The guy said that he no longer loves me – what to do when breaking up

Unrequited love is a heavy feeling that destroys you. Therefore, the question naturally arises before you: “How to stop loving a man.” At first glance, this seems like an impossible task. In fact, by taking certain steps, one can gain EMO-rational freedom. Let’s dwell 

What to do if a guy says he doesn’t love you?

If you are tired of being emotionally dependent on a guy who does not have reciprocal feelings for you, then most importantly, understand that there is no tragedy here. This situation occurs with every second, and even the first woman. Unfortunately, love is not always mutual.

It only at first seems that all life is over, the world has collapsed. Keep living life to the fullest and fullest. Don’t get hung up on your problem. With the right actions, your condition can be alleviated.

  • Take time to mourn.

If your love is not mutual, then it is always a pain. To overcome it, you need time to mourn, surrender to it. Not affected by the emocytosis. It is unhealthy, and thus you will not be able to let go of the situation.

Don’t overstep the bounds of reason. Sadness is a normal human feeling if you do not force yourself to indulge in them. Give yourself a set amount of time to grieve.

No matter how funny it may sound, but let’s say on Tuesdays and Fridays from 17 to 19 o’clock I indulge in longing for a guy. At this time, it is better to go for a walk, wander around the park, the streets. For this purpose, the words that are available to you are related to the living room.

Proceed to the world, and to those who want it. After that, you will come to the realization that there are many opportunities in the world, how great it is to be in a relationship with such a person who accepts you completely.

If you are in unrequited love, chase them. Get distracted by something else. You have a strict time allotted for mourning. Don’t forget about it.

  • Get away from the guy.

Take a break from your relationship. Delete everything the image did not flash on yours This way it will be easier to keep your distance. no way in the world. Is it worth it?

Make a firm decision not to call, not to write, not to send voice messages. It requires total control from you. No surprise should knock you off your feet.

How to forget a guy?

  • Don’t blame the guy.

He, like you, is not to blame for his feelings. It is difficult for him to control his emotions. Don’t worry about the situation in the area that is wine. Focus on overcoming this pathological feeling.

  • Get rid of all memorabilia.

This is not an easy step, but an important one in the process of self-healing. All these things complicate your life. No cost is not used ritual costume. Also don’t send them back to the guy with a demonstrative “thank you”. Think, maybe these items will bring joy to someone. Give it to these people.

As you donate memorabilia, think about the memory you associate with it. In your imagination, pack his balloon and let him go. Imagine that this memory is blown away from you and will never return.

  • Avoid reminders.

If something constantly reminds you of a guy, then it is difficult to get rid of this addiction. It is necessary to do this for a long time, which is related to the design of the world, and to the music, according to the meaning of the word.

In psychology, these reminders are called triggers. Recognize them. Then start moving in the opposite direction. Don’t linger on the EMOs that cause triggers. If you come across this song, then change it. It is not necessary to understand that these moments are in the name of the country. And the reminders will only make it harder.

While you were killing yourself in the experience of unrequited love, you forgot about yourself. Now is the time to remember your loved one. Start working on your self-development. Start reading books. Do what you love, find a new hobby, make new friends.

Go to the hairdresser, get a manicure, change your wardrobe. Let yourself feel beautiful, it always inspires.

Exercises to help you forget a guy when he doesn’t love you

When performing the exercises below, it will be easier for you to forget the guy, to establish your emotional balance.

  • An exercise to help you avoid calls.

Understand that the desire to call a loved one is a type of addiction. Therefore, it is pointless to expect that everything will work out every minute, as soon as you have made a decision. It will hurt at first, but it will get better soon.

Keep a diary, write down in it the moment when you wanted to call the guy. Proved to analis, that’s what you want in this moment. What are you doing. What result do you expect. After you have made an entry in the diary, call, but not the guy, but a close friend, sister.

Then go to the shower, the water perfectly washes away negative emotions, and do what you love. You can go for a walk or go to the gym. In general, make a choice in favor of some activity that will distract you from the desire for nitosis that has arisen.

  • An exercise in experiencing emotions.

Write a letter to the guy, put in it everything that you would like to say. Write with your own hand, no technology needed. No, do not send this letter. Allow yourself to speak out, thus freeing your head from heavy thoughts.

Perform actions that help you get EMO-rational discharge. Maybe talk to a friend, break dishes, yell, give it your all in the gym, beat pillows with a stick, tear something into small pieces, better some memorabilia from a guy.

After you exhale the negativity, calm down. You will come to the rescue: relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises.

To normalize the state, calm the body after STRESS, the breathing technique “4-7-8” will help. On the count of 4, take a deep breath. Then you hold your breath for a count of 7. For a count of 8, you take a deep breath. Perform 3 to 5 such breathing cycles.

  • An exercise in self-recognition.

In order to work with the experience of negativity as efficiently as possible, you need to compensate for difficult emotions with light and pleasant ones every day. Make it a habit to write down your feelings and emotions in a diary.

Here, make a list of everything for which you can be grateful to God, the Universe, and you will see that you have a lot of value in your life, there are people to whom you are dear.

Get the job done with your goals. And arrange them in such a way that every day you have 1-2 goals to complete. Learn to do something good and useful for yourself. Make a plan and no matter how it was, but do what is written there. Do things that make you happy every night.

Unlearning how to love a guy is not an easy task. On trebuet time and self-control. No torpedoes, that is before the emoji. Don’t hide them deep. Thus, your condition will only worsen. No matter how bad you feel, move forward according to a strictly set plan.

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