Top 8 reasons why people cheat on their partners?

Top 8 reasons why people cheat on their partners? How many unfaithful people are there in the world? The statistics vary from study to study, but on average, 15 to 18% said they cheated on their spouse at least once. But when it comes to real cheating, the number of cheaters around the world doesn’t matter to you. All you feel is pain, anger and fear, which are detrimental to later life. Cheating concerns both the emotional component of life and the physical one.

According to Stephen Kimmons, Ph.D., emotional infidelity is a detachment from a partner, a constant distance. Such “betrayal”, which is not cheating in the truest sense of the word, causes the same damage to the relationship as if one of the partners would sleep with someone else.

Now, in the age of advanced technology, a person has access to e-mail, social networks and various instant messengers. These are all ways in which people keep in touch with other people without putting much effort into it. But this lightness helps to quickly reveal the infidelity of the second half. And here there are already two ways out: cut off contact with a partner or look for ways to solve the problem.

When one of the partners was caught cheating and you want to save the relationship, you should be prepared for a long recovery period. And if you entrust this matter in the hands of professionals.

Top 8 reasons why people cheat on their partners?

Why People Cheat: 8 Reasons

Kimmons, referring to her experience, highlights the many reasons for cheating that clients tell her. Infidelity is most often due to relationship problems. When you go to a doctor with a disease, he is interested in the symptoms, and only then makes a diagnosis. Kimmons says, “It’s the same with cheating.” Infidelity is only a symptom, and the primary task of a sexologist is to determine the root of the problem, to get to the bottom of the truth of why a person decided to look for love on the side.

Cheating is not always the partner’s fault. This does not mean that the act was justified, but if you decide to fix the marriage, you need to find the very reason, and not look for the guilty.

Psychologist Ann Hartlag says, “There is a great misconception that I often have to destroy in the minds of my clients. Most of them think that cheating is connected only with problems in sex. In reality, of course, this is not the case.”

Here are some possible reasons for the change:

  • An unresolved conflict in a marriage that forces the partner to seek outside support.
  • Embarrassment due to approaching old age
  • Sexual dissatisfaction
  • Scandals in everyday life that form psychological dislike for a partner
  • Boredom in marriage
  • Feelings of loneliness in a couple
  • Constant stress that arises at work, due to financial problems, difficulties with children. Intrigue on the side for people is something like an outlet, and in this way they try to escape from problems.
  • The partner is too narcissistic. He thinks that he is not getting enough attention from his significant other, which makes them look elsewhere for attention.

And there can be many such reasons. As you can see, a minority of them are only related to sex.

So, you have decided to restore the relationship after the betrayal. Dr. Hartlag says that discovering infidelity should be the engine to improve relationships. This should make you think that there were some problems in the relationship.

What to do if you have been changed? Contacting a sexologist

First, it is important to understand that there is always pain and rage behind betrayal. The primary task in restoring relationships is restoring trust. Dr. Hartlag says she once had to work with a couple who had been in a relationship for 20 years. A man cheated on his woman at the very beginning of the relationship. Many years have passed, but he has not won confidence in himself.

The second task of a sexologist is to determine whether this betrayal was accidental or regular. In most cases, cheating happens because of something. But often a person is looking for love on the side just like that, for no apparent reason. The doctor determines why this happened, and what measures need to be taken.

If you or you have been cheated on, it is not recommended to deal with the consequences of betrayal on your own. This is already a lengthy process that requires a clear strategy. Don’t try to find someone to blame. Perhaps you yourself will not be able to do this, since everyone will pull the blanket over themselves.

Top 8 reasons why people cheat on their partners?

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