The girl chose another or how to revive the Phoenix from the ashes?


If the relationship in a couple went wrong, and the girl chose another guy, then her former lover may consider that life is over and nothing good awaits him anymore. In this moment of despair, he simply will not remember that this is the end of almost every second love story. Therefore, the question is not about how to prevent such an ending, but how to improve life after parting with a traitor.

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Why does the girl choose another?

  1. Each specific situation of betrayal or change of partner has its own roots. Below are the most popular:
  2. The longer a couple is together, the more claims people accumulate towards each other. Over time, even the most in love take off their rose-colored glasses and are surprised to realize that their object of adoration is very far from perfect.
  3. It is only at the beginning of a relationship that the difference in social status, age, upbringing and religion does not play a big role, but over time, all these differences can become a significant stumbling block.
  4. Different life values, guidelines and views on creating a family, raising children, etc.
  5. Women do not like to sympathize with the weaknesses of their men. Partners in love can put their partner’s desires above their own, fulfill her every whim, put up with a disrespectful attitude towards themselves. Thus, they cease to be leading in relationships and lose the respect of their lady.
  6. If a girl does not love, then she, in fact, does not care what feelings her partner has for her.
  1. According to psychologists, cheating can be a spontaneous and uncontrollable act, and changing a partner is a well-considered decision. This means that either the guy had little interest in the life of his other half, or because of his love, he simply did not notice how his girlfriend’s attitude towards him was changing.
  2. If a girl has chosen another guy who is more prosperous, it is not because she is seduced by the amount of money that he currently has, she simply sees in him the makings of him, allowing him to always be “with money” and adequately support his wife and children.
  3. If a man is self-confident and has leadership qualities, then he will always be more interesting than his competitors.

If a woman preferred another to her partner, then the former lover should analyze the situation and understand what exactly he did not suit his partner. Perhaps he should work on himself (pump up, change the style of appearance and clothes, engage in education and self-education) and his ex will crawl to him on her knees. But even if this does not happen, then the new and improved abandoned guy will be able to find a more interesting girl for himself.

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What not to do to an abandoned guy?

  1. You should not stop your girlfriend and promise her to fix everything. And if she nevertheless left, then there is no need to call, send SMS, beg to return and do everything that turns a normal man into a doormat.
  2. If you show how much she is needed and how hard it is to live without her, then most likely she will decide that she made the right decision by parting with such a nurse and a weakling.
  3. The worst thing you can do is post sad statuses on social media. networks, in the hope that her heart will tremble, and she will return. Such behavior will only raise her self-esteem and amuse others. In addition, a real man will never give a reason for pity towards himself.
  4. Ask an ex about a new boyfriend and find out why he is better. So you can lower your self-esteem below the baseboard and give your ex the opportunity to once again be convinced of the correctness of your choice.

How to revive the Phoenix from the ashes?

  1. As the people say, “a wedge is knocked out with a wedge.” Having met new girls, a man can really make sure that the world has not converged on his former passion.
  2. Close friends and noisy companies will help you forget about a bad love experience.
  3. Now you can do what was forbidden before, namely, make new girlfriends and openly meet with them, call up and correspond. You can think of your favorite hobby that was banned, for example, fishing, going to the bathhouse with friends, gatherings in the garage, etc.
  4. After a breakup, a man has a lot of free time that can be used in a more meaningful way, for example, to work more and climb the career ladder. Surely the former, having learned about the successes of her abandoned friend, will still tear her hair on her head and regret her mistake.

A bad romantic relationship experience is still a rewarding experience. In the future, he will allow you to really look at girls and love relationships.

You can change your attitude to the problem by remembering Feng Shui. A small rearrangement in the house and the removal of unnecessary rubbish will bring a stream of fresh air into life, which will help clear your thoughts.

With a cool head, it is worth analyzing your relationship with your loved one and understanding exactly when and by whom the mistakes were made. Having drawn certain conclusions, you can be sure that they will not be repeated in the future.

If a girl has chosen another guy, then after the feelings cool down and emotions subside, you should understand that everything is already in the past and there is no return to it. When one door closes, several others open at once. One of them is the future, you just need to choose the right one.

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