Top 10 Reasons for Divorce Spouses

Top 10 Reasons for Divorce Spouses! Unfortunately, official statistics confirm that divorce is not such a rare occurrence. There can be many reasons for divorce. And every couple is different. The most common of them are discussed below.

Top 10 Reasons for Divorce Spouses!

How to understand that divorce is inevitable?

Sometimes the decision to dissolve a marriage is much more difficult than to create it. Both spouses are in a stressful situation, they are overcome by various kinds of doubts. However, there are certain signs that clearly indicate that a breakup is inevitable.

  • Alone, you feel more comfortable than next to the second half. As soon as you notice that the company of your spouse begins to strain or cause discomfort, then it’s time to change something.
  • You have nothing else to talk about. And this is not the case when “it’s nice to be silent with your man.” If all conversations are of a dry official nature, or, for example, relate only to everyday issues.
  • You are not interested in your other half. You do not consider it necessary to find out how his day went, what new things happened in his life. And he, in turn, is not interested in your thoughts, plans and desires.
  • There is no room left for humor in your family life. Like it or not, but joint jokes and fun pastime brings people together and strengthens the union. A healthy sense of humor for both spouses is the key to a long and happy marriage.
  • Sex has become a very rare visitor or has completely disappeared. Remember, for sure, at the very beginning of your life together, all your quarrels ended in the bedroom. Now resentment and misunderstanding is growing like a snowball, crowding out passion and desire.

Reasons for divorce

Due to the peculiarities of character, perception, upbringing or moral values, what for one person is a good reason to break the union, for another is only a small obstacle to family happiness. And yet, according to statistics, the lion’s share of divorces occurs for the following reasons, described below.


  1. Pernicious habits of one of the spouses. Alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling are often the main factors in the decision to divorce. It is no secret that men are mostly affected by these ailments. And when the head of the family and her support, for one reason or another, begins to seek solace in some kind of dependence, all responsibility is shifted onto the fragile female shoulders. Endless reproaches and moralizing not only do not save, but rather exacerbate the situation. And the woman makes the only right decision – to get a divorce. Because codependent relationships are doomed.
  2. Treason. The causes of adultery are often sexual dissatisfaction with a partner, the search for thrills, or a sudden outbreak of passion for another person. Moreover, male infidelity is not considered to be something out of the ordinary. While women’s – with lightning speed pass into the rank of mortal sins. Often, having committed a betrayal, one of the spouses himself decides to immediately dissolve the marriage, without waiting for the reaction of the partner.


  1. financial well-being. And no matter how the well-known proverb convinces us otherwise, but paradise in a hut is a very dubious pleasure. Of course, every family at least once faced temporary financial difficulties. The key word here is “temporary”. If the couple regularly barely makes ends meet, and, most importantly, none of the spouses seeks to rectify the situation, then things are bad.
  2. Bullying and violence. Unfortunately, this reason is one of the most common. Millions of women are familiar with domestic violence firsthand. Many of them have long resigned themselves to the fate of the victim, many are afraid to file for divorce and thereby cause even more aggression from their husband. And each of them once again, wiping her tears furtively, hopes that the missus will improve. But as practice shows, their hopes are meaningless.
  3. Incompatibility of characters and attitudes. It is this reason that can be seen in almost every act of divorce. Physical attraction alone is not enough to build a family. A man and a woman must certainly have common views on life, joint goals, plans and aspirations. If this is not the case, then there is no harmony. So, such a union is initially doomed to a short-lived existence. Often such incompatibility manifests itself in the so-called misalliance. When one of the spouses is much older (younger) than the other, wealthier or poorer, or if the ideal family model of one partner is fundamentally different from the ideas of the other.


  1. Lack of respect for each other. For some men, as well as women, the words spoken in the registry office are worth absolutely nothing. Unwillingness to support each other in difficult periods or rejoice in happy moments, to be a support to each other and the inability to compromise – sooner or later will end in parting. Husband and wife should become, first of all, friends and associates.
  2. Family intervention. Both far and near. Often a young family does not have the opportunity to purchase their own housing, and is forced to live side by side with the relatives of the husband or wife. It is impossible to say unambiguously which of the two “evils” is the lesser. Even the most peaceful mother-in-law sooner or later (always being in the same kitchen) will begin to point out the shortcomings of her daughter-in-law. Even the most caring mother-in-law, no, no, and even hint to her daughter at another misconduct of her son-in-law. The tension between the spouses will accumulate every day, and lead to regular conflicts. And then divorce is within reach.
  3. Distance. Much has been said and written about the benefits of the so-called guest marriage. But is it really so? Often a man is forced to leave the city (or country) in order to provide his family with a decent existence. The couple do not see each other for long months and suddenly come to the realization that nothing else connects them.


  1. Inability to forgive. The grievances and mutual reproaches accumulated over the years stifle and do not allow normal relations to develop. There is not a single family in which a husband or wife would not make mistakes. But only those couples in which the spouses have learned to sincerely forgive each other those same misdeeds and forget about them forever have every chance of a long-term existence.
  2. Lack of freedom in relationships. Everyone has the inviolable right to personal space. Controlling every step of your chosen one, you can not notice how one day he walks by. Of course, trust also plays a key role here. But from time to time spouses should rest from each other. A wife should not be tormented by hourly calls from her husband who escaped fishing. And the husband does not need to harass his wife with interrogations, in which cafe she met her friends and why she was late for as much as 10 minutes.



Some psychologists say that from the very moment, as soon as the thought of divorce has firmly settled in your head, it’s time to act. Their other colleagues, on the contrary, do not get tired of repeating that it is much easier to destroy than to save. And the people themselves are so individual that what is acceptable for one union categorically contradicts the views of another. This is why there are marriages in which someone endures physical abuse for years, and someone goes to file for divorce because of an unwashed cup. Top 10 Reasons for Divorce Spouses!

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