationships of abuse, where the victim ends up giving in.

It does not mean that he is guilty, rather, it is a psychological situation that we can all have at any time in our lives.

The important thing is to learn to recognize it and thus give it the proper handling so that it does not affect us.

4. Wanting to restart the relationship

The next step that can occur in the middle of the dependent heartbreak cycle It is the desire to get back with your ex.

You might even be interested in how to flirt with your ex again because your goal is to get his attention again.

After your perception of him and the reasons why you left him are forgotten, you may consider the idea of ​​restarting the relationship.

The problem is that the same things will probably happen before and the relationship will be ruined again.

Remember that everything happens through another series of stages that precede the desire to try again, but nothing guarantees that it will be different this time.

In fact, you may end up remembering the reason for the end of the relationship and repeat the love failure.

So it’s best to try and break away from that affective vicious circle and move on with your life. I know that in theory, it sounds easy and in practice it is difficult, however, with time you will see that it is worth trying.

5. Check that it remains the same

By now, if you’ve decided to go back to him and give that possible love another chance, maybe you’ve also started to be disappointed.

All because you have verified that that person has not changed and is still the same as before, so you decide to walk away.

An example of this could be that before that person told you countless lies and still continues to do so.

You end up thinking that he is not someone to trust, that he has not changed his toxic habit and has no interest in quitting.

This leads to the conclusion that it was not a good idea to discover how to get back with your ex because it’s still the same.

6. Disappoint you and end the relationship

affective vicious circle

Finally, when you have gone through all the stages mentioned above, you end up feeling completely disappointed in that person.

You realize that you have entered that addictive heartbreak wheel and you couldn’t help it before, only at the end when you already came to disappointment.

So, as soon as possible, you decide to end that attempt to rebuild the relationship with your ex because you discovered that it did not work.

And so, once again the signthem from the end of a relationship love with which you were excited, even knowing that you already knew the person from a previous attempt.

As you can see, all these stages are the sign of the toxic attachment that you can create with a person, however, this can change.

It is for this reason that I will give you, below, a brief guide so that you can handle that vicious circle of heartbreak and take the reins.

Brief guide to get rid of the cycle of dependent heartbreak

1. Identify it and internalize it

The first recommendation I can give you is to recognize the situation and what it is the true loveSurely with these two points you will clarify your mind a lot.

Of course, you must put emotional intelligence ahead without allowing anxiety to dominate your decisions and cloud your reality.

You can also read a little about the rationality of love in the article of repository.tec.mxthere you will find valuable information about the possibility of a conscious love.

2. Be aware of the implications of your decisions

dependent heartbreak wheel

Before deciding anything about it, think about the implications this could have, so you don’t miss the consequences.

Even just by estimating these consequences, you could discover that, perhaps, it does not suit you and give up on the idea without exposing yourself to the dependent heartbreak cycle.

When we recognize that the love between us is over definitely, we are less likely to want to try again with that person because we know that it is not feasible.

The clarity in our mind is what keeps us away from these false expectations, therefore, it is good to be aware of our decisions.

3. Venture into new possibilities

while you think about what to do to win back the love of your ex partnerbetter turn the page and project yourself differently.

Take the risk of meeting new people, perhaps the love of your life, you never know where he is waiting for you.

Get ready for those new possibilities with the Magnetic Desire Method so that, when the time comes, you know how to take advantage of its powerful techniques.

Surely if it comes the ideal couple to your life, this method will be quite useful to make that man melt and fall madly in love with you.

4. Let it go

Lastly, so that you are not persecuted by that addictive heartbreak wheelThe best thing you can do is let it go.

Give yourself the opportunity to heal your heart and definitely get rid of that ex with whom the relationship did not work out.

When you let go you also allow new experiences to come into your life, so don’t hold on to what anchors you to the past and learn how to stop loving that person.

In addition, letting go is an act of love and self-esteem that you must give yourself, so you will have the benefit of self-control and increase your self-confidence.

You will see that, little by little, everything will flow in your favor without the need to miss your ex or that failed relationship that tormented you so much.

Better go ahead, trust yourself and all the good things you have to share with a better person.

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