Three positive aspects of divorce for a girl

People tend to create families, have children, live together happily ever after, and die on the same day. These are the dreams of most young creatures who are just beginning to touch adulthood. These patterns, which have been imposed by generations and are genetically woven into the consciousness of people, do not allow us to look at many things from the other side. People are used to the fact that divorce is an incredible stress, a terrible horror, a nightmare and, in general, universal grief, sorry for the tautology.

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Why divorce is unsettling

Divorce is usually like a doomsday. But the whole problem lies in the fact that people simply try to spoil each other in everything, from the division of property to the living of children. Peacefully diverges 1 couple out of 20. The rest arrange such battles that sometimes there are doubts about their adequacy. It immediately becomes clear that “love has passed, the tomatoes have withered.” And even if one side starts yelling that “I still love you!”, but at the same time selflessly shares the TV and the washing machine, then this is a blatant lie.

In general, people themselves arrange a hassle for themselves, I wish to squeeze the maximum benefit from a divorce in material terms. Civilized divorce takes place, as a rule, peacefully. The couple simply decides what remains for whom based on the possibilities of re-acquiring the necessary things. As for children, here women hold the palm for hysteria, forgetting that the father has the same rights to the child. Even if the man is the initiator of the breakup: he left the woman, not the heir.

Pros of Divorce

And now, there is a stamp in the passport, a divorce certificate has been received, a new life begins. It’s not interesting to talk about men, they have everything according to the template: first, a protracted booze, then a global party, a round dance of girlfriends for one night, and new networks of love, in which they meet with enviable regularity. Although, many are so reverent about their freedom that they remain bachelors until the end of their lives.

But what about a woman? According to statistics, women experience divorce much harder than their ex-husbands. They have a child in their arms that needs to be supported, whether there is alimony or not – they also strain. Sometimes, loans that the couple took out for major acquisitions remain in the load. Well, if the missus left the apartment, but if not? Also a problem. In general, what benefits can we talk about if there are only misunderstandings around. And there are benefits! And here are some.

  • Free time

For starters, a woman has a lot of free time. Previously, when you came home from work, you had to get up to the kitchen open-air oven and cook dinner for the whole family, because the trembling one hardly bothered to even cut bread. After a divorce, this is no longer necessary. The child eats little and cannot be driven to the table, but a glass of yogurt is enough for herself. So instead of a stove, you can go for a walk with a child. And in general, there is no desire to scrub the floors?

Let these rags wait, no need to iron a pile of shirts and draw arrows on trousers, no need to ask for time off to meet with girlfriends, who can now freely come to visit themselves, at least for the whole night. You can do whatever your heart desires and have no one to report to. In short, “what I want, I turn back.” It is after a divorce that many women flourish. And all because there is a lot of time for yourself: for salons, for fitness, and for other “sweets”. And what else to do with such a lot of free time?

Quite unexpectedly, it turns out that money is not just enough. They even stay. And why? Because less money is spent on food. Previously, in order for the spouse to be satisfied, it was necessary to endlessly cook meat and other male goodies. The volume and quantity of dishes is sharply reduced. Now there is no need for a frying pan of cutlets and a 5-liter saucepan of borscht.

You can’t drive children to the table, they don’t understand what they eat at all, and a light salad for dinner is enough for dinner, which is prepared in 5 minutes. A kilogram of buckwheat is eaten for two months, but you can generally keep silent about the amount of bread and milk. It is after a divorce that many women lose weight, attributing it to stress. Not a fig! It’s all about the amount of food consumed and its calorie content.

  • Change of world view

Seeing a new self, and evaluating their capabilities, women, as a rule, understand that they no longer want to get married. Yes, and what for them all these pots and nightly watching action movies? Women begin to value their freedom no less than men. But after all, you won’t cuckoo for a century alone.

And then another hunter appears on the horizon, who wants to pick up a strong and independent madam. Naive! Well, let’s take the risk. The maximum that he will be allowed is to come 2 times a week, with his “glade” at strictly defined hours. And rightly so, at first they are all white and fluffy, but as soon as you give up the slack, everything starts all over again: borscht, meatballs, socks under the bed. And is it necessary?

So it turns out that if a divorce loomed on the horizon, then there is no need to fall into hysterics: the world will not collapse, the sun will not go out, life will not end. Only the first 2 – 3 months are hard, while all systems and processes are being reconfigured, and after that a bright, free, sweet life begins.

What is a divorce? Fact map.

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