SW relationships: what is it and who is it for?


In the modern world, society is rapidly developing, constantly changing. New relationships emerge. Men and women increasingly prefer relationships that do not burden or impose obligations to classical marriage. Now you will not surprise anyone with the phrase “We are SW”. We understand what this means and whether we have the right to condemn.

Relationships of an unusual format

Young men and women, before going to the registry office, decide live together take a closer look at each other, understand that they are suitable as partners. This is a common practice, which still implies a classic relationship and the presence obligations. Recently, open relationships are gaining popularity. When each of the partners can meet with others, have novels, flirt, have intimate relationships. Each party agrees to this and makes no claims, no jealous. Complete freedom of action.

Translated from English, SW (sexwife) translates as “sexy wife.” Decoding can be interpreted in different ways: sex with a wife, group sex. The sw relationship involves having sex in the presence of a consenting spouse. A married woman, with the knowledge of her husband, can have a relationship on the side or do it in front of her husband. The format of such relationships is very diverse and includes swinging (exchange of partners for an evening or general revelry), sex separately in different rooms, houses. There is a variation when a husband specifically asks his wife to have sex in front of him or brings another partner. The format of such meetings is agreed in advance. The wife in this case can act independently depending on her desires or to please her husband.

Society (majority) condemns such things. Not everyone can understand the reasons why couples date others. But this phenomenon is quite common and popular.

Are SW format relationships suitable for everyone?

In order to switch to the new SW relationship format and not depend on people’s rumors, you need to rebuild yourself internally. Set priorities, goals, understand what such relationships give you, how long you can stand. Family values ​​in the form of obligations, children, a common home have not been canceled, and many adhere to these principles. And how to behave if a partner suggests this. You need to be mentally prepared, discuss all the points with whom you can meet and who you can’t, how to answer questions from relatives and friends if they meet you in the company of another.

On the other hand, the advantages of an open SW relationship are their ease, an abundance of positive impressions, and the opportunity to meet new people.

Features of the SW format

To try on an open relationship, you need to know some of the nuances that will help you correctly understand and assess the situation:

  • The partner is given main place in life. Meetings on the side can be by mutual agreement, but if there is an urgent need to see each other, the second half immediately comes;
  • Even being on distance or flirting with others, you need to respect the partner and his feelings. Joint intimate adventures by agreement. Your goal is not to show that I am better, but to have a good time and give pleasure to others. It is important to harmonize your relationships;
  • Do not test jealousy. You need to prepare yourself for the idea that a guy (girl) can kiss, have sex with others, and then come back;
  • You need to tell your friends. Having like-minded men and women is important. They will be able to support in difficult times, give the right advice. It is unlikely that all relatives will be able to understand, but very close ones can open up and emphasize that you like it.


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