These 6 Things Are Mental Health Practices You Can Do Every Day To Feel Better


Okay guys, I know that no one is going to turn down a favor, okay? But in fact this is very difficult to find, especially when social conditions have been replaced by social media.

Not infrequently we also hear complaints in our deepest hearts “I am not better, then why am I doing all this?”

Ok guys, listen to this…

We don’t feel better about ourselves or life when our minds are down, okay?

And pay attention and see the following illustration, yes!

All I want is for someone to put their hand on my shoulder and tell me, “Everything’s going to be okay.”

I couldn’t tell anyone about my need—my longing—for this simple act, or why it was so important to me. This is something I pray for. This is something that cannot be bought.

In the deepest hours of my life (when I was out of work for long periods of time, overweight, and with my critically ill father in the hospital) I longed for a pat on the shoulder to let me know that everything was going to be okay. Nobody’s coming.

At a meeting earlier this year, my family members talked about the achievements of my brother and sister-in-law. They have done well for themselves in their careers.

They live in a nice house. The family talked about my sister and brother-in-law. They are a couple with a talent for making desserts. They also have their own home and stable marriage.

How about the illustration of the story above? Has anyone come?

As a married man in his early thirties, I was not quite successful. Without verifiable and societally driven norms of success (great educational or study achievements, career promotions, stable relationships or news of an upcoming marriage or baby) I’m not mentioned.

As I listen to what everyone has to say, I miss the words “Everything will be all right.” But I didn’t hear it, even after years of asking.

What we desire most sometimes we don’t crave. While sometimes a cruel feature of life, emotional pain can help build resilience.

It was last January in 2014, and I was driving alone after swallowing the bitter pill and luckily I was able to make it to my destination safely. I received a very painful demotion letter, but fine it is something natural.

Do you know how it feels when you fall? It really hurts my friend, no one can describe it, even I myself also find it difficult to describe it.

Just being present and being present is not enough. In my life, many times not being part of the thread of conversation has been cut off, and sometimes brutally. Mainly because the demotion makes it harder to believe that everything will really be okay.

But if we don’t take the time to celebrate our own strengths and tell ourselves “Everything will be okay” we will continue to live as if it never existed.

so what can we do? Here are six suggestions on how to practice mental health that you can apply to help you feel good about yourself and your life. These things will not take up much of your time you know.

Instead, they will allow you to use the time you have to push yourself in a better direction.

Others can judge us, but if we don’t see the light within ourselves, how can we expect others to?

I know that it’s hard to believe in your own goodness. The times when we most need to see ourselves in the best light are often the most difficult times to do so.

There are days when you find getting up early is a struggle. There were times when tears fell down my face and I struggled to get up from the constant battle with myself and my mind. There are days when I can’t sleep because my mind is too loud.

However, despite everything I’ve written above, with these six things I do (almost) every day I can face the day with calm, strength, and serenity, knowing that I have the ability to take concrete action to deal with my thoughts.

how to train mental health

1.Contact one friend and one family member

Text or WhatsApp and say hello to family members and friends. This will take no more than a few minutes each day. Ask them how they are, ask what’s new. Ask them how you can help them.

You’re not the only one with painful thoughts running through your head. If during the interaction you can listen deeply and connect fully with them, who knows? You may be able to say the words they want to hear.

2. Develop an attitude of gratitude

Every morning I ask myself what three things I’m grateful for from the previous day, what two things (if accomplished) would make my day, and what one thing I’m grateful for this morning.

Several people wrote this, I’m telling myself this and find it works great. It puts me in a positive frame of mind before I even start the day.

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3.Take Action: three acts of kindness

It can be something very small to something very large. When we are self-obsessed, we think about ourselves all the time and often feel bad as a result; When we are obsessed with kindness, we think of other people and feel the joy of making them smile.

Helping others help yourself, period. It might seem selfish to think about it that way, but if you can help yourself and others at the same time, why not?

4.Do 20 minutes of exercise you like

People often give up on their fitness plans because they are doing sports they don’t like.

And it’s a shame because exercise is not only good for the body, but also for mental health.

Stick to what you love (in my case a leisurely walk), and you’ll find adopting an exercise habit more enjoyable and more lasting.

5.Read aloud for three minutes

Find something you like and read it aloud for three minutes (or as long as you can muster).

Stand tall and take pride in reading, as you probably did as a child.

This will increase your self-confidence, and developing this habit will also help instill a small level of self-discipline. It’s an easy thing to achieve this on a daily basis, and something that makes you feel good.

Need reading or caption about this, you can check Here yes!

6.Read fiction before bed

It’s actually a factor that promotes better sleep, releases worry and anxiety, and allows you to relax so you’re ready to face the next day refreshed.

This activity also helps you to turn off your mobile devices and TV an hour before bedtime.

Underline This Yes!

If you do all of the above every day and start to feel the benefits, it will be easier to say to yourself “Everything will be fine”, no matter what happens in your life.

After doing this for a while, I’m sure it will. Try an idea that works; just ignore what doesn’t work.

All of the above didn’t all work out for me, but I’m trying to. Even though I still want a pat on the shoulder and people telling me everything is going to be all right, now I know I can tell myself about this, and feel better that I was able to do it.

So, what about you, what do you do to feel better about life?

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