The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your ex in 2022

Ending a relationship will always be a very traumatic event, however, sometimes we feel that the story can still continue. In this case, use words to your advantage and find out below the best WhatsApp messages to get back with your ex.

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Without further ado, here is the most complete list!

The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your ex short

WhatsApp messages to get back with your ex

  • I see you little, but I think of you a lot.
  • You are not worth it, you deserve my whole life.
  • The only flaw you have is not waking up next to me.
  • I don’t care about the world or the distance, I only care about you!
  • You give me the opportunity that I’ll make sure it’s worth it.
  • You are informed that you are missed in this chat.
  • For me a minute has 60 ways of thinking about you.
  • I know you exist and that is enough for me to be happy.
  • I want three things: see you, hug you and kiss you.
  • Get out of wherever you want, except from my heart.
  • I don’t need you for anything, but I love you for everything.
  • Sometimes I miss you, sometimes too.
  • I’m thinking of you no matter what time you read this.
  • My happiness can be summed up in one word: you!
  • To the world, you are just another person; To me, you are the world.
  • I want everything from you, but here, close to me.
  • I see you little, but I think of you a lot.
  • It was, is and will be a pleasure to coincide in this life with you.
  • Since I’ve known you, I sleep less, but I smile more.
  • You came into my life and stole something: my heart.
  • Dreams come true: I met you.
  • I want my love to hug you forever.

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The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your beautiful ex

  • Life is mine, but the heart is yours. The smile is mine, but the reason is you.
  • You are the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I remember when I sleep.
  • I’m not asking for the moon, I just want us to be together under it.
  • Everywhere I hear you, everywhere I see you; You are not everywhere, but I take you with me.
  • If you think I think about you all day, you’re wrong!, also all night.
  • Today I want to give you my love, I can’t put it in a box, but I can wrap you with a hug.
  • I intensely love two things in life: dreams and you who make me dream.
  • My desire to see you and be by your side is not created or destroyed, it only accumulates.
  • When I think of the perfect person for me, I always think of you.
  • We don’t really live when we are born, but when we learn to love.
  • I would give my life to return to you, because without you I am losing it.
  • I don’t know if I loved you a lot, I don’t know if I loved you a little, but I do know that I will never love like this again.
  • I want a chance to show you that I’m not the person who left.
  • It is never too late to return.
  • My heart is perfect because you are inside it.
  • I don’t care about the world or the distance, I only care about you.
  • You give me the opportunity that I’ll make sure it’s worth it.
  • I know you exist and that is enough for me to be happy.
  • If a hug could represent how much I love you, I would have you in my arms forever.
  • The night is the only part of the day when I see you with my eyes closed.
  • I need you, like the sea its waves.
  • I wish you could see through my eyes and feel what I feel for you.
  • We have a book with millions of pages to write.
  • My happiness and joy already have names and surnames, yours.

The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your long ex

  • There are things that cannot disappear overnight no matter how hard we try, because they will be there for life.
  • Sometimes we make mistakes in life that make us realize that we have lost the most valuable thing we had.
  • Having the ability to go back and rectify is even more valuable than not being wrong.
  • We can no longer recover the past time, but we can, without a doubt, weave our future together, we just have to have the desire to deal with this present that now has us separated.
  • For your love I am able to face the sacrifices that come, if we are together.
  • Life is not enough for me to love you, therefore, I don’t even think about being able to forget you, that is not possible.
  • Because only the nights that I have spent with you have the warmth of spring, that’s why I know that I love you and that I will not forget you.
  • Our relationship may have ended in a second, in a minute, in an hour, in a silly discussion… but love does not go away, it does not understand that you are no longer here.
  • It is true that I still love you, that I wait for you every night, that I live in the longing to have you again.
  • I refuse to accept that you left, that you are not here, that this is over, that there is no remedy or solution for so much love that remains between the two of us.
  • Sometimes I don’t even want to hear your name pronounced, because I know that when I hear those letters I’m going to feel the terrible shiver that the sadness of not having you gives me.
  • I would like to go back in time and do it all over again, even if it was the same way, if with that I could be with you again.
  • Where are the promises that we both made, what do I do with them?
  • Start over, go back or walk forward, what’s the point if I can’t share it with you?
  • You deceive me when you say that you don’t feel anything for me, that you have found love again, that she is everything to you… you deceive me, I see it in your eyes.
  • I don’t want to think that what you told me was a “goodbye”, I want to believe that it was just a “see you later”.
  • Counting my tears since you’re gone is trying to count the drops of water in the sea.
  • Your life and mine are hopelessly tied by this love, no matter what the world is against, we just have to remember that to overcome this separation.
  • I am like a train with only one passenger in my heart, wishing to return again to that station where that journey together began and eliminate the stop where we parted ways.
  • You don’t escape from me, you don’t leave my soul, you are still stamped on my heart with a fixed place that no one else can occupy.

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The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your sad ex

WhatsApp phrases to conquer your ex

  • My love’s wings have been clipped since you left, I don’t know how to fly anymore.
  • People leave, but feelings remain.
  • We’re lost in lonely love since we’ve been apart.
  • You live in me, even though we are apart.
  • I will wait for you until exhaustion, until eternity.
  • Something is missing in my life since you are not here, my heart and my will to live are missing.
  • My faith in this love will always endure.
  • My soul cries every night to feel you close again.
  • I still love you and it does not depend on my will.
  • The cold of my soul does not go away since you are not by my side.
  • We’re lost in lonely love since we’ve been apart.
  • What do I do with so much that I have left over without you? Where will my soul rest now? How do I fill that space that is only yours and no one else’s?
  • Dawns no longer have light and are only dark and cold since you are not here with me.
  • I don’t have to hide from you that I still love you, that the days go by and you don’t leave me even though we are no longer together, that I would give anything to have you again.
  • Time passes without you being by my side, but I can’t help but think of you, having you close, in every piece and corner of my life.
  • Tell me that you love me and I assure you that I will never leave your side again.
  • Even if you go to the other side of the world, you will never be far enough away for me to stop loving you.
  • I want you to know that distance will never stop me from loving you.
  • I lived with you for seconds that I will surely remember all my life.

The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your funny ex

  • If love is a crime, since I met you I’m a complete criminal.
  • Since I met you, the prism of my life has more than seven colors.
  • You came into my life and stole something: my heart.
  • Dreams come true: I met you.
  • You’re like a drug to me, I don’t want to be withdrawal!
  • Sometimes I miss you, sometimes too.
  • My textual fantasy is that you eat me, period.
  • Today I kidnap you and lock you inside my dreams.
  • The other day I was talking with my heart about you and… He smiled!
  • Tell me your dreams and I will make them come true.
  • The most beautiful of my smiles are the ones you cause.
  • In love with life, in love with you.
  • With the first of your smiles, you stole my heart.
  • I want to be the present that brightens your future.
  • Happiness is synonymous with my face when I see you.
  • You leave me speechless, that’s not enough for you and you take my breath away.
  • No matter what color the sky is, you make my day perfect.

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The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your ex from writers

  • “’I want to start with an official statement’, he said, ‘I have come to the conclusion that I love you’” (Mario Benedetti).
  • “Today I feel in my heart a vague tremor of stars” (Federico García Lorca).
  • “The sweet spring that will teach me to love you, the very spring that helped me achieve you” Alfonsina Storni.
  • “Come sleep with me: we will not make love, he will make us” Julio Cortázar.
  • “I was ashes. You touched me, I burned again” Alejandro Jodorowsky.
  • “Me here wanting to lock you in my unstable universe and you out there forming galaxies just by smiling” Mario Benedetti.
  • “I asked the stars for clearer language, more beautiful words. The sweet stars gave me your life and I found in your eyes the requested truth” Alfonsina Storni.
  • “Love me only as you would love the wind when it passes in a long sigh towards the clouds” Ricardo Molina.
  • “I say your name with all the silence of the night, my gagged heart screams it” Jaime Sabines.
  • “Your chest is enough for my heart, my wings are enough for your freedom” Pablo Neruda.
  • “There is a sure way to reach every heart: Love” Concepción Arenal.
  • “Neither absence nor time are anything when you love” Alfred de Musset.
  • “It is by separating when you feel and understand the strength with which you love” Fyodor Dostoevsky.
  • “I love how love loves. I know of no other reason to love than to love you. What do you want me to tell you besides that I love you, if what I want to tell you is that I love you? Fernando Pesoa.
  • “Love has no age, it is always being born” Blaise Pascal.
  • “There are loves so beautiful that they justify all the follies they commit” Plutarch.
  • “True love is like spirits: everyone talks about them, but few have seen them” François de la Rochefoucauld.
  • “Where there is no love, put love and you will find love” Saint John of the Cross.
  • “Love is the only thing that grows when it is shared” Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
  • “Not being loved is a simple misfortune; true misfortune is not to love” Albert Camus.
  • “Love never has reasons, and neither does lack of love. They are all miracles” Eugene O’Neill.
  • “Love is the longing to come out of oneself” Charles Baudelaire.
  • “I love you above all that we cannot see, above all that we cannot know” Federico Moccia.
  • “You don’t have to die for the other, but live to enjoy together” Jorge Bucay.
  • “You are teaching me to love, I did not know. To love is not to ask, it is to give” Gerardo Diego.
  • “But my words are tinged with your love. You occupy everything, you occupy everything” Pablo Neruda.
  • “I like you when you are silent because you are absent, and you hear me from afar, and my voice does not touch you. It seems that your eyes have flown away and it seems that a kiss closed your mouth” Pablo Neruda.
  • “My love has two lives to love you. That’s why I love you when I don’t love you and that’s why I love you when I love you” Pablo Neruda.

The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your ex who is far away

Phrases for your ex by WhatsApp

  • I have 2 eyes to see you, 5 senses to feel you, 7 days a week to think about you and a lifetime to love you.
  • If I’m given the chance to make three wishes, I’ll ask you three times.
  • For tests of love, distance was created.
  • I told the desert about you, and it rained!
  • I love you so intensely that it is not necessary to see or touch you for my love to grow, it is enough to close my eyes and know that you exist.
  • I have 2 eyes to see you, 5 senses to feel you, 7 days a week to think about you and a lifetime to love you.
  • You owe me an “I love you” for every sigh, and a kiss for every second you’re not with me.
  • The distance separates our lips, but unites our hearts.
  • How nice it would be to wake up in the middle of the night and see you here, by my side.
  • Love is saying without speaking, seeing without looking, feeling without touching and being without being.
  • I don’t see you, I don’t call you, I don’t write to you, but… how I think of you!

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The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your ex of songs

  • “Come, come closer… If we could spit comets, we would beat time, magic, destiny, distance, oblivion.” caifans
  • “Give me your hand and we’ll go around the world.” 13TH Street
  • “But in the end, if it is love, it will cross hurricanes and storms… but in the end, if it is love, we will drink only its beauty” Fito Páez
  • “YOU ARE, what I want most in this world is you”. Coffee Tacvba
  • “And I have finally found the path that will guide my steps, and tonight love awaits me on your lips.” heroes of silence
  • “If I hug you, it is to feel that our love can never be rooted out.” Gustavo Cerati
  • “How I spend papers reminding you, how you make me speak in silence, how you don’t take away my desire…” Silvio Rodríguez
  • “I want to be air and breathe me forever. All the time I am thinking of you, in the brightness of the sun, in a corner of the sky. Zoe
  • “Putting my hand on my heart, I would like to tell you to the beat of a son that you are my life and I don’t want anyone but you.” Natalia Lafourcade
  • “I will kiss you like no one in this world kissed you. I will love you with my body and with my mind, with my skin and my heart. Alejandro Sanz
  • “Simply, dirtyly, sweetly and without reason; however it happens, this love is our love!” Facundo Cabral
  • “To be with you, to be with you, if you were a walker I would be a path”. Jose jose
  • “I want to tell you that I love you because it is my only truth.” Laura Pausino
  • “A full moon night is essential to slip into your silhouette and memorize you (…), to swear eternal love to you in an instant”. alexander pires
  • “I looked for you very far from here. I found you thinking of me.” Van Goth’s ear
  • “My love for you is more beautiful than beautiful and more true than truth.” Alvaro Torres
  • “There is not a second that I am not with you, I can match the rhythm that you breathe and in you I usually get confused with your sighs”. Olga Tanon
  • “I love you in such a sublime way that even with the most beautiful words I could not exactly describe this love that grows bigger every day in my soul” (Álvaro Torres).
  • “I love you and I think this world is very small, everything I feel does not fit in it.” The fifth station
  • “I will write with your name in capital letters until it is as big as you” (Laura Pausini).
  • “What is that force that unites us all two by two? Is it the strength of the heart? (Alejandro Sanz).
  • “I drew your smile next to mine, I slept with your coat on the sofa” (Van Goth’s ear).
  • “I’m not lying if I remind you again that I love you, it’s great and very true, I adore you” (The fifth season).
  • “My love for you is clear as water and I don’t know how to live when you are missing me” (Álvaro Torres).

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The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your ex good morning

  • Then I saw you and all my sunrises made sense.
  • My morning message doesn’t just mean “good morning”, it also means “you’re my first thought when I wake up”.
  • You have become every dream of my pillow and my morning coffee. Today I woke up loving you more than yesterday!
  • I wake you up with a message because I just sent you my kisses with the wind.
  • A smile will let you know that you make me happy, a few tears would indicate how much I miss you and a message means that I think of you.
  • Every time you look at the sky and see the scorching sun, I want you to remember that my love is so great.
  • In the morning I knew your name, in the afternoon I remembered it, at night I named you in dreams and I will never forget you.
  • I miss you, but I hug you from a distance. You are the reason for my smile every day!
  • If the sea were made of ink and the sky were paper, it would not be possible to write how much my love is.
  • Knowing you makes me very happy and I will be happy to have the pleasure of your company, whether it be ten minutes, two years or a century.

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The best WhatsApp messages to get back with your ex and make him sigh

Messages to get back with your ex

  • If the sea were made of ink and the sky were paper, it would not be possible to write how much my love is.
  • Also when life gets hard, it’s easy to love you.
  • I love you without doubts, without conditions, without expiration date, without limitations, ah! and without clothes too.
  • It’s not that I’m dying of love, I’m dying of you!
  • You have coffee in your eyes, that explains why you make me lose sleep.
  • I miss you in every minute of my life.
  • Today I want us.
  • Today I woke up with eyes full of desire to see you.
  • Three beautiful places where I would always like to be: your mind, your arms and your heart.
  • I want to be with you, not now, not for a while, not even for several hours; I want to be with you as simple as always.
  • If I could have a power today, I would choose to be able to be with you always.

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