TOP 4 Types of Men, and what kind of Girls they like?

TOP 4 Types of Men, and What Kind of Girls they like? We dare to assume – if you are interested in the topic, then at this stage you are in a waiting position. You are ready to get married, but the trouble is, for some reason a man does not strive to propose and take you as a legal wife.

You can be an infinitely good person and have a lot of virtues, but there is something that prevents you from being the only and desirable one that a man is ready to give, figuratively speaking, his heart! But, we have great news for you: your electronic psychologist “Samka” will analyze the actual question into a number of key components, and you will get a complete answer.

TOP 4 types of men and what kind of girls they like

Let’s start with the paramount – we will conditionally divide men into several types.

This is done so that you understand that for each type it is attractive, in every sense, a certain limited limited

The male psychotype can be divided into:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Father
  • Infantile teenager
  • homely

We want to note right away that almost all men, when meeting, pay attention to the external data of a woman. She can be an amazing person, but at the same time, if she outwardly repels a man, then even without us it will become clear to you – there will be no desire to get acquainted with her inner world.

Therefore, no matter what type we are talking about, one thing is obvious – it is always important to adhere to certain universals:

  • think over your image;
  • makeup in no case should resemble war paint and look vulgar and defiant;
  • things should be selected in such a way as to emphasize the merits and mask the flaws of the figure;
  • you must smell good. The wrong perfume can turn you off.

In the heat of the day, you need to be able to see the interest in the subject. The main mistake of many couples is that they, already at the initial stage, simply did not match the other. Yes, there could be animal passion, interest, and common themes that created the illusion that people have been friends for a hundred years.

There could even be common hobbies that form bonding factors, but one thing was not taken into account – people, from a psychological point of view, did not fit together. And it turns out that there seemed to be that same spark between a man and a woman, but at the same time, relations did not develop – the long-awaited proposal for official registration of marriage was never received.

For You to Understand – it’s not about a woman and not about a man, just different types, They also include different sets of requirements for a life partner. That is why we focus on the psychotypes of men. This is the only way to understand whether a family union will be created, or people will disperse like ships in the sea.

What kind of women do men marry?

The man is the father

A powerful and authoritative woman is not suitable for such a man. It is not possible to do so with this Svyaznoy – on the other hand, it is not possible to do so. We are talking about this: this type of man receives vivid emotions when he feels himself in charge.

He is such a daddy, without whom they cannot. He protects, protects, resolves issues, and feels needed and significant. Accordingly, he will unequivocally marry a woman of a psychotype – a daughter. Then the type of words will precede the following criteria:

  • ease of communication;
  • ease;
  • children’s immediacy;
  • originality;
  • feeling of novelty.

Let’s say more, this type of man calmly perceives women’s whims and mood swings. It is clear that everything should be dosed – if a woman, instead of lightness, begins to load him with endless claims and reproaches, then, as you understand, the man will not receive the main thing – a sense of significance.

The man is an infantile teenager

This type is the opposite of the one above. A man of the indicated psychotype chooses such a psychological type as a woman-mother. In fact, from the biological mother, he is smoothly ready to move, figuratively speaking, into the hands of his future wife.

All worries and solutions to problems fall on her shoulders. We want to tell you that in such a union, both a man and a woman satisfy their needs. The husband receives custody, so to speak, and the wife feels like a leader, with whom they do not argue and do not sniff.

Look, it’s very important that you understand: When it comes to an infantile Man, it doesn’t always give the impression of Some sort of slouch. It can be quite an interesting and sociable person.

He can even create violent vital activity, but as soon as it comes to responsibility, the back one turns on from his side. That is why his psychotype is a mother woman. On unofficially releases him from making decisions and does not put him in front of a choice that on is not ready for.

A man of this psychotype is ready to marry a woman:

  • responsible;
  • able to make decisions;
  • one that will not create conditions for choice, but will make this choice for both of them;
  • leader in relationships
  • The one with which he will feel like a carefree teenager, and problems are solved by a more adult and experienced person in their pair.

House Man

Such a psychotype is looking for a simple and understandable, as they say, classic woman, imprisoned for home and family. The key aspect when choosing a life partner is precisely that a woman should not be with some zest and not throw out something like that.

Look, such a man is ready to live with a powerful woman, and will not even strive for leadership, on one condition – he cannot be bent, making comments and pointing out shortcomings in an arrogant and pointing tone.

Then typewriter in wife woman:

  • without any problems;
  • economic and the same household;
  • understandable and simple as twice two;
  • undemanding;
  • with which it will be convenient, comfortable and cozy.

The man is an entrepreneur

Such a designation as “entrepreneur” is collective. So that you understand: we are talking about the psychotype of a status man, or someone who strives for status. Accordingly, a woman, first of all, should be prominent. She is like his business card.

As a rule, such men choose models, singers, writers, etc. as their wives, in general, such women who will attract attention not only by external data, but also by the nature of their activities.

This psychotype will never look at a modest teacher who resembles a gray mouse. It is easy to guess what it is connected with – with this, he simply will not be able to stand out favorably. The key characteristic of this psychotype is to emphasize your status.

In fact, there are more psychotypes. We showed you some of the main ones so that you understand the central detail – both a man and a woman are always guided by their fundamental preferences. It’s like one person likes sweet and the other spicy. And if you cover the question in an extended and abstract format, the answer to it will be, to put it mildly, greatly distorted.

TOP 4 Types of Men, and what Kind of Girls they like? In general, if you answer very succinctly, then a very simple and understandable conclusion suggests itself – they marry those they love, who cling, and bring to life something that has never happened before in a man’s life.

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