The Best Beautiful Love Texts to dedicate Someone

Are you in love and don’t know how to express it? Do not worry. No one has said that you have to say what you feel in your own words.

You can always find The Best Beautiful Love Texts to dedicate Someone in what other people have written.

In this article I am going to give you a sample of what great writers have expressed about love, so that you can dedicate it to that special boy!

So if you’re not very adept at writing or can’t come up with the perfect words, look to other authors for help!

Here I leave you a selection of the best Beautiful Love Texts to dedicate Someone for different occasions.

You can choose if you want to give your partner a longer, shorter, more romantic, or even fun one!

Choose the one that most identifies with your situation and show him what you feel with words.

The Best Beautiful Love Texts to dedicate Someone


Long beautiful love texts will never go out of style.

On a special occasion, there is nothing better than receiving a beautiful love letter, and if the couple is far away, words will be your best allies!

Also, you don’t need to give him the whole text at once.

The advantage of a long text is that you can even fragment it and send it to him little by little during a whole day, to keep him in suspense and waiting for the next piece; Here you have the selection to choose from!

And if this is not enough for you, you can look for other options in these The Best Beautiful Love Texts to dedicate Someone.

1. Definition

“We could have a discussion about love. I would tell you that I love the curious way your body and my body meet, explorers who renew the oldest act of knowledge.

I would say that I love your skin and that my skin loves you, that I love the hidden tower that suddenly rises defiantly and trembles inside of me looking for the woman that nests in the depths of my female interior.

I would also say that I love your eyes that are clean and that also penetrate me with the vapor of tenderness or questions.

I would say that I love your voice especially when you say poems, but also when you sound serious, so worried about understanding this wide and alien world.

I would say that I love meeting you and feeling inside of me a trapped butterfly fluttering in my stomach and wanting to laugh at the pure joy that you exist and are here, knowing that you like the clouds and the cold air of the Matagalpa forests.

We could discuss whether what I’m telling you is serious.

If it is a minor burn, second, third or first degree. Whether or not you have to put names to things.

I only affirm a simple phrase: I love you.

2. The heart 

“According to medicine, the heart is nothing more than the watering can of the human body.

A kind of pump that, alternately compressing and dilating, launches torrents of blood through the mysterious slopes of the veins.

Mechanically considered, it is a mainspring of this eternally broken clock called man.

An admirably constructed device, but nothing more than a device.

Medicine and mechanics sit at the foot of that discovery with the satisfied tranquility of the traveler who has finished his journey.

That is the heart according to science.

We put our hand on it, and we feel it knocking incessantly, as if it wants us not to forget that it is always with us.

In its heartbeat there is something of importance, something of that precipitation that things that end soon carry in their movements.

It seems that the incessant speed with which it shakes, is a wordless voice that is always shouting at us: ‘This is going to escape’.

Sometimes I believe that it is a being hidden within my being, in charge of counting the moments of my life.

Terrible stopwatch, which does not waste an atom of time.

Its heartbeat is like the dull blows of an inexorable pickaxe that is slowly undermining the foundations of a building.

The day the noise stops, the building collapses.

For doctors, it only sheds the blood that gives us life.

Observe him well, and you will see that when he feels oppressed, he pushes torrents of tears towards his eyes.

The heart can be said to be the brain of feelings.

The head tells us: Think. The heart tells us: Feel.

The intelligence runs, the heart guesses.

What in intelligence is a calculation, the heart is a hope.

Reason would have already converted all vices into virtues, if it had been able to seduce the heart.

The greatest intelligence is not worth as much as a beautiful heart.

Intelligence proposes: the heart commands».

If you want to discover more about The Best Beautiful Love Texts to dedicate Someone, continue reading and consult the text of, you will surely love them!

3. Fragment of “Eva Luna” (Isabel Allende)

Once upon a time there was a woman whose job was to tell stories. She went everywhere offering her merchandise, all at a fair price.

One noon in August, she was in the middle of a square when she saw a superb man, thin and hard as a saber, advancing towards her.

He came tired, with a gun in his arm, covered in dust from distant places and when he stopped, she smelled a smell of sadness and knew immediately that this man had come from the war.

Loneliness and violence had put iron shards in his soul and had deprived him of the power to love himself. Are you the one who tells stories? asked the foreigner. To serve you, she replied.

The man took out 5 gold coins and put them in his hand. Then sell me a past, because mine is full of blood and regrets and it doesn’t help me to go through life, I’ve been in so many battles, that even my mother’s name was lost there, he said.

She couldn’t refuse, because she feared that the foreigner would collapse in the plaza turned into a handful of dust, as finally happens to someone who lacks good memories.

She motioned for him to sit next to her, and seeing his eyes up close, her pity turned around and she felt a powerful desire to imprison him in her arms. She began to speak.

All afternoon and all night she was building a good past for that warrior, putting into the task her vast experience and the passion that the stranger had provoked in her.

It was a long speech, because he wanted to offer her a novel destiny and had to invent everything, from her birth to the present day, her dreams, desires and secrets, the life of her parents and siblings and even the geography and history of her land. .

At last it dawned and in the first light of day she verified that the smell of sadness had vanished.

He sighed, closed his eyes and feeling his empty spirit like that of a newborn, he understood that in an effort to please him he had given him his own memory, he no longer knew what was his and how much now belonged to him, his past had remained knotted in a single braid.

He had gone deep into his own story and could no longer collect his words, but he didn’t want to do it either and gave himself up to the pleasure of merging with him in the same story…».

Nice short love texts


And if you prefer to say with little how much you love him, here are these The Best Beautiful Love Texts to dedicate Someone!

You can expand this selection with these short love verses or with the love verses :

The decision is all yours, give him a phrase of love every day!

  1. “Time does not transform man, wisdom does not transform man: the only thing that can make someone change their mind is love.” (Pablo Coelho).
  2. “For those who know how to love, the world takes off its mask of infinity. It becomes as small as a song, as a kiss from the eternal”. (Rabindranath Tagore).
  3. “It is easier to measure the intentions of the wind or the patience of the waves on the beach than the intensity of our love.” (Isabel Allende).
  4. “He who is wise is only wise because he loves. The one who is crazy, he is only crazy because he thinks that he can understand love”. (Pablo Coelho).

cute funny love texts

The text that I am sharing with you below was dedicated, in its original form, to a woman, but so that you can give it to the boy of your dreams, we have changed the gender in the words that required it, so it is ready for you! give it to him!

Send it to your partner and add some spark to your relationship.

  1. “Your love burst into my life like a gust sneaks through an open window.

All my papers were ruffled and in a frightened flight they slid under the furniture and into the corners.

What have you done, unruly?… How do you enter without permission?… Don’t want to leave.

I have carefully closed the window and will not leave you until you clean up whatever messed up your mischief.

Let’s see if you pick up that memory of mine and bring me those pages of the sad story, and that story that I haven’t finished yet, and that hope that germinated under my forehead loaded a moment ago by these thoughts that have remained here, at my feet, truncated and scrambled!

What a tidal wave you have caused with your entry! Go, obey!…

And while I tell you all this, you are there, standing in the middle of my soul, with my oldest sadness under (…) your shoe (…).

And the worst of all (…) is that you seem very satisfied that I closed my window. (Ruben Martinez Villena).

And here I leave you another of the beautiful funny love texts with which you can get more than one smile from your boy, try it!

  1. “I hated the rain because it fell on my eaves and woke me up, I hated the wind that hit my door; but you came

Now I love the rain that makes you take off your wet clothes and I love the wind that closes my door. (Chinese poem).

Take a look at the text of, you will find the most beautiful words of love!

Nice love texts for my boyfriend


There is no one more special than your partner, and these beautiful love texts are designed for you to dedicate to them, as a sign of all the love you feel for them.

If they seem few to you, you can always have many more in these love poems

With infinite tenderness, give him some letters that reflect your love:

  1. “You are my angel and my perdition, in your presence I reach divine ecstasy and in your absence I descend to hell, what does this dominion that you exercise over me consist of?” (Isabel Allende).
  2. “Love doesn’t ask many questions, because if we start to think we start to be afraid. It is an inexplicable fear, and it is not worth trying to put it into words. It may be the fear of contempt, of not being accepted, of breaking the charm. It seems ridiculous, but it is so. That’s why you don’t ask: you act. Risks are taken.” (Pablo Coelho).
  3. “May your love play with my voice; Rest in my silence. That happens to all my movements, through my heart. May it shine, like the stars, in the darkness of my sleep, and dawn in my awakening. May it burn in the fire of my desires, and flow in all the currents of my own love. May I carry it in my life, like a harp its music, and return it to you, at last, with my life! ”. (Rabindranath Tagore).
  4. “To love is to weigh the good and the bad of that person and then love them. Love is a conscious decision. Many times we hear people say that they fell in love with someone and they can’t help it. What is supposed to be a matter of luck? What are we supposed to love by magic? What is supposed, that someone has power over us? No way. You can feel great admiration for someone, you can be grateful for what someone has done for you, you can want to be in a relationship with someone, but… you don’t love them. Love is born from coexistence, from sharing, from giving and receiving, from mutual interests, from shared dreams. You cannot love someone who does not love you, who is not interested in you. True love is reciprocated. You receive as much as you give.” (Erich Fromm).
  5. “Love is always new. It doesn’t matter if we love once, twice, ten times in life: we are always faced with a situation that we don’t know about. Love can take us to hell or paradise, but it always takes us somewhere. It is necessary to accept it, because it is the food of our existence. If we refuse, we die of hunger seeing the branches of the tree of life laden, without the courage to stretch out our hands and pick the fruits. It is necessary to look for love where it is, even if that means hours, days, weeks of disappointment and sadness. Because the moment we go out in search of love, love also comes out to meet us. And it saves us.” (Pablo Coelho).

Nice love texts for the man I like

Words have always been the basis for conquering a love.

If someone attracts you powerfully and you haven’t had the courage to tell him, here are these beautiful love texts for the man you like , dare to give them to him!

If words aren’t enough to captivate him, check out our Magnetic Desire Method and discover how to make him hopelessly addicted to you.

  1. “I spend the day dreaming and the nights sleepless, relentlessly tormented by the madness of memories and counting, with the anguish of a condemned man, the hours that are missing to hug you again.” (Isabel Allende).
  2. “Is there not a certain amusing resemblance between the beginnings of love and those of life? Is not the child rocked with sweet songs and affectionate glances? Aren’t wonderful stories told that gild the future? Does not hope unceasingly spread his radiant wings? Does not the child successively shed tears of joy and sorrow? Doesn’t he dispute over trifles, over pebbles, with which he tries to build a fragile palace, and over flowers, as soon cut as forgotten? Is he not eager to see time pass and life advance? Love is our second transformation.” (Honor de Balzac).
  3. “In real life, love needs to be possible. Even if there is no immediate retribution, love only manages to survive when there is hope – no matter how distant – that we will conquer the person we love”. (Pablo Coelho).

Beautiful birthday love texts


There is no better way to say happy birthday to your boy than with a beautiful love text that shows how you feel about him.

Here are several that you can give him on that special date!

In addition, they will be useful for other occasions such as Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or for any important day for the two of you, take advantage of them! You can find much more in the phrases of love for my husband .

  1. “Love you!…

At your side or in your absence; in reality or in the dream; in the intimacy of the friendly corner or before the formidable lullaby of the sea; in the moonlit or black night dotted with questioning stars; in the wonderful and tender moment of dawn; in the meridian stupor of the day or in the pensive golden twilight…

In all places and at all times I have already told you the words that I thought I would never utter”. (Ruben Martinez Villena).

  1. “There is always a person in the world waiting for another, be it in the middle of the desert, be it in the middle of a big city. And when these people meet and their eyes meet, all the past and the future completely lose their importance and there is only that moment and that incredible certainty that they were made for each other. (Pablo Coelho).

Cute love texts to dedicate

For your husband, for your boyfriend, for that boy you like so much, for your secret lover, or even for a good friend, for someone you love very much in your family, for your parents or your children, here are these texts ! beautiful love to dedicate !

  1. “Love is not in the other, it is within ourselves: we awaken it. But for him to wake up we need the other. The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our emotions with.” (Pablo Coelho).
  2. “My heart opens its waves on the shore of the world and leaves behind with tears: I love you.” (Rabindranath Tagore).
  3. “Without a doubt, love is a wonderful thing…, something more precious than emeralds, more valuable than opals. It is not paid with pearls or garnets, because it is not offered for sale. It cannot be bought from merchants, nor can it be weighed on the scales to acquire it for its weight in gold.” (Oscar Wilde).

beautiful romantic love texts


If you want to awaken the dormant romance in your relationship, or fan the flame of passion and show your boy how much you love him, check out these beautiful romantic love texts !

  1. “Love is like a drug. At first there is a feeling of euphoria, of total surrender. Then, next day you want more. You haven’t gotten addicted yet, but you liked the feeling, and you think you can keep it under control. You think about the loved one for 2 minutes and forget about them for 3 hours. But after a short time you get used to that person and you start to totally depend on him. So you think about her for 3 hours and forget about her for 2 minutes. If he’s not around, you experience the same sensations as the addicted when they don’t get drugs. At that moment, just as the vicious steal and humiliate themselves to get what they need, you are willing to do anything for love. (Pablo Coelho).
  2. “In the pure and monotonous life of young girls, a delightful moment comes when the sun illuminates her soul with its rays, when the flower suggests thoughts to her, when the palpitations of the heart communicate to the brain its fiery fecundity and give rise to ideas. of a vague desire. Day of innocent melancholy and sweet pleasures! When the children begin to see, they smile; when a young girl glimpses the feeling in nature, she smiles as she smiled as a child. If light is the first love of life, is not love the first light of the heart? (Honor de Balzac).

You already have a selection of the best Beautiful Love Texts to dedicate Someone for you to dedicate to that special person and show him everything you feel in your heart.

You just have to choose the one you liked the most and take advantage of an occasion to give them away, any opportunity is perfect to deliver love with words!

If you want to have more options to choose from, also check these  thoughts of love

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