TOP 10 secrets of harmonious relations between a man and a woman


Is there a recipe for a happy and strong relationship between a man and a woman? When people converge with each other, there are no guarantees that this is forever, that disappointment will not follow. There are no secrets that will help you avoid this.

TOP 10 secrets of harmonious relationships

Here are 10 simple tips that can greatly increase your chances of a happy ending in a relationship, and prevent you from making the mistakes that most often lead to a breakup.

  • Share positive emotions

No way, how long have you been together. Your relationship is like a bank account, only you need to invest in it not money, but emotions. The more negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, irritation, contempt, envy, jealousy, the lower the s. If you go negative, your relationship will be morally bankrupt.

To prevent this from happening, you need to add to it something valuable for both of you every day, namely:

  • compliment each other
  • share joy, delight, inspiration;
  • make surprises and gifts for each other;
  • come to the aid of each other;
  • appreciate what your partner does for you.

It is also important not to lose passion, continue to flirt, go on dates, go to the movies, travel, arrange romance.

  • Submit the drugs in the dosting cells

According to psychologist Esther Perel, we are more attracted to people who are actively involved in life, who have a passion for something, a desire to act, to find themselves, their vocation. This is also called vitality, that is, the ability to live life to the fullest.

No way you will be able to see it, on the other hand it is possible to see the vitality of the part. They want his passion, adventurism, charisma to belong only to them.

However, an attempt to lock all this at home leads to the emotional fading of a person, boredom and the loss of not only the meaning of life, but also oneself, one’s essence.

Therefore, it is important not to try to take all the attention of a man to yourself, but, on the contrary, to support his aspirations, ambitious desires, his communication with other people. At the same time, you need to develop these qualities in yourself. A man should support you in this as well.

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  • Give up the habit of being right

Relationships without conflicts and quarrels

Sometimes people in any dispute want to prove their case. In a relationship, the task is completely different – to come to a compromise. No, this is not the case before the self-doubt and you get to it, so that you can see the drugs.

The desire to be always right is just a cognitive habit that governs a person’s life and significantly spoils the quality of his relationships with others.

If you want to achieve harmony in a relationship, in any dispute, ask yourself what is more important for you now: to prove your case or to find a common language with the person you love.

  • Just speak the truth

This means not just not lying to each other about some important things, not betraying, keeping the word given to the partner. This is also to say when something does not suit you in a relationship, to share your life plans, goals.

If You do not have enough Attention of a man, Instead of hints, resentment and irritation about this – just honestly tell Him what you feel and why.

Be ready not only to tell the truth, but also to hear it from a man. Openness involves not only your frankness, but also his right to talk about what is wrong in a relationship.

It is with such confessions that positive changes begin when you and your boyfriend together look for a solution to a problem.

  • Don’t look for someone to blame

Research by J. Godman and R. Levensona, which is one of the projects carried out up to 17 years, which allows us to have 4 factors. One of them is the position “It’s not my fault, but you.”

If you want to achieve harmony in a relationship, it is important to stop looking for a “scapegoat” because any problem in a couple is the result of the actions of both partners. It is important to focus your ENERGY on how to fix the mistake, and not on who is more to blame for it.

Feelings of guilt are considered one of the most dangerous experiences that can destroy all the good things between the wynds.

  • Stay safe on the day you take it

This is a simple psychological technique that absolutely anyone is capable of. This ability is given to us by Mirror neurons, thanks to which we can not only understand, but also feel what another person is experiencing. And the closer it is to us, the easier it is to do it.

  • Let’s get bored

In other words, take a break from each other. No matter how close you are, there should be some free space in the couple. Only from a distance can you understand how dear to each other. Therefore, try not to “Stick” on a Man, develop yourself, do what you like, communicate with loved ones, and give him such an opportunity.

  • Learn to understand yourself

The key to harmonious relationships is awareness. When you are angry, offended, annoyed, when you make claims to a person, feel jealousy, it is important to understand what is the reason for these feelings – in the behavior of a man or in your unprocessed psychological traumas.

To separate one from the other, you need to get to know yourself, with your complexes, fears, doubts, expectations, know your “pain points” triggers that cause you a violent emotional reaction and be able not to let them destroy relationships.

  • Don’t criticize drugs drugs

Criticism addressed to us is always perceived as a threat, as if you are being driven into a corner. And there is always a feeling of resentment, injustice, a desire to object, to justify oneself.

People learn this way of responding from childhood, when they were scolded by their parents or given bad grades by the teacher. To this end all situacies, that is what you are and how many drugs you have.

No relationship between a man and a woman is built on equality and reciprocity. You are not a mother for a man who should criticize, educate, teach and evaluate his behavior. And he shouldn’t treat you like that.

If you want to build a harmonious union, it is important not to forget about your original roles, not to replace the rot. Therefore, when you do not like some behavior of a man, you should not resort to criticism, but to “I-messages”.

Talk about your feelings, not about his behavior.

  • Live in reality, not in your expectations

When starting a relationship, a person always builds certain expectations in this regard. He imagines what a joint future will be like, what a family will be like. Typically these views are based on the parent behavior.

There is nothing wrong with this, it is just important to realize that a man may have completely different ideas about How things should be. If it is real and not related to this, it will be granted to the distribution and distribution.

And not because the man turned out to be worse than he is, you just thought it would be different. Therefore, at some point it is important to look at the person and understand who is really in front of you. What does he want, what does he dream about, what advantages and disadvantages does he have.

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