The personal space of a woman and a man – should it be in a relationship?

The personal space of a woman and a man – should it be in a relationship? Perhaps not everyone knew that everyone has their own spatial behavior. On its basis, a person builds relationships with other people. It is thanks to this behavior that a person identifies himself from the general mass of people, from the group in which in.

The personal space of a woman and a man – should it be in a relationship? What is personal space in simple terms?

If you look at the life of each individual separately, you can imagine a scheme in which the starting point – a person is in a small circle – is a close family, the second circle is a little wider – the clan, the third – collectives, the fifth circle denotes society.

So, the distance between the point and the circles can be conditionally called the desired personal space. In other words, at what distance a person would like to communicate with this or that circle of people. In psychology, personal space refers to the distance at which a person holds the one with whom he enters into a relationship.

Its pro-a strange dream can change depending on the personal perception of this person and sympathetic to you. If there is no inner desire for rapprochement, then the distance will be maximum.

When communicating with another person, people keep a comfortable and safe distance from them. The key point in this situation is precisely the safe distance. Due to the set distance, the person can regulate his own impulses and control the impulses of the copulse copulse. Both social and physical intimacy should be under the control of the person himself, only he himself can decide how close this or that person can be allowed to approach him.

Relationships and personal space

Personal space is necessary for a man, a woman, and even a child. As soon as a person begins to identify himself as a separate unit from society, he begins to select and set for himself the most acceptable and comfortable distance between other people.

Personal space features

The personal space of a person performs the following functions:

  • Ability to control intraspecific aggression.
  • Preservation of internal and external freedom by building personal space between yourself and the interlocutor.
  • Preservation of privacy. For a modern person, this function plays an important role, only in the process of communication a person decides how close a person can be admitted to himself.

When it comes to personal space in a couple, then here it is worth proceeding from what, in fact, they are based on.

Respect for the personal privacy of a person is necessary even within the family. This is akin to communication etiquette when you respect your partner’s desire to be alone, do your favorite thing, or sit at a table at a certain distance.

In order to prevent conflicts on this issue from flaring up and resulting in a serious misunderstanding, you should be attentive to your partner, and even better, discuss it in a pleasant and trusting atmosphere.

How to maintain your personal space in a relationship?

Each person knows exactly what kind of personal space he needs. If you are interested, then watch strangers, yourself, how far you stand with strangers, what distance you keep with friends and family.

The concept of personal space includes laws on the observance of intrapersonal boundaries. Violation of these boundaries causes stress and discomfort, which leads to conflicts and strife between people.

Personal space is extremely important and it is necessary to discuss the rules of communication with a loved one in advance. In other words, the following topics:

  • Each partner in the family should have their own territory.

Watch and you will see that a woman does not tolerate other “helpers” in her kitchen, and this is not only because she knows better how to cook, it’s just her territory, where she is the mistress. Subconsciously, this is how she accepts it, although she works on it for the whole family. Men create for themselves a “dome of silence” in cabinets, in garages. The desire to have one’s own territory and control it has been inherent in man since ancient times.

  • Your l’s y x hobie Jacques Ender solitude and the wave is normal to ask for nervousness during the time.
  • It is a big mistake to think that partners should, like Siamese twins, not move away from each other.

Oversaturation with each other’s presence can eventually cause a loss of interest, in order for this not to happen, do not lose your hobbies and chances for personal development.

Everything that was interesting before the relationship is worth keeping, do not deny yourself this, do not sacrifice personal interests. With a competent and honest attitude towards each other, you can save your hobbies and your personal boundaries, as the right to preserve intrapersonal comfort.

When a partner rudely demands to give up favorite activities for his sake, then this can be considered as a restriction. It is here that personal space and boundaries are grossly violated, sometimes the message for restrictions looks quite harmless, just phrases, questions, but they make you make a decision not of your own free will.

So, for example, husbands or wives decide what to wear to a partner for a meeting with friends or girlfriends, what movie and what time to watch, what to eat and even what sports to do. All this is a gross violation of personal space and boundaries.

Borders are the line that no one should go beyond, even a loved one should not violate them. Psychologists will reply that you want to know how many people live in your home country.

The main postulate in a relationship is respect for each other, acceptance of personal hobbies and characteristics of your partner. A bad sign, if you notice in yourself that you get annoyed when your partner takes time for himself, you are angry that he can have fun without you and even communicate with his friends. If this is what you want, you will lose and protect your partner.

Do you want to do this? Try to understand that every person is free and you, first of all, in order not to be alone and not to wind yourself up that your loved one is in a gym class, you can sign up for foreign language courses, go to personal growth trainings.

The mass of classes can fill the vacuum that causes addiction. Ideally, with such problems, it is best to contact a psychologist or psychotherapist who will help you find the root cause that makes you build co-dependent bonds and help you change your attitudes towards interpersonal relationships.

Don’t Disturb Your Spatial Behavior

Not many people know why it is so important not to violate one’s spatial behavior, but this is the basis and reliable layer for building harmonious relations with the outside world.

Being in a space where there is no way to retire, restore your own resource and feel that it is your piece of territory that deals a strong blow to the psycho-emotional state of a person.

For living together and harmonious development of relations, it is important to respect and preserve the personal space of partnership. Otherwise, the contentment will increase, and the inner t There are three rules that your partner needs to know about:

  • You have the right to continue to do your favorite hobby and in a relationship. This is your personal desire and the partner must respect it.
  • You have the right to be alone with yourself on your conventional territory, and this does not mean that you do not love or are tired of your partner, it is just necessary for you and your psyche.
  • You have the right to claim that your space is violated. Of course, it is worth talking about it competently and without aggression.

Similar and you must respect and understand the personal boundaries and space of your partner.

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