The 3 golden rules to conquer a man in this 2022

If you want to know what strategies will help you to conquer that boy that attracts you so much, today you will know The 3 golden rules to conquer a man.

It is natural that at some point in your life you have wondered what the secret is to know how to seduce a man and how to drive any man crazy and arouse his curiosity.

Perhaps many loose answers came to your head but without major arguments.

Don’t worry, here you go the 3 golden rules to conquer a man; so read on and fall in love, once and for all, with that special boy.

In addition to the rules that you will find below, it is important that you take into account the Magnetic Desire Method and the three key words that you cannot lose sight of, if you really want to establish a serious relationship with it: commitment, pleasure and emotional intelligence.

The 3 golden rules to conquer a man

Rule #1: Never give him an ultimatum.

Know what are the 3 golden rules to conquer a man

The first of The 3 golden rules to conquer a man It’s essential.

Imagine that you have been dating a man for more than a month and suddenly he tells you that he does not want commitments.

Perhaps it is justified by the fact that you do not feel ready to start a relationship or that you are confused.

Many women, in the situation described above, would resort to an ultimatum; In other words, they would announce to the man that if he does not commit to them, the relationship is over.

This is the worst thing you could do!

If you push him to decide between all or nothing, what you will achieve is that he associates commitment to you with pain and stress.

Then, he will begin to idealize all the freedom that he would lose if he decides to be your partner and will walk away without thinking twice.

I recommend that you get to know the Mirror Method and start using it to your advantage, you will see the fabulous results!

I also advise you to take a look at the articles “How to reverse roles in the relationship” and “How to train a man to adore you”, which will be of great interest to you.

Rule #2: Don’t give him all the benefits of a relationship before he commits.

Put into practice the 3 golden rules to conquer a man and make him fall in love and

From The 3 golden rules to conquer a mankeep this in mind.

The worst mistake you can make is to give yourself completely to a man who shows no signs of wanting to make a serious commitment to you.

Remember that he must earn a place in your life.

If you are always available, write or call him all day, if you suspend your plans for his benefit, take care of him whenever he is sick, have sex with him whenever he wants and so on, he will think that it is not necessary to start a relationship if you can enjoy all those benefits without any commitment involved.

Make him value you and treat you as you deserve, don’t give him the wrong signals or make yourself look like an easy girl.

It’s time for him to fight for you if he really loves you!

If you are interested in knowing about the psychology of love, you can read this article published by

Rule #3: Make him associate commitment with pleasure

This is the last but not least of The 3 golden rules to conquer a man.

One of the mistakes women make that ruin relationships is responding coldly to his refusal to commit.

Do not appear indifferent or disinterested:

Just make sure that your time together is a rewarding and unique experience for him, so that he wants to spend more time with you, his feelings intensify, and he changes his mind.

Show him that the more he commits to you, the more fun, exciting and sexy your relationship will be.

Subtly and intelligently make him think about all the great things he’s missing out on by not officially being your partner.

Do not go to the extreme of being indifferent, so he will lose interest in you and to avoid this, read what happens when you no longer have anything to talk about with your partner, an article from

You know! If you carefully follow these rules, you will walk in the direct direction of his heart and you will conquer that man that you like and desire so much!

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