TOP 15 ideas for a romantic evening


Candlelight dinner with your loved one, it’s so romantic, but at the same time so banal. Most likely you have had more than one such feast. And I want something new and creative, so that the event is remembered for a long time. Our connoisseurs have handpicked the best ideas for a romantic evening for every occasion, from chic to budget, at home and beyond. Only 15 great ideas for spending time for two.

creative romantic ideas

To bring romance into your relationship, you can use these original tips and organize an evening for your loved one, which will become a new milestone in your couple:

Set up a home theater

Let’s start with traditional ideas at home. Often, after a hard day at work, you don’t want to come up with something out of the ordinary. Therefore, put on your best pajamas, stock up on blankets and popcorn, and set up a small cinema at home with a romantic movie.

Pick up a number

Book a honeymoon suite at the hotel and spend the night like newlyweds.

Shared champagne bath

Very romantic. As an accompaniment, turn on pleasant music, arrange candles, fill the bath with warm water with aromatic oils, purchase champagne, glasses and a light snack in advance.

Themed dinner

A man will be doubly surprised if you cook something unusual, exotic as a romantic meal. But if you are afraid of his disapproval, it is better to opt for your signature dish.

Gifts with a surprise

If you are planning to hold a rendezvous on a holiday, then you can arrange the appropriate room and pick up an original gift.

Choose a spa program for two

Arrange an evening of relaxation with a relaxing massage, honey wrap, sauna with essential aromas and delicious herbal tea. Your boyfriend or husband will surely appreciate such a romantic move.

Role-playing game

Organize an unscheduled meeting, imagine that you are not a girl and a guy, but complete strangers. Arrange a casual acquaintance, go to a cafe together and try not to get out of your role.

Have an extreme date

Attend an extreme driving lesson or a piloting master class together. The most daring couple can make a joint parachute jump.

Visit a dance class

It’s so romantic to dance the waltz, rumba, salsa, factrot or even hip-hop together.

Arrange a striptease evening for your loved one

If the wife is a devil, she should like this idea.

Attend a sporting event

For a sports fan, you can jointly attend a sporting event in the city.


Arrange a romantic picnic in the yard or with a field trip. Everything depends on your desire.

Walk through the picturesque places of the city

In warm weather, this will be a great option. More active couples can bring roller skates, a skateboard or a bicycle.

Go on a cruise

Entertainment games

Ordinary table sets – checkers, chess, cards, twister or loto, will be more exciting if you add an element of eroticism to them. For example, a game of stripping.

Create a romantic atmosphere

To carefully prepare for a romantic evening, you must first create the appropriate atmosphere. If a holiday is planned, then prepare balloons, garlands, candles and other attributes in advance.

Take care of dimmed lights and romantic music in advance. Notes with love confessions can be an original idea.

Do not think that this behavior in a couple is obsolete. The manifestation of love will always be relevant. If you learn to show your feelings, your relationship will only become stronger.


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