Tips for Enjoying Intimacy in a New Relationship

It is no secret to anyone that starting the path as a couple, although it is exciting and full of novelty, it also brings with it many expectations on an emotional and intimate level.

Next, you will learn the best tips to manage intimacy in a new relationship and fully enjoy love.

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By establishing a loving bond with someone, you will have the opportunity to get to know many of their facets.

However, one of the aspects that most worries both men and women is their first intimate encounter.

Whether due to fear, insecurity or memories of the past, it is a difficult topic to address, but very important to strengthen the emotional bond.

Don’t forget that…

Although sexuality is not the most essential in a relationship, it is definitive because it involves other issues such as trust and complicity.

You and your new partner deserve to experience unique sensations and discover the magic of kisses, caresses and the secrets that the skin hides.

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Tips for Enjoying Intimacy in a New Relationship

Take careful note of the following tips to enjoy intimacy in a new relationship.

You will see how your fears disappear and your self-confidence skyrockets.

Tip #1: Talk about it and get to know each other

How to be intimate with your new partner

Before sharing an intimate encounter, ideally, you and your loved one have a conversation where you broach the subject.

By means of the healthy couple communication They will be able to solve their doubts, know their tastes and preferences.

Tip #2: Security is the key

In order to achieve a high degree of fluidity when intimate with your partner, you will need a lot of security, he will appreciate it!

There is nothing more sexy and charming for a guy than a confident lady.

Do not insist on thinking that he is going to be aware of your stretch marks or cellulite, rest assured that these trifles will go unnoticed.

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What really matters, in these cases, is the attitude, serenity and internal strength.

Tip #3: Zero nerves

Intimacy in a new relationship

Try to relax because otherwise you could ruin a special moment.

A good alternative to calm down and focus on giving your best is to work on the preliminaries.

That is, plan a special romantic encounter, prepare dinner, an environment according to your intention to seduce in a subtle way.

Also, choose to buy a good wine to lighten your spirits, so that your nerves do not betray you and you can act correctly in private.

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Tip #4: Don’t overdo it; be sensual, but subtle

Do not make the mistake, when manifesting yourself in intimacy in a new relationship, of turning the meeting into a circus so that you look like a tigress in bed.

By exaggerating or pretending to be who you are not, you will only make everything a little artificial and, wanting to impress, you will forget to enjoy yourself and prevent everything from flowing naturally.

Be sensual, flirtatious, somewhat daring, but without losing the subtlety, femininity and delicacy that characterizes a mature woman, who knows her body and manages her emotions intelligently.

Take things easy, let yourself be seduced, seduces, explores, stimulates all his senses, provoke him and guide him to ecstasy fluidly and passionately without falling into the drama.

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Tip #5: Don’t idealize the intimate encounter

female seduction strategies

It is very likely that the first encounters with your new partner are not the hottest and most exciting.

Therefore, do not idealize intimate encounters too much since you could be disappointed.

Keep in mind that while things might work out great when you’re intimate with your guy, there’s also a chance that you might not be as compatible as you imagined.

If the intimacy in a new relationship did not go as planned, do not worry, you have more opportunities to get to know each other better and enjoy the relationship to the fullest.

Do not forget that if there is a mental and emotional connection, compatibility on a physical and sexual level will be easier.

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