The man disappeared without explanation: what to do?


If a man disappeared from your life without explanation, it may seem strange. But it is enough to analyze the situation, and perhaps you yourself will find the answer to such an act. The reasons can be from a banal loss of interest in you, to serious problems in your personal life. But in any case, such an act only testifies to the cowardice of a person.

Loss without cohabitation

If a man disappeared at the beginning of an ensuing romance, and at the same time everything developed quite well, it is worth considering a number of reasons for such behavior on his part:

First, you may have gone too far with your exactingness. A sign of selfishness in the first place is not self-indulgence, but the intention to remake other people for yourself. Men usually do not stand this kind of behavior.

The second – sometimes a woman, having relaxed and realizing that a man does not need to be charmed, ceases to follow her appearance. And, as you know, the stronger sex loves with his eyes.

The third is the obsessive behavior of a friend. Men do not like excessive control, they themselves want to care for and decide for their soul mate. When a woman tries to take his place, he can disappear forever.

The fourth is frank flirting with other guys. The desire to cause jealousy in a partner sometimes brings ladies to an unacceptable limit. As a result, they get either a huge scandal or his silent departure forever.

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Why does a man disappear without explanation after a long relationship?

Your relationship has gone through many trials, while the partner was there, but at the same time did not try to connect his life with you for a long time, and at one moment disappeared altogether. The reasons can be varied, consider the main ones:

  • He has a woman on the side. Usually, shortly before leaving, characteristic signs of a change in a person’s behavior appear. Analyze the situation, maybe this is your case.
  • Lack of seriousness of intentions. Usually these guys are in no hurry to tie the knot.
  • If a young man has never behaved in this way, and suddenly disappeared without a trace, you should still call his friends and acquaintances first, and later take on hospitals, etc.
  • You had frequent quarrels and scandals. Perhaps he was tired of such a hectic life and he decided to retire.
  • If he disappeared on the eve of the holiday, this may indicate his greed or precarious financial situation. Wait a bit, maybe soon he will appear and come up with an incredible disappearance story.
  • Trouble at work. For many men, career comes first. The difficulties that began unsettled the man, and he decided to be left alone with his problems in order to solve them without outside pressure.
  • Banal insult to you. Men are also offended and can subtly take revenge.

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How not to behave if a man abruptly stopped communicating

You managed to find your lover and even find out the reason for the breakup, now your goal is to tear him to shreds, well, or somehow avenge the harm done. Below are tips on how not to behave towards an ex-boyfriend:

  • To pester him with calls and messages. If it’s unbearable, one call is enough for the guy to understand your indignation. Appreciate yourself and do not impose on people.
  • Arrange surveillance and try to meet.
  • Try to threaten and blackmail. In such ways, a man definitely cannot be returned.
  • Change yourself to please your partner. This method is good if the man himself is trying to change for you, when the efforts are one-sided, is it worth making them.

If you are wondering how to behave when a man disappeared without explanation, you first need to find out the reason for the disappearance. Excluding dangerous circumstances, we can conclude that the partner was simply cowardly. Such behavior characterizes a coward. It is easier for him to hide without explanation than to logically end your relationship. Even if a man wants to return to you, you should think several times before taking him back.


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