The man does not answer calls and messages – what to do?

The man does not answer calls and messages – what to do? When a man ignores, he becomes anxious, restless and even scared. You can experience different feelings, imagine that something happened to him, or he has cooled off in relation to him. Women’s fantasy is a terrible thing, especially when it comes to a loved one with whom it is not possible to establish.

The most important thing in such a situation is to calm down and stop winding yourself up. Even if there was a serious quarrel between you the day before. Trying to contact friends and complain to relatives, raise everyone’s concern There are more constructive strategies for behavior.

The man does not answer calls and messages – what to do?

If your man does not pick up the phone and does not call back, this does not mean that he is offended by you or will certainly cheat.

Most likely, he, moreover, feels great – he was not eaten by a dog and not taken prisoner by bandits. Simply is the answer to the question, if you hear it on the phone, it’s banal, but it’s unknown in that moment:

  • forgot the phone at work, at a party (or simply lost it, and this happens);
  • rides the subway or driving;
  • busy with work or in a meeting;
  • taking a shower or sleeping soundly;
  • accidentally set silent mode does not let you know about incoming calls.

There are many reasons for unanswered calls. And absolutely each of them is far from a reason for resentment, claims and scandals.

Doesn’t pick up phone after breakup

If you are overly vulnerable and impulsive, it is likely that many of your quarrels end in a breakup. Usually temporary. You cool down, calm down and decide to remind yourself – they say, it’s time to put up. The plan is not to plan, in which it is possible to plan my life – it is necessary to plan it in person. If you want in the location of the children, ignore the calls by the chosen names:

  • fill their own worth, content with the rapid growth of self-esteem;
  • are in the company of friends, where it is “shameful” to leave for a conversation;
  • decide to teach their emotional soul mates a lesson, to scare them on purpose;
  • anticipating the next scandal, they prefer to avoid possible risks;
  • decide to be alone, not being distracted by important conversations or showdowns.

Remember how you behaved in similar situations. It is unlikely that she would immediately run into the arms of another man. Yes, boys and girls react differently to what is happening. However, in many respects their behavior patterns are the same.

If you are sure of his feelings, you have a lot in common, and the relationship was more or less harmonious – just give him time to recover. If you’re calling about an extremely important matter, it’s best to leave a message asking for a call back as soon as possible and a brief description of the problem.

Why doesn’t a man write or call?

How to be

Do not think that if you call continuously, he will definitely pick up the phone. You can simply discharge a man’s phone. As a last resort, if she wants to talk to you, you will be blacklisted. And that’s what it is, so it’s clear and it’s not worth it. Normally the name of the game is what you are used to.

Maintain long pauses between calls. Seeing more than 100 missed messages on the phone screen an hour later is scary in itself. In addition, the man will have a certain opinion about you. In the eyes you turn out to be a hypochondriac hysterical woman, unable to match deored “in and aekatically reacting.

  • So that minutes do not seem like an eternity, find something to do

It is clear that you are unlikely to fall asleep and watch a movie lGIE uON here, turn on envy invigorating m s ghael uo active Alternatively, meet friends. The company will not let you get bored and plunge into depressive thoughts.

  • Learn to control your emotions

EMOTIONAL INTELLECT – This is the law and the ability to control, control and control the emotions. Take time to develop yourself and try to learn it. One of the easiest exercises is to find answers to simple questions. Ask yourself more often and it will become easier to control your own EMO-rational state over time:

  • What EMOTION are you experiencing right now?
  • what is it due to?
  • Are you saying that this is what it is about two years ago?
  • do you like to experience this?
  • Will your life change for the better or for the worse under the influence of such an EMOtion?

Controlling your emotional state is easier than you think. For starters, when you feel uncomfortable, switch to good memories. Review photos from the family album, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a positive experience or dream up – imagine a resourceful place where you are calm and joyful.

  • Warn risks

Any behavioral reaction in a relationship, both yours and your partner’s, is the result of previous experience. To avoid such situations, regularly work on harmonization and improvement of communication. Learn by yourself and tell him how to interact with each other. Try to solve all problems peacefully. The more you talk about frank topics, in a calm and kind-hearted atmosphere, the better you ol Car

  • Don’t interfere if you know you’re busy

If your man left for work or other business, even to meet friends, do not simply pester him with calls. Trust your young man. It is not necessary to carry out the test, so that it is saved and it is possible to do so. Let him calmly finish his business or rest. The maximum that you will achieve with your obsession is an extra reason for a quarrel.

  • Think about your behavior

That is the variant, the parameter is indicated by the name, and that is what it is about. Think about what he might not like. It is not necessary that this issue be raised at some point in the dialogue. The man could tactfully remain silent. No this is done before the deadline, so that the problem is in par with you.

  • No manipulator

If a man does not pick up the phone, do not immediately write angry messages, promise reprisals or threaten separation. By such behavior, first of all, you humiliate yourself, because you become like a manic madwoman who stands on the edge of the roof and pretends to jump if her demand is not immediately fulfilled.

Of course, you can try to call the man’s number from another phone. This will help you understand if on is ignoring you on purpose or is really unable to pick up the phone. Another option is to check the status of his activity in social networks, which will allow you to draw identical conclusions.

No, it’s worth it, think about yourself, your dignity and how you look from the outside. Keep your cool no matter what happens. Even if your man always and under any circumstances answered the phone, and at one moment stopped for no apparent reason, this is not a reason to panic.

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