The girl talked about how to meet a guy in a restaurant? Personal Experience

The girl talked about how to meet a guy in a restaurant? Personal Experience
The girl talked about how to meet a guy in a restaurant? Personal Experience

Personal Experience: How to Meet a Guy in Restaurant and get a Date?

This question will be answered by one of the authors of the “Elite Daily” – Erica Gordon. She plucked up courage and decided on this experiment. She wrote about all her impressions on her Twitter.


“I’ve been lonely for a f**king long time. But I didn’t seem to care that much. I didn’t try to pick up a man at all, ”Erika begins.

She often went to lunch in cafes and restaurants and took her friends with her. There they noticed some handsome man and secretly began to spy on him. They did not take any decisive action. We only indulged in sweet dreams of how things might turn out if they were a little bolder.

How many girls do the same? They dream that this handsome man himself will guess everything and come up to say hello. But in the end, the miracle never happens. He calmly finishes his pie, drinks his coffee, and leaves the cafe. Perhaps going on a date with a more daring girl who once decided to take the first step.

For example, recently my friend and I went to Earls (a popular restaurant in Vancouver and spotted a guy at the next table. We both agreed that this handsome man was a big catch.

He did not notice how we look at him. Sitting on the phone and probably flipping through Happn (a dating app) instead of looking at two girls less than ten feet away, ”says Erica.

“I recently turned thirty. And suddenly I had the courage to do what I was previously unable to do. Maybe it’s all about the realization that time is running inexorably, and I have nothing much to lose.

This is why I decided to try picking a guy at a restaurant for the first time last week. He was with his buddies.

I was very brave. Just fearless. I laughed a lot. I understood that this was a huge step for me, this is a new milestone in my life. Plus, I run a column on relationships, and the female readers are extremely grateful that I act as a guinea pig and try it out for myself. I decided to tweet everything that would happen.

That’s what came of it. ”


“I decided to ask the waitress who served him for advice. She offered to order him a beer. By the way, that’s exactly what I was planning to do – to hand him a beer or a portion of fried potatoes.

Step 1: I spotted this guy and asked the waitress for advice on how to pick him up – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

The guy was really cute. I know this often happens – a stranger seems prettier from afar. But then I was sure that he was handsome.

I noticed him as soon as I sat down. I suddenly realized that it was so stupid to be afraid to meet a man myself. I decided to do it for once.

Step 2: we narrowed down our action plan to send him a #burger, #french fries, or #beer – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

How did I imagine everything? I order him something. He does the same. Then he sits down at my table, greets and says how cool I arranged everything.

He would say that no one does this in our time. We would chat about how people should do these things more often. Then we would kiss, exchange numbers, or something else.

But it didn’t go quite like that …

Step 3: I wanted to be funny and send fries, but she invited me to send a beer #datingadvice – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

I thought it would be fun to send food instead of drink. But I followed her advice and ordered a beer. She knows him better than me – she’s been serving him for the last couple of hours.

The waitress and I are chatting about loneliness. She has been without a relationship for 3 years. Even when she flirts with men, she is never asked out on a date. – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

Isn’t it crazy that a beautiful waitress with a charming smile and a friendly disposition never received a date invitation and never got hooked on her? Some kind of nonsense, in my opinion!

It seems like men (and women) no longer have the courage to flirt in real life because they know they can take the easy route and use dating apps.

Step 4: I ask the waitress when she will send him my beer and she says she will wait for him to finish his. Ugh. Patience? – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

Or maybe he drinks even slower (read in the voice of Chandler Byng from Friends)? Patience is not one of my strengths.

Step 5: my food has just arrived. Excellent. Now that she brings him my beer and points at me, I’ll probably have a very attractive mouth full of hamburgers. – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

This is where the worst part began.

They brought me my food and I noticed that he almost finished his beer. I wondered if I should eat my burger – I didn’t want to risk it. She will bring him my beer, the point at me, and at this time my mouth will be full of food. But then I thought how stupid it was. Sometimes I’m such a girl.

I bit off a huge bite without bothering at all.

Step 6: She just brought him a beer and pointed at me, saying it was from me. He gives me a smile and an airy greeting. And it’s all??? – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

I remember this moment. I remember my thoughts – “I hope this is not all that he is capable of, damn him.” Did he wave his hand to me? It can not be. Couldn’t he at least order me something in return? I almost finished my Mimosa. He could have sent me a Mimosa! Come on.

Step 7: All of his pals hit him with their fists, I think to congratulate him for being rolled up to him. – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

Without exaggeration. When my beer was brought to him, all his friends started punching him encouragingly. I also thought, “Hmm, maybe you shouldn’t be cheering him on until he gets his butt up, walks over to my table, and says thank you?”

Step 8: Hmmm … He still hasn’t come up to personally thank or say hello. #f@ck what a lonely #team lonely – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

When 15 minutes pass and he still hasn’t come to say thank you, and he still hasn’t sent me the mimosa, only one word comes to mind: anger.

Step 9: This is my first attempt at this and I am disappointed. He drinks the beer I bought him there, looks very hot, and ignores me – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

He actually drinks my beer there, eats ribs, and doesn’t even look at me. Um, shouldn’t you be grateful? Seriously, what the f@ck?

Step 10: He sees that I am paying the bill and realizes that he must come over to say hello before I leave. He sits next to me, chatting for a while, and gets my phone number! – TheBabeReport (@thebabereport) September 17, 2016

Okay, in his defense, he said he ate some ribs and didn’t want to come over until he was done so that his face wasn’t covered in sauce.

What I really liked was that he didn’t just come over to say thanks. He spoke to me and took the phone number.

But this cute little ribs still owes me Mimosa. This will be fair.

And his friends came up to me and said that I was confident and they liked it. Said more women should do this. In turn, I said that men, too, would not hurt to take the initiative more often.

So, even though it didn’t work the way I imagined it, it still worked. And it’s so great to try something new – I feel great.”


What was required to be proved – sometimes you just need to suppress stupid fears in yourself and take the first step. In the end, you really have nothing to lose. Even if you don’t get this guy’s phone number, you will definitely amaze everyone with your courage.

PS Guys reading this article – don’t make the mistakes of this handsome lover of ribs. A girl who decides to take the first step experiences a whole storm of emotions.

PPS But with the ribs in the sauce, you really need to be on the lookout.


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