The girls said that they are attracted to a man

The girls said that they are attracted to a man. Everyone has their own tastes, but there are special masculine qualities that seem attractive to the vast majority of girls. And now we will find out what these qualities are.

Portrait of an ideal man

Representatives of the beautiful half of the Reddit website will provide us with assistance in compiling a psychological portrait of a dream man. Here are the qualities of men they find most attractive:

  • “The ideal man is mine. He is one of the smartest people I know. He is a talented musician who constantly taps the rhythm on everything in his sight… He is stubborn, like me, but he knows how to admit when he is wrong and do everything in his power to correct the situation and make sure that it is will not happen again.

He is always there when I’m sick. He supports and inspires me. He is the first to ask me about the news from work. He does small things that brighten up my every day – he brings me chocolate with strawberries after work, my favorite tea, etc. It goes through difficult levels for me in games I get stuck on.

He has a crooked nose, and on our first date I asked him how he managed to break it. Turns out he didn’t break it. He does not believe when I tell him that I love his nose – for him it is the most hated part of the body. He also has blue eyes, from which I fainted at the age of 15, when we went to classes together.

This post was much longer than I expected.” – LucyAndDiamonds.

  • “I like shy nerds. They also wear funny t-shirts.” – Ara854
  • “Hardworking, smart, considerate, affectionate, emotional and sensitive” – ​​mintyJulips.
  • “Open, determined, empathic, creative, entrepreneurial. It doesn’t matter what he thinks about politics and religion (as long as his views do not shackle me myself). No prejudice. Wants children in the future. Career focused.” – deleted.
  • “Feminist, liberal, kind, self-confident, takes the lead in bed and in life, smart. Without excessive machismo and a tendency to violence. Nothing is more repulsive than a man who immediately jumps into a fistfight and can’t control his anger.” – MissPoopsHerPants
  • “Smart, kind and compassionate. Happy. Having a passion for something. I am ready to put up with the fact that I will not agree with him on everything. Stable, but not too predictable. With beard. Older than me – I just don’t see myself with a younger guy. Likes Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or some other stuff like that that I like.” – The_Limit_DNE.
  • “Intellectual, philosopher, loves theater, ballet and Shakespeare. Reads books eagerly. Calm and well-mannered, but passionate. Empathic. He loves nature, outdoor recreation. And dogs! – deleted.
  • “Can make me smile even when I grumble or feel sad, has a good sense of humor. Respectful and demands respect in return.

He doesn’t need to dominate me, but you can’t call him submissive either – he communicates on an equal footing. Honest. Shares at least one or two of my interests so that we can do something together.

I would not want a man who is so independent that he never considers me … but I do not need him to be dependent on me and deprive me of personal space. In general, someone with whom you can respect each other’s personal boundaries. – Trudence.

  • “Tall (from 180 cm), athletic, a graduate of a prestigious university, thoughtful, kind, well dressed, with the same sense of humor as I do, not too serious, attractive in appearance, active, loves sports, is interested in starting a family and prefers monogamy,” swimmie.
  • “The guy is the golden mean. He can be pushy when I find it difficult to make a decision. Allows me to dominate in bed sometimes. You can have discussions with him. When I fall apart, he acts as a support for me. A prince for the family, an animal in bed.

Intellectual. Largely thanks to the parents with whom he is close. Understands computers and will be able to understand why my computer does not work. Maybe a gamer like me.

I agree to try the strangest positions with me in my favorite eatery and will eat tomatoes from my burgers if the waiters again forget about my request not to put them in, turkoizdog.

  • “Smiles when he sees me. I feel that he enjoys my company. It doesn’t matter how he looks, the main thing is that we have powerful chemistry.

Someone I can make happy. We have similar goals regarding family and children, place of residence, travel, etc. He knows how to express his emotions and feelings. He communicates well with me and considers me sexy.

He never stops working on our relationship, even in the most critical moments. Respects my personal boundaries as much as I respect his. He understands that we will not be on a honeymoon forever with butterflies in our stomachs and will be glad when we become so comfortable with each other that we become a real duet.

He will always be glad to see me and will not complain about me to his friends. If problems arise, he will tell me about them to my face and will work to solve them with me.

Will not argue with me. He has no anger control issues. Be a father to my children and an adventure partner for me.

I want someone who makes me smile and feel like a good person. At the same time, he will let me know that I should always strive for self-improvement,” deleted.

  • “Smart, interested in history, art, politics. Maybe not an extrovert, but very social and sociable, friendly, cheerful.

Patient – at least with me. Kind and empathic. Has a passion for something. Knows how to listen.” –Creepthan_Frome.

  • “Smart, you can keep up a conversation with him – I don’t want to pretend to be stupid next to him. He has dreams that he follows. Good sense of humour. Inoffensive – I have the humor of a fourteen, so I can say something rude and vulgar. And he has the same libido as me.” – thenerdyprepster
  • “Someone who is really passionate about something. I love listening to guys talk about things they’re interested in (but it’s nice when he asks me questions and listens to me about what I’m into).

If he plays video games with me or is good at an instrument, that’s a huge plus.” – rlcav36

  • “Charming, outgoing, nerd. Wide range of hobbies. Loves food and dogs.” – pistachio-pie.
  • “Smart, but not set. Creative when it comes to finding solutions to a problem. Curious. With a good sense of humor. Kind, thoughtful, tactful. He has good manners and knows how to behave in society.

Maintains hygiene. Mature, responsible, without passive aggression. Interested in more than just video games (video games are ok, but there must be something else).

Doesn’t reject, insult, manipulate, devalue or take me for granted. Doesn’t say stupid things like “calm down”, “are you on your period?” or “smile!” when I’m upset.

Talks to me, listens to me and remembers what I say. Not obsessed with strict food restrictions. Non-religious, not a conspiracy theorist.

Not lazy, but understands that sometimes it is necessary to be lazy. He has a healthy attitude towards sex. Can talk about it without embarrassment. Unselfish, wants not only to receive, but also to give, ”- DmKrispin.

Top 6 qualities of a real man. What is the ideal man?

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