The first problems in a relationship – what to expect from a life together?

The first problems in a relationship – what to expect from a life together? Young families without fail go through the stages of their formation. On the way of their development, there are crises that are critical, and if a couple gets out of them competently, then it moves to a higher and stronger level of relationship. When it comes to relationships, then we are talking about legal or civil marriage.

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Young people create a family, each of them has his own expectations and ideas about the family. As statistics show, at first the couple is in a state of strong love, which is saturated with passion and a sense of independence.

But, living together means responsibilities and distribution of roles, which allows you to create a family model and feel in which direction both should develop. The strongest and strongest couples have problems and crises, and they are sometimes inevitable. According to statistics, the first year of cohabitation is the most difficult and many couples, unable to withstand the crisis, disperse.

The crisis of the first year of relations

The family, having lived for a year or two, inevitably goes through a crisis, this is due to the forced transition to a new onium.

If the love is strong, and people still try to show their partners only positive qualities, then after a while they begin to show their true qualities of character and enter into confrontations.

Difficulties increase with the responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of everyone in the family. People say that young people need to “get used” to each other during the first year, but what is behind these Slovaks.

In fact, this is a rather deep psychological process of accepting each other as a couple, when all problems are discussed and an agreement is made taking into account the interests of everyone. Only in this case, the couple will be able to painlessly survive the first years of their life together, it’s like laying a strong and solid foundation for the house.

But, often, at a young age, there is still not enough experience and prudence to give in and go forward, sharpness in judgments and irascibility prevented many from hearing each other. Divorces in the first 1-3 years of marriage make up to 80% of the total. It turns out that this is one of the most difficult periods in the life of a young couple.

Probable Causes of the Crisis

  • Joint life and housekeeping.

Unfortunately, this point has ruined many young families. The problem lies in the fact that everyone has their own ideas about this process and in case of disputes they can agree. Lib or one of the partners will proceed to the next minute and copy one to the other side, no matter what it is.

  • Birth of a child.

There are many questions that new parents and spouses have to solve. Firstly, the lack of material security and financial instability clearly create problems. The Elastics Add new responsibilities, caring for the child, his maintenance and care, all this Requires Strength, Patience, finances and time.

Crises in relationships by years

A woman is going through a crisis After the birth of a child, she enters a completely new role for herself, it is difficult and difficult for her, both mentally and physically. A man also bears the responsibility for the maintenance of the whole family and expects gratitude and love from his wife, but both find. This is where the crisis of a young family originates.

  • Different models of relationships or mismatch of scenarios of married life.

Each of the spouses, by the time of marriage, already has an idea of ​​​​what His family should be like and what roles they will play. Psychologists believe that everyone has two scenarios, the first one is formed rationally and is within his consciousness, that is, he thinks about it, evaluates and accepts it, and the second scenario is in our subconscious, it was copied from relationships in the parental family.

Unfortunately, the second option manifests itself in life much more often, since it is simply inscribed in the human psyche, this is the environment in which he grew up and was brought up, otherwise it will be difficult for him. If the scenarios, or rather the roles in the family, do not match, then the conflict cannot be avoided.

These are far from all the reasons why a couple can enter into a crisis and experience difficult times.

How does a relationship crisis manifest itself?

Understanding that there are problems in the family is perhaps the first step towards resolving the conflict. You can endlessly close your eyes to the displeased face of the spouse, to the coldness and harshness in the answers to each other, but when the thought arises that it is hard and unbearable to be at home, this is no longer just a signal, but a real serena that urgently needs to solve the problem.

The emergence of a crisis is hard not to notice, it has one striking symptom, it is dissatisfaction and negativity towards a friend. For this purpose it is possible to react to the most pretense and obid. Perhaps if people would immediately solve their problems, and not accumulate them for years, then the crisis would pass without problems.

The Crisis has a peculiarity: It is becoming ever larger due to the understatement by the spouses to each other of their true experiences and feelings. It seems to a young girl during this period that she is no longer loved, and she is not so attractive, the guy, in turn, believes that too much is required of him, and he does not receive proper attention from his wife. This is only the most primitive example from the life of a young family, which demonstrates a crisis in relationships.

At this stage, the destinies of lovers often break down, who could build a truly strong family. It is worth saying that both spouses do not always have dissatisfaction, it happens that one lives and everything seems to be fine, and he does not even suspect that his soulmate is hard and unbearable to fulfill his role.

How to survive problems in a relationship?

Write the name of the subject in the last year and it is possible to say that the following references are made:

  • You need to make it a rule to discuss the problems of your family.

It is made up of material storage, emotional and physical. It is not necessary to do the situation in the predela, it is possible to choose the right place and place it. Discussing problems in a relaxed manner, everyone will be able to express their opinion.

  • Always find a compromise.

Flexibility in relation is a great advantage, If People can solve problems, taking into account the Interests of each other, then this will only strengthen their relationship.

  • No one wants to see you.

Simple words: “I’m now uncomfortable with what you did”, “I’m offended because … that’s all, nothing else is needed, this is how the conversations of two adults begin, and if you accumulate resentment, negative discontent, then this will cause harm primarily to your psyche and in the future will still find a way out in a nervous breakdown.

  • The main rule in all respects is that you should never try to remake your partner.

Communication from a position you are bad, and I am good, is definitely doomed to failure. This is a toxin relationship that ruins the brightest feeling.

Surviving a crisis is not difficult if people are focused on each other. Young spouses will be able to get out of the crisis to a new level with the new rules of their family, the villages will be open for you.

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