The character of a man and male complexes.

The character of a man and male complexes. Complexes torment not only women and children. The strong half of humanity is also subject to their harmful influence. Today we will try to find out what torments the sensitive male soul and does not allow you to calmly enjoy all the delights of life.

You probably know that there is a certain kind of male complexes, which are most often perceived as character traits. However, do not hide, but they still crawl out and make it very difficult to communicate with the fair sɘx and even with yourself.

1. Fantastic size.

Men developed one of their worst complexes many years ago during the sɘxual revolution of the 20th century. It turned out that male dignity (judging by poɿn films and magazines) is simply gigantic. And his own dignity in comparison with this seems oh-very mediocre. There is practically no one to discuss this “fact” with men, except perhaps with a psychologist, so it remains to be tormented by doubts, which then develop into Armageddon.

According to statistics, every third man considers the size of his “little friend” insufficient, and sometimes tactless and stupid girls come across who cannot resist the question: “Where is he?”. Fortunately for the female half of the population, this complex is most often found in young and not very experienced men. Those who are older often understand that size is far from always the most important thing, but what is more important is skill, dexterity, and the desire to please a woman, and even when meeting a girl, it does not matter.

The character of a man and male complexes.

2. In wealth and in poverty …

The gap between rich and poor is widening every day. And if, in principle, no one requires a woman to be responsible for the well-being of a married couple, then much more is expected from a man. After all, from childhood they inspire the boy: he must be the breadwinner, waterer, and dresser of his future family. And if he fails to realize himself in these positions, it can be fraught with serious consequences for him.

This is what has become the reason for more and more psychological trauma and mutilation of the modern average man, who has a complex of extreme poverty. Most poor men suffer because of the impossibility of presenting a ring with a diamond, a mink coat, and similar “little things” on the next anniversary of their sweetheart. This is one of the most difficult complexes to overcome, which is almost impossible to fight. The only way out is to work hard or rob a bank (just kidding).

3. Baldness is not a vice.

A man, unlike a woman, sometimes willingly forgives his beloved flaccid muscles (more precisely, their complete absence), teeth that are not too white, a small beer belly, they say, love me the way I am. The only flaw in appearance that causes panic in most of Don Juan is baldness. It would seem that there is something so terrible here, but far from everyone can overcome the complex that has matured in the place of horror.

And here the man begins to urgently take action: he buys miracle drugs that cost a lot of money, stops washing his hair, at the same time he signs up for psychics, grandmothers who remove damage, and in a beauty salon, but his hair still continues to thin. If the bald head still does not lose ground, you can choose two ways to solve the problem. The first is preferred by the majority: they shave their heads bald and stock up on all kinds of baseball caps.

The second path leads to the clinic of the most modern plastic surgery, where hair transplantation awaits you. And is it worth it to go in cycles in baldness at all? After all, baldness has long been in fashion and, by the way, many women consider a tanned shaved skull to be very sɘxy. Remember with what awe they look at Bruce Willis and Fyodor Bondarchuk. Just don’t think of any nonsense, and life will become much easier!

4. Meter with a cap.

Short stature is a real tragedy for men. But in most cases, this “flaw” compensates for the huge vanity and absolutely crazy ambitions, which very often help to achieve success. Just remember Napoleon (157 cm) and our contemporaries – Prince (158 cm), Dustin Hoffman (163 cm), and Diego Maradona (167 cm). They certainly can give odds to any subject of basketball growth. The principle applies here: “the spool is small, but expensive”, and believe me, women understand this very well!

5. Beauty is a terrible force.

And finally, one of the strangest male complexes is the fear of smart, beautiful, or simply attractive women. The American sɘxologist Morrey recently published a work on what kind of women men are afraid of. The most terrible, from the point of view of male logic, female quality turned out to be precisely beauty.

In most cases, a man wants a less attractive person than himself, because, you see, it seems to him that such a lady will value him more and be faithful. This greatest delusion causes a ridiculous, unattractive woman to appear next to a tall, handsome and intelligent guy. And in the meantime, bewildered beauties and smart girls have to be content with less attractive, but more self-confident men.

So you doom yourself and the one you like to a complete fiasco! If you are really interested in a woman, you should not pay attention to such trifles! Admit that everyone deep down considers himself the best. So take advantage of this! Do not be afraid to meet a spectacular person, because even the most glamorous and very sɘxy beauty is just an ordinary woman, to whom you just need to pick up your key for everything. More confidence – and you will succeed, because even Quasimodo tried to conquer Esmeralda. Remember: who does not risk, he does not drink champagne! The character of a man and male complexes.

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