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A tradition has long been established, according to which the right to initiative is firmly entrenched in the representatives of the stronger sex. Taking the first step, deciding on the first kiss, asking for the first date… All this is romantic and all this is promoted in books and films everywhere. But what if the guy is modest and not in a hurry to get closer? How to behave when you no longer have the strength to endure and terribly want to dot all the i? Start acting! There is nothing shameful in being the first to meet and make an appointment. And here’s how to do it – read below.

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Preliminary preparation

Before you decide on this difficult step, you need to understand if you have interfering factors. Find out if your chosen one has a significant other, because going on dates with a married or just a busy man is not very good. Also, pay attention to how he communicates with you. If you maintain warm friendly communication, and he unwittingly distinguishes you from others, then this is a good sign. Plus, try to find out how he treats proactive ladies. It may turn out that your proposal will offend him, because it will deprive him of the opportunity to be a man.

Once all the questions are clarified, it’s time to think about tactics. How will you offer a joint vacation? Will this be done in person or is it better to play it safe? Tem. Those who are embarrassed and afraid of being rejected “on the forehead”, it is recommended to resort to the help of SMS or social networks. There it is much easier to turn the situation so that it does not seem like you are being rejected. When the method is chosen, it’s time to move on to the main thing – the formulation of phrases.

The word is not a sparrow

It should be clearly understood that in a situation where a woman invites a man, it is hard not only for her. The guy himself can also experience conflicting feelings, so it is important that there are no witnesses nearby. Even if there is a refusal, it will be much easier for both of you to cope with this without unnecessary observers. In addition, an invitation to a date should not begin literally with the first phrase. To get started, just chat, keep up the conversation, laugh – all this will create a relaxed atmosphere.

As soon as you feel that it’s time, then just screw in an innocent phrase into the dialogue, where you ask to keep you company. It is not necessary to say the word “date” at all. Just complain about the fact that your girlfriend left you at the last moment and you still have an extra ticket to the concert. Or that they would like to go out of town for the weekend, but there is no company. Such hints will be understood if the guy really feels sympathy for you. The most important thing is to be calm and friendly, not to stutter or mumble. Then the success of your “event” will be much greater.

By the way, for the first time there is no need to drag the guy to a romantic place. It is enough just to offer joint leisure during which you will be left alone. It can even be a banal request to fix the computer, the main thing is to organize the conversation correctly later. Don’t be afraid if the man doesn’t answer right away – let him think. Repeating your request is also not worth it, because it will look like you are begging for consent.

Competent strategy

Before asking the guy you like on a date, it would not be superfluous to find out what he is fond of. This hobby can be played very well by offering him a joint trip to the match of his favorite football team or a session to his favorite movie. Important. To make it look like an accident, and not like a planned action. And you should avoid excessive sexuality, both in voice and in clothes. In this case, all your intentions will be in full view, and he will already imagine himself walking with a mournful face to the altar.

Rejection is also not the biggest problem. It can be done for several reasons, and very serious ones. First, he does have a girlfriend. And in this case, on the contrary, you need to breathe a sigh of relief, because you have an honest man in front of you. The second is that he is catastrophically busy and works hard. It is selfish to break his entire schedule and lifestyle only on a whim. In this case, just ask when it will be free in order to repeat the request later. Third – he does not like initiatives from a woman. This is your own fault – you should have known about this in advance.

Responding to rejection should be gentle and just as friendly. Thank you for being honest, apologize for wasting your time, and state that it’s not a date, but you’re not at all offended. No man wants to feel guilty about being rejected. Save your and his dignity and do not despair. Gone are the days when men should be first, so you may have many more chances to start a romantic relationship.

Details on what to do if there is no boyfriend can be found in our article further down the link.


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