The one who cheated once will certainly do it again: is it so?


A question about which controversy never subsides. Someone out of the kindness of the heart forgives betrayal, in the hope that the person will change. Someone is used to burning bridges and not giving a second chance. One way or another, there is no unambiguous guidance, and it is unlikely that one will ever appear.

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Being deceived sucks. But if your partner has a “predisposition” to cheating, and you pretend not to notice this, turning a blind eye to all the signals, these are already your problems. You can help someone who wants it. If a person is ready to forgive treason, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Another case is when a person really does not understand whether his partner is capable of betrayal. It seems that there is no catch, but everything is somehow restless in the soul. A study comes to the rescue, confirming the saying “The grave will fix the hunchbacked grave.”

sensational statement

A new study published inArchives of Sexual Behavior ”, claims that a person who at least once in his life indulged in love on the side will definitely do it again. Before you fall in love with someone or decide to take a more serious step with a partner, it’s a good idea to find out if your passion was unfaithful in relation to former partners.

Study and results

Every claim must be confirmed. Especially since it’s so relevant. The ongoing study involved 1300 people aged 18 to 35 years. Participants had to answer questions about their romantic relationships for five years.

The survey showed that 44 percent of the participants cheated on their partners. Of this number, 30 percent admitted that they were also cheated on, and 18 suspected infidelity, but did not know for sure.

Now for the important part: the researchers found that after a single infidelity, more than 45% of the subjects began to cheat on a permanent basis. Scientists say that the probability of “going left” after the first betrayal increases by about 3-4 times. Well, that’s a disappointing statistic. Now you understand how important it is to know about the past (or present) of your soul mate in order to protect yourself from trouble in the future.

How to proceed?

If your partner has ever been unfaithful to you, be on the lookout! Do not step on the old rake. It is not a fact that a person will change again, but it will cost him a lot of effort not to repeat past mistakes.

But again, let’s not generalize. All people are different, and it is at least stupid to measure everyone with one ruler. Perhaps the partner once stumbled, was unconscious, or fell under a bad influence, as a result of which he ended up in bed with another person. Of course, this does not justify him, but perhaps it gives him the right to a second chance – it’s up to you.

The Forbidden fruit is sweet. But there are many such people who, after the first betrayal, do not look at all towards the opposite sex. They tried it, they didn’t like it. How to understand that your partner is from this series? No way. The paradoxes of life. Because of this, people often trust someone who doesn’t need to, or cut ties with someone who really stumbled. The problem is that we never know in advance who is in front of us.

Just take note: if a person “went left” just once, he rarely stops at one fling. But, not the fact that your partner will do this all the time. In general, good luck in making difficult but correct decisions. Well, now you know that there is some truth in the ancient saying, so it’s better to wind it up with a mustache. But you should not treat this as an axiom, rather, as a relatively possible event.

For everything you need to know about a healthy attitude towards cheating, read our article at the link below.

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