TOP 10 tips to help forgive cheating and start from scratch

TOP 10 tips to help forgive cheating and start from scratch! As statistics show, men are much more likely to be seen in infidelity. It is much more difficult psychologically for a spouse to decide to cheat, since girls are empaths and are able to become strongly attached to their partner in terms of emotions. However, betrayal (and this is exactly what it is) of a partner does not always cause a desire to end the relationship. Dovolno chasto zeny after it is called metodya, how to get everything back on track.

It is rare that such an undertaking really gives positive results. However, in psychology there are a number of recommendations that can help people sort out feelings and understand whether it is worth trying to revive relationships from the ashes. To begin with, you need to figure out why in general a woman has a desire to leave a partner in her life.

Reasons why girls want to forgive cheating

This is pure psychology and upbringing, laid down in childhood. Both character and memory are formed to the extent that they are and they are, in terms of the location. If you don’t own it, if you ask for it, the partner is in it and you want it:

  • The presence of joint children.

Most often, people continue to live together only to create the appearance of a complete family. However, the emotional background in such relationships is not always healthy, which will certainly affect the child. Therefore, first of all, you should think about personal comfort.

  • financial dependence.

This reason is very common in families where a woman is on maternity leave and so far, purely physically, cannot provide for herself and the child on her own. This also includes a joint family business.

  • Fear of condemnation from society and loved ones.

This reason, as a rule, has roots going back to childhood. If your mother did this or suggested that every woman must be officially married, no matter what happens, such a not-so-healthy fad about forgiveness is formed in the subconscious, if only the man was nearby.

  • Strong psycho-emotional attachment.

It is often formed on the basis of abuse, which is not always clearly visible. It may seem to you that with the departure of your spouse, life will cease to make sense, since other men are something forbidden and distant (another option is “nobody needs me”). So often we are talking about internal complexes formed under the influence of toxic relationships.

  • Fear of loneliness.

Sometimes a woman is simply afraid to be left without a soul mate nearby. Such thoughts begin to manifest themselves especially sharply if she does not have a mother and father. In this case, I want to forgive anything, so long as the husband does not leave the family.

Before you try to revive a relationship after the betrayal of a spouse, try to give a sober assessment Is it possible to take it to the next level?

Questions to ask an unfaithful man

Before you start using psychological advice to help forgive your spouse, first of all, you need to find out his opinion and attitude regarding the current situation. Here are 5 main areas of questions that will help you understand whether it is worth doing anything at all:

How to forgive the betrayal of a loved one?

  • Why did you distance yourself from me? What caused the betrayal with another woman? What caused the cooling of feelings?
  • Do you want our relationship back on track? Is there any interest in saving the family at all, or is there no way back?
  • What are you going to do to mend a broken relationship? Are there any concrete thoughts about what will help at least partially correct the situation in the near future?
  • How did you explain/justify such an act to yourself? What reason was good enough to get into bed with another woman?
  • Are you going to continue the relationship with your mistress? Are you in emotional/physical contact with someone?

Remember that at first a man can speak a lot and ardently, assuring that he is ready for anything for the sake of that. Therefore, he must be given enough time to think. Demand the most honest and direct answers to questions in order to form a clear picture of what is happening. No be prepared that you may not like the results. Therefore, it is better to initially tune in to the fact that it will not work to return the past.

Tips for mending relationships after infidelity

So you’ve decided that your partner, for some really good reason, deserves forgiveness after all. In this case, use the following recommendations from personal psychology:

  • Realize that painful memories will not go away. Be mentally prepared for the fact that forgiveness is a long and not very pleasant process that not everyone can go through. And honestly answer the question, are you capable of such an act yourself?
  • Learn to speak frankly and correctly express your emotions. You and your partner need to get rid of omissions. Communicate often and honestly. Instead of scandals and expectation that the spouse himself will guess something, sit down and talk to him about the problem. Men think completely differently than women.
  • Spend more time on yourself. Rest more often, agree on the division of household duties. However, for the magazines and the guides, the cup and the native language are not that great. This will lower your stress. And be sure to get enough sleep.
  • Remind yourself of the good times. There is something good and bad in every relationship. Try to focus on the second one. Possibly in the best way and reloading it. In addition, putting pressure on your own sore spot is not the best way to forgive betrayal.
  • Arrange a romantic evening or go on a date. Often the cause of infidelity is the cooling of feelings. Try to remember how your relationship began, when there were no everyday problems. Ask someone from relatives or friends to help during this time with the children. Ask for a name and post in the atmosphere of romance.
  • Find an interesting hobby, you can share it with your husband. So you will get closer, and bad thoughts will gradually be replaced by positive moments. In general, being busy is very useful. Only the process must certainly bring pleasure. So hard work is not considered a hobby.
  • Raise your self-esteem. Without it, nowhere. Change always hits this place. Refresh your wardrobe, visit a beauty salon, and a course of anti-aging treatments. Set up a meal plan, sign up for fitness. Don’t forget to try it in Poryadok, so that you can see the house. Beautiful comfortable clothes, clean well-groomed hair and basic facials never hurt. So you will feel like a woman again.
  • Contact a specialist. If betrayal haunts, and inner pain knows no bounds, do not hesitate to ask for help from a psychotherapist. Sometimes joint sessions with a partner help to restore relations with an unfaithful husband.
  • Eliminate jealousy. It is she who destroys all the good that could possibly remain between you. It is now very difficult to stop seeing a dirty trick in every action. But honest conversations and the absence of secrets will gradually help restore lost trust.
  • Give the relationship time to mend. Understand that they will get better soon. Do not expect instant results immediately after the fact of treason. Since then the word will be available on the project, and the partner on the document will be as precise as the name is given.

Maintaining a relationship after adultery is difficult. However, some families go through this as well. The main thing is that both of you are set to restore your old feelings. If a man confines himself to exclusively ardent statements, but in fact does not do anything, it’s a shame to face it.

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