The husband gave a slap in the face in response – what to do?

The husband gave a slap in the face in response – the psychologist’s advice on what to do? Unfortunately, assault is a frequent companion of marital relations. In addition to those who are addicted to alcohol. No need to be there where it is stable and there are no signs of it. Do you want to return a product?

Reasons for assault

Slaps, forehead slaps, pushes, and direct beatings are all examples of assault. You can justify any of these actions as much as you like, but, frankly, we are talking about physical violence.

Any time one person performs an act of touching another person who is repulsed and disliked by it, they may be perceived as an abuser.

Is it possible to write a script in your own home?

  • Some very impulsive people often lose control of themselves, throw themselves at others, and beat them. Robert Hare has a book called The Frightening World of Psychopaths. It is partly about such people.
  • Psychopathy can also be discussed when a person purposefully uses physical violence to unify me. He needs to crush them like little worthless insects.
  • By the way, there are and who wants to try to hit and see what the result will be. The experiment in the style of Raskolnikova.
  • Close to the previous, but fundamentally different situation when a person wants to bring you to life. You fight in hysterics, throw yourself at him or a child, swear. Your husband can’t comfort you.
  • Impulsivity, and external aggression occurs with prolonged stress, in situations of strong disappointment. Sometimes a person Acts nice, but when faced with blame or failure, Loses control and lashes out at others.
  • The impact of psychoactive substances. Alcohol, and drugs destroy logic, reduce control, and distort the vision of the world.

A typical example is an intense jealousy on the part of a husband who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs for his wife returning home late.

  • With the help of blows, a person “kills” in others what he hates in himself or what he cannot cope with.

Why can’t a man be forgiven?

For example, a woman feels unwell but still tries to finish her household chores. A man comes home from work tired, and upset because of a difficult conversation with his boss. He knows that his wife needs help, but he cannot, he does not find the strength. And then he boils up, starts to get angry, and rushes at her.

  • Some people suffer from mental and physical illnesses. The cup of their suffering overflows, and they pour out their pain through aggression.

Bullying can be avoided. Respect for yourself, another person, and the ability to stop and take control of your emotions help to do this.

When an assault be forgiven?

There are probably only two situations in which assault can be treated with some patience. No, and to the full extent, you should try it and, by the ball, you should wait for the other day. The common property of these situations is the absence of purposeful aggression.

In the first case, the husband uses physical violence, because in no other way can he calm the sven. Due to failures, and bad mood, she becomes hysterical, throws herself at others, and breaks dishes.

In such a situation, an accident can occur, the ending of which is difficult to predict. It can be wounds, disability, or death. And not only women who can not control themselves. It can harm a child or an elderly mother.

In another situation – a man once in his entire life used physical violence under the influence of passion.

Having made a blow, giving a slap in the face, he was afraid of what he had done, experienced a shock, and now repents. The act is perceived as low, unworthy, and stressful. It contradicts the very essence of a man, the level of his intelligence.

Such an action can have a therapeutic effect, leading to the fact that a man rethinks his behavior, realizes that he is wrong, and feels fear for himself.

Reflection will lead to a desire to draw boundaries that your husband will never want to cross again. He realized for himself that he had done the unforgivable.

And then there is the opportunity for forgiveness. Think about it, if you know that you love a man, you internally believe that the assault will not happen again.

When an assault is not worth forgiving?

If you find any other cases where physical abuse can be forgiven, write them in the comments. It will be really interesting to know them.

But the problem is that Analyzing cases of domestic violence, one conclusion suggests itself – He who once raised his Hand will raise it again. According to statistics, assault, having happened once, becomes systemic, and turns into a constant companion of spouses.

Let’s see how this happens step by step:

  • The man hits the woman. She is in shock, cries, and if possible, runs away from home.
  • The husband asks for forgiveness and says that he does not understand what happened. Begging for forgiveness. Assures that the assault will not happen again.
  • You forgive. You live happily. The American psychologist Lenore Walker, who developed the idea of ​​the cycle of violence, even included the term medo in it.
  • And suddenly one day the violence is repeated.
  • You should know, about the prosecution, the prosecution, and also the beskoneschnosti.

If this cycle is not interrupted, the intervals between assaults will become shorter and shorter, and the honeymoon will disappear altogether. You become a victim and he becomes an abuser.

If we turn to statistics, only the woman who leaves such a relationship breaks this chain. In the future, she aims to avoid relationships in which one person is a tyrant, and the other becomes a victim.

Why is the assault repeated so often? It’s about the nature of the human psyche.

  • A man, even feeling guilty for what he has done, sees his impunity. With blows, slaps pushes, he replenishes his set of tools in communicating with a woman and, seeing no obstacles, begins to use it when it is convenient.
  • Agree with the people who are in the middle of the stairs. It turns out, like a predator cub – having felt the blood, on will look for it further.
  • No need to do it, to reclaim the wine to the Russian language. Women often provoke their husbands to violence. Flattery, tricks, contempt, manipulation are used. Often a wife may show outright contempt or attempts to teach her husband to live by her rules.
  • Another reason lies in the eternal forgiveness or, rather, the lack of desire on the part of a woman to do something, to fight for her rights.

This is said a little harshly, but by forgiving, experiencing fear of leaving toxic relationships and being alone, a woman becomes an increasing victim.

First she forgives a slap, then a blow, then a beating.

All these reasons, their repetition, underlie the unpleasant conclusion that assault in most cases should not be forgiven.

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