The girl’s parents do not like the guy – how to behave?

The girl’s parents do not like the guy – how to behave? You got love. Next to you is a young man with whom you feel good, but for some reason your parents do not allow you to meet him. If you want to argue about the position, don’t worry about it. And you don’t want to date without their blessing. Let’s try to figure out what to do in such a situation.

How to talk to parents?

If you value your relationship with your parents, it’s important to talk to them. But not in a raised tone, but calmly. Better to do it without your young man. To make the conversation more intimate.

If both of your parents are against it, you can try to discuss this topic with each separately. Choosing each their own words. After all, each of them may have their own claims to your relationship.

  • Tell them why you chose him

At this moment, you can talk about everything that is important to you in a relationship with your boyfriend. Remind him of his strengths, if you see his shortcomings, you can also remember them. No where the button is and it is only possible that it is not very serious.

  • Listen carefully to your parents

They are different people and also have the right to their opinion. If you want to, you can do it by two other words and concretely. Maybe they see something that you don’t see in terms of your experience.

  • No ruby ​​with plecha

After you have listened to your parents, give yourself time to consider their words. To look a little from STORona on your own life. Screaming and quarreling will not lead to anything good. If you do not agree with them, then it is better to answer briefly and to the point, and in some cases you can remain silent so as not to aggravate the conflict.

Yes, not only you need time, but also your parents, because they should also try to hear you and obd. Their opinion can be very biased and even unfounded. Only you can do it on one side of the street for two years and not one.

How to introduce your parents to a guy if they don’t know each other?

If your parents are against your relationship with a young man, but you are sure that everything is in order with him, bye. If they don’t want you to invite them home, arrange a meeting on no man’s land. But remember that the reaction of parents can be different. If they are negative towards your man, they may just leave. There is no chance that they will want to stay.

What to do when parents are against a guy

In order for them to accept your young man, it may take more than one meeting. Stock up on patience. After all, you have known your chosen one for a long time, and they only get to know him and recognize him.

Think about yourself

If you are already quite an adult young lady, you are over 18 years old, you earn your own living, perhaps you live separately from your parents and separated from them psychologically. To you can stand that they don’t accept your man.

Separated the box by the moment it is possible to move it and it is not necessary. But If you have not passed this stage, and it is difficult for you to withstand the dislike of your parents for your chosen one, it is worth considering here. And something to do:

  • Go to a psychologist

At the consultation of a specialist, you can work out your merger with your parents. Strengthen your inner core and your self-worth. In addition to that, the rods are not intended for two years.

Separation is separation from parents and taking responsibility for one’s life. Therefore, if your relationship with a young man does not work out, then it will be your responsibility and your mistake. Yes, parents really want to protect their children from dangers, because they have more experience. But if the children have already grown up, then it is important for parents to realize that their children are already adults and can make decisions.

By the way, that means that you separate from the rods, and that rods are not. This can be expressed in phrases:

  • “Your house is empty”
  • “You can’t do anything without me”
  • “Davai ya tebe pomogu”
  • “How small are you?”

And many others. At that moment, parents do not see that their children have grown up. But remember that you cannot change other people. You can only work on yourself, on your psychological state.

Parents may be jealous

Maybe your parents are just jealous of you. If this is your first relationship, then this is the first time you’ve spent so much time with someone other than your parents. You share with him your feelings and experiences. The rods are the actual fact that is available in the transmission.

If you feel like this is the problem. Then try to give your parents some time. Follow up with little and say it’s over in this area. To the extent that you plan to do so, you may want to see the rods by one of them. If before you had one day a week devoted to communicating with your mother, do not deprive you of this. Then your parents will know that you care about them too.

The older children get, the less they need their parents, and the more they need their parents. Remember this and be attentive to the older generation. If it’s important to you.

Why are parents against?

In addition to jealousy, there may be other reasons why the older generation does not approve of your choice:

  • He is much older than you

The rods may be too heavy, so that the people who live there will not be able to do so. An older man will dominate you and they may be afraid of that.

  • He is of a different nationality

And that means he has other foundations. Which your parents won’t accept. And you, due to inexperience, can still underestimate.

  • Your lifestyle has changed

After meeting your boyfriend, you began to lead a more immoral lifestyle. And whatever one may say, it may not please your parents. This is why it isn’t possible to do that, but the rods in the sky aren’t there anymore.

  • They know something else about him

Maybe his parents saw him with another girl or they know some unpleasant fact about him, but they love you so much that they cannot tell you about it. As long as you have problems with it, you can do it with rodents.

There may be other reasons why your parents do not approve of your relationship, but in any case, the choice will always be yours. But your parents are not strangers to you, so do not take all their words with negativity. As long as you have a heart, it is only possible for you to see it. Sometimes what is acceptable for some in a relationship is completely unacceptable for others.

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