The Best Seduction Phrases

The power of words is infinite and you can discover it below with the seduction phrases what we bring for you

Love messages for your boyfriend or phrases to fall in love loaded with meaning, have the ability to incite or persuade a man’s behavior and, even more so, if the intention is to seduce him, set his imagination free and not get you out of his mind. mind for a long time.

To achieve this, it will also be very helpful to know how to drive any man crazy and awaken his curiosity of love for you.

Sesection Phrases

Can’t think of any ideas? Do not worry!

You will find an excellent collection of seduction phrasescarefully elaborated, taking into account the needs and priorities that harbor the masculine mind.

Know how to influence a man’s mind.

Take a look at them, choose the best one and surprise him!

Collection of phrases of seduction

Short seduction phrases

You don’t necessarily have to write an elaborate tract or love letter to your boyfriend to figure out how to seduce a man.

If you are interested in reading about the seduction of words, check out this scielo article.

It’s a matter of you thinking the right words at the right time and that’s it!

The following are some excellent alternatives of seduction phrases short; You decide the medium!: a text message or whispering in her ear with a flirtatious voice.

  • I bet you a kiss that I kiss better than you.
  • Temptations like you deserve sins like me.
  • Take away this desire for you!
  • I would like to kiss you until I discover what flavor your dreams have.
  • I love you like this, in a low voice and high beats.
  • Come, I invite and together we pay the consequences.
  • Lately I have many cravings, you, for example!
  • You have coffee in your eyes, that explains why you keep me up at night.
  • What good insomnia if I lose sleep over your body.
  • Wear out my lips and undress my thoughts!
  • If my life were a book, you would be among my best pages.
  • If you guess what I’m thinking, I’ll give it to you on the lips.
  • I do not have the fault that you like me; It’s your fault for having everything I love.
  • Because of temptations like you, there are sinners like me.
  • I want to be that place where you escape when you don’t know where to go anymore.
  • With me you will not lack love; and if you lack, we do it.
  • In the absence of flowers, I bring you desire.
  • You are like red wine, I crave you every time!
  • You have a I don’t know what, that turns me on I don’t know how, but I like it you don’t know how much!
  • I wait for you behind the moon, where no one sees us!
  • If I seduce you with my lyrics, imagine with my caresses.
  • I will love you with the tenderness of my words and my unbridled passion.
  • Your caresses have the power to take me to heaven and make me burn in hell too.
  • Allow me to seduce you to the rhythm of my words, feel your body sighing and join your desires to mine.
  • Don’t wish me good night, give it to me!
  • I don’t want you in my dreams, I want you in my bed and close to me every morning.

Provocative seduction phrases

  • Stone, paper or kiss me?
  • My favorite food is your lips!
  • I am going to give you kisses so tempting that they will end in burning desires.
  • To hell with the lottery, touch me!
  • Tonight I want you to punish me with all the power of your passion.
  • You are not my property, but my desire.
  • I want to lose control in your arms and fill my soul with you.
  • Everything in excess is bad, except you!
  • I’m a hurricane, I hope you like disasters.
  • Your skin is so strong that, even in the distance, it touches my memory.
  • Mathematically speaking, you are the sum of all my wishes.
  • You and I have many pending sunrises.
  • I kiss you, therefore I exist!
  • My desire to be by your side is not created or destroyed, they only accumulate.
  • I’m in a knot, will you undress me?
  • Kiss me!
  • Stop being racist and accept my black intentions.
  • In your hell or mine, but sinning together.
  • Of the hells that I have tasted, I would return to you because you taste like heaven.
  • If you want I want; If you dare, I dare.
  • If you undress my heart, the clothes fall off by themselves.
  • I speak three languages, but my favorite language is yours.
  • If you provoke me, I will answer you.

Phrases of seduction and love

Seduction and love go hand in hand, and they are the perfect combination when it comes to knowing how to make him fall in love at once and conquer his heart.

It will also help you if you need to know how to conquer a man who is still undecided and you will know how to awaken feelings of love in a man.

Also, if you want to know more about seduction, read this redalyc article.

Do not be afraid to express your feelings and revolutionize your thoughts! Take a look at the phrases that I share with you and become an expert seductress.

Find here the best phrases of seduction

  • I don’t need you for anything, but I love you for everything.
  • You are one of those vices that are nice to have, that don’t let you sleep, that drive your reason crazy and multiply your desire.
  • I love you above all things and below the sheets.
  • You steal the smile that I didn’t even know I had on my lips.
  • I find the scent of your intelligence extraordinarily sexy.
  • I want to be with you every minute of my life, love you with a naked heart and a soul dressed in sighs.
  • Do me the great favor of entering my life and never leaving it.
  • There are love stories that are written in a book; we will write ours on the skin.
  • I want to love you without haste, conquer you calmly and seduce you without pause.
  • Touch me the sky and kiss me the stars.
  • I think of you, even dressed.
  • Take off your fears, then your clothes; and then you will know what love is.
  • I would like to have you by my side or on top, it doesn’t matter.
  • Use me, wear out my life with your love.
  • Your skin and my mouth have an appointment, some caresses and a pending life.
  • For the days without poetry, your body and my lips.
  • Your kisses shook my mouth and the memory still shakes me.

Seduction phrases for Facebook

Social networks, especially Facebook, have become essential in the lives of almost most people.

Through them we can meet new friends, close deals, make professional contacts and why not, find love.

If you feel identified with the universe of virtual relationships, chats and written expression, I invite you to continue reading and be inspired by the following seduction phrasesspecially designed for Facebook.

  • I love you, do you understand or come and I’ll explain it to you with kisses?
  • I like you because without reason you look for me, without seeing me you love me and without ties you stay.
  • Do you want to know who has conquered my heart? Read the first word again.
  • What if we give ourselves some time? For example, you give me your present and I give you my future. How about?
  • Of the 24 hours of the day, 16 I think of you and the other eight I dream of you.
  • If I never say goodbye it’s because I never want you to leave.
  • Your Facebook needs a relationship with me.
  • Today I don’t want to chat, I want to see you and take away the desire to kiss you.
  • You make me laugh, you have the right to everything!
  • I wish I could bite your smiles with my lips.
  • I like you because you are not only physical attraction, you are mental attraction. In other words, you fire up my body, rev my neurons, and speed up my heart.
  • My textual fantasy is that you eat me, period.
  • I don’t always have time to write to you, but I do have time to think about you, miss you and wish you.
  • I like you more than free wifi.

Phrases of seduction taken from poems

Writers, musicians and, in general, most artists have inspired some of their works in feelings as human as falling in love and seduction.

The seduction phrases which you will read in a moment, belong to fragments of beautiful poems.

Do not lose sight of any and use them in your favor!

Seduction phrases to fall in love

  • “Don’t tempt me, if we are tempted we won’t be able to forget” Mario Benedetti.
  • “Intoxicate me with caresses, kiss me until I fall into a coma” Aldoux Huxley.
  • “Dream me, it suits you. Dream of me, you’re going to like it” Eduardo Galeano.
  • “But what do we care about the opinion of cold people, as long as our souls, more ardent and nobler than theirs, know how to enjoy what they do not perceive” Marquis de Sade.
  • “I love you to drive us crazy with laughter, drunk with nothing and walk slowly through the streets, yes, holding hands, rather… from the heart” Mario Benedetti.
  • “You are neither circumstance nor accident –I have told you–, you are intimacy, essence” Jaime Sabines.
  • “What I like about your body is sex. What I like about your sex is your mouth. What I like about your mouth is the tongue. What I like about your language is the word.” Julio Cortazar.
  • “One day the day will come, the day to hug you, to finally undress you of so many clothes and so much waiting.” Julio Cortazar.
  • “It’s not that I die of love, I die of you” Jaime Sabines.
  • “We were together. I forgot the rest.” Walt Whitman.

you already have the best seduction phrases ready to use when you want to give a plus to the relationship.

It is time for you to know the Magnetic Desire Method, which will teach you how to seduce any man and drive him crazy with love.

On the other hand, if you want to know how interested he is in you, I recommend you try the accurate Love Interest Calculator.

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